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Default Amazing What Sodium Can Do!!

I have been very very good about not eating at fast food places for a very long time. Yesterday, I had been away from home all day, hadn't eaten and it was already 5pm (poor planning on my part!) so I decided to get some KFC. It was within my calorie allowance for the day since I hadn't eaten a thing, so - why not treat myself? It tasted good, I didn't feel crappy afterwards, so I went on my way.

When I got on the scale today - my weight is up 4lbs! Now, I know I didn't gain 4lbs. In fact, my calorie balance was still negative for yesterday, and I went to the gym after my KFC. I know that weight will drop back down in the next few days, but WOW! Thats some serious overnight water retention!!
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Oh, I hear you! Sodium does a real number on me too regardless of the calorie count. Yeah, in a couple of days you'll be good. Remember to drink lots of water--that will help.
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If I look at sodium I gain weight Seriously, it's amazing what a difference one little thing like that can make. Now that I'm cutting down on sodium, everything tastes more as well - I had a tomato the other day and it tasted salty, even though I hadn't added any!
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I Have gained 13lbs in one day because of a cookout...Too much salt
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I am with you on the salt...I had taco salad meat last night and gained 3 lbs. my wedding band is not coming off this finger i know it will come off, but it sucks just the same
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I'm also very sensitive to salt and aside from the scale I can SEE it in the mirror. After a day or 2 of high salt foods (even if they are low calorie/low fat) my face looks puffy especially around my jawline and chin. Yuck!
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Yeah, it really does do it - almost immediately, I can feel my skin tighten up and I feel all puffy and nasty. Since I eat so much lower sodium than I used to, I seem to be more sensitive to it too.
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Originally Posted by SeaWave View Post
If I look at sodium I gain weight !
This!!! That's me too!! My body usually rewards me with a 5lb bag of water!
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I am THAT sensitive as well! It's CRAZY!
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** Sigh ** I had Chinese food for lunch today so am looking at 3-4 pounds extra tomorrow. It will take three days to get it off and goes on so fast.
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