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I'm a khaleesi!!
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Default Day One: Take 1359

Today is day one...for the millionth time. Usually day two comes around with a donut in my face first thing in the morning....and...ya.

I don't know what the differene will be this time, aside from the fact that I have to lose the weight or I'll be going to work naked, since I only fit into two pairs of my pants.

I bought a gazelle edge online, I figure I'm under the max weight but I havn't weighed myself in months and I'm too afraid mental state could suffer. So, tonight I have to go home and assemble it, which should be a work out in itself.

I have at least 100 lbs to lose, don't trust my sig or my profile thing, its been a while since I've updated those...I'll go do that after I post this. Anyways...ya, wish me luck on day one and assembling my gazelle and I hope to be on here every single day posting to keep myself on track.
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Welcome back! Keep posting and may this be your last day one!
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3 + years maintaining
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Hey there! I'm glad you're here. That's one foot in the right direction for sure.

You mentioned the gazelle, but you haven't mentioned anything about what food plan you'll be following. A commonly tossed around figure is that weight loss is 80 percent food and 20 percent exercise, so your food consumption will really be the main player here. Do you have a plan of action in place?

You also mentioned that you usually wind up with a donut before long. So, what is in fact your food plan? How are you going about that? I find it's much easier to stay on plan (and avoid the donuts) if I've actually got a plan. For me, having my food mapped out in advance is crucial. I know exactly what I'm eating, I've got it prepared and I than don't have to contemplate about eating something *off*.

It's all about setting yourself up for success so that this can be your final Day One.

Anyways...ya, wish me luck on day one
I also urge you to not rely on luck to get this done. Because than, well frankly, you don't stand much of a chance. It's not luck or chance that determines who gets to be slim. Thank Goodness. This is something that we can all have. It's hard work, effort, thought, dedication, perseverance, and commitment that will get it done.

But make no mistake about it, you CAN do this. You absolutely can. You definitely have the ability to do it. You are capable of it. DECIDE to do it - once and for all, no matter what and permanently. Make it your job, your mission. Get excited about it. Don't dread the changes that need to occur, but look forward to them. Make it a challenge, make it interesting. Become passionate about it.

I look forward to hearing of your progress.
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Yay, we need to bottle Robin's Passion and take it 3 times daily!

You say in your post you were going to update the weights in your signature/avatar. Have you yet? It's worth gritting your teeth and getting on the scale, however upset the number makes us feel. To me, although the start figure is always dreadful, without knowing it, we will never know how far we've come. This is your last first day - you will go far!
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I'm a khaleesi!!
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Day one went well. I assembled the gazelle without too much frusteration and spent about a half hour total on it. I also drug myself out of bed early this morning to tackle it, but only got 10 minutes on it before my son got up and wanted breakfast. Tonight I'll work on it again, for as long as I can, which I'm hoping to get in more than a half an hour and I have netflix to keep me entertained. I liked it, it was easy and fun and it got my heart rate up which is what counts towards burning calories. I hope to be able to purchase a recumbent bike next month for additional cardio, with some resistence.

As for my food plan, I'm counting calories, and keeping a food diary. Right now I'm trying to east between 1300 adn 1500 calories a day hopefully burn 300 extra calories a day through activity and excercise. I've also recently decided to make my diet mostly plant based, not 100% vegitarian, but the foundations are based in non-animal derived protein and fat.
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