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Default Wilting Romaine!

No matter how ambitious I am when it comes to purchasing lettuce, it always winds up going bad in my fridge because I dread eating it.


I've resorted to asking you, my fellow Chickies...What is your favorite salad "concoction"? I'm so tired of the traditional "grilled chicken and lettuce with cucumber and grape tomatoes".. I want to spice it up! (figuratively, not literally..I think my acid reflux would hate me if I did )

I want to learn to love salads again! I'm also sick and tired of wasting money on bad produce x_x


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Vegging out
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I use red or green leaf lettuce, then I throw on thinly sliced cucumbers and plum tomatoes, red onion and red pepper, and recently I threw carrots, cauliflower, and walnuts in my food chopper and used them as a topping. I don't eat meat so I didn't put any of that on there, but I did slice up some button and baby bella mushrooms and the salad was awesome!
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My first suggestion is that if you have trouble dragging those romaine hearts out and washing and drying them, invest in the prewashed, already cut bags. Even though it's not much work, I find I actually am more inclined to use it if I can just pour it out of the bag

With romaine, I like green onions, sweet red peppers, jicama, and avocado. Cilantro too. If you like salsa, you can use it instead of dressing. You said spice is a problem but there are some very mild salsas out there.

Another thing i like with romaine is a panzanella. I use stale bread (not too much)cucumbers, tomatoes, onions. fresh basil, olive oil and red wine vinegar but there's tons of variations.

I actually prefer some of the organic mixtures to romaine. One is called spring mix and another is called herbal mix. They have more taste and texture than romaine. I really like mushrooms, green onions and a tiny sprinkle of reduced fat blue cheese on this mix. I eat it almost every day. I think celery goes in almost anything too.
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Cabbage. I and my family only use cabbage now for our salads. Shred a head or buy the cole slaw mix. It lasts longer, is more filling and I think, better tasting. Add whatever meat and veggies you usually use and dress as a normal salad. I make anything and everything...chicken salad, shrimp tostada salad, taco salad. We tired long ago of the regular lettuce salads and cabbage is a great super food-packed full of good stuff for you.
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I like mixing baby spinach in with romaine. It gives romaine an extra taste, and is healthier (think popeye strong). I bought this really good sesame oriental dressing that is so tasty. I like radishes, snow peas, and all the other fixings. At times I add sunflower seeds or walnuts to add flavour.

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I CAN do this!
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when it's starting to go bad you could cook it. make minestrone or your fav. soup.
or saute w/garlic.
i second cabbage. lasts forever. (seems) kale also lasts long time. good for you, try in some soup sometime. adds texture.
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I like greek salad. I buy the bagged romaine. Add some seasoned grilled chicken breast, red onion, black olives, feta, and a vinaigrette dressing, voila!
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is super awesome.
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Veggies I usually have on hand to add to my salads... Not all of them, all the time, but I go get fresh veggies 2 times a week so we always have something new to change it up. If not, my hubby wouldnt eat it so easily, lol...

Green/Red pepper
Snow Peas
Green beans

I also have his croutons out, and we use soy-bacon-bits. He doesn't know they are soy, lol, so it's less calories...

I usually get the 'free' dressings, except for ranch, because FF ranch makes me want to punch a baby. Instead, I use the 'light' one from Walmart, its tasty and cheap, lol. Hubby likes the light asian sesame from Kraft, and we also use the lght italian with basil and romano one from Ken's, and a few of those 10cal spray ones..

I love salad. I have it at least once a day. Mmmm.
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