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Vegging out
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Default Feeling good about feeling like crap

I started Fat Smash recently, for any of you who know the plan, the first 9 days are very restrictive food-wise. I wasn't feeling hungry on the plan, wasn't feeling overly restricted, but then day 5 rolled around, and half way through the day I started craving sugar. The cravings were really bad too, like it was all I could think about, I was gritting my teeth, getting anxious, that kind of stuff. I know the purpose of the first 10 days is to get you "clean" of that stuff, which will help with the cravings, so I wanted to hold out. But I didn't. I ate a bunch of turtle chex mix, and then I felt horrible and guilty, I'm sure many of you out there know the feeling. I decided that I would start the 9 days over starting the next day, just so I could really get that crap out of my system. Then the next day rolled around.

My breakfast was on plan, I felt nice and full, then my husband had a friend over for lunch/football and they got pizza and breadsticks, pop, all that good stuff. I ate my salad, which was also on plan, but then I tried a bite of my son's pizza as I cut it for him, and lost it from there. I had a piece of pizza, some breadsticks with dip, pop, and I didn't stop there. I figured the day was shot as far as plan went, so my husband made me bean and extra cheese enchiladas, I ate two candy bars, more pop, basically just a lot of salt and crap. And that's how I felt at the end of the night, like crap. Not emotionally, I was actually fine emotionally, but I felt nauseous, stomach-achy, and just pretty grody over all. I actually did exercise last night, but that was about the only good thing I did for myself!

This morning I woke up ready to go back on plan. The scale was up 3.6 lbs, which I know is water weight because I didn't even ingest 3500 calories yesterday. I still felt like crap, stomach was queasy, and I thought to myself, "My body doesn't even want this stuff anymore!" I do not want to feel like that again! I don't want to fill myself with foods that make me feel that way. Five days of eating just fruits, veggies, and a few other foods and I never once felt like I did after my glutton-fest yesterday. I even looked at a candy bar on the counter and felt safe having it there. I didn't have to send it to work with my husband because I have absolutely no desire to put that it my body. I feel so good that that food made me feel so bad because it's like a lightbulb went on in my head. This is not the stuff I should be putting in my body!

I'm hoping that this feeling will stick and that this one day of bad choices will really keep me from binging in the future. I'm hoping that this is where I find my ability to eat things in moderation. I've got my fingers crossed!

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Good for you.

Part of it sounds like you may have binged because you ate very low calorie during those days. I did the fat smash and if I remember correctly you pretty much have to eat all the items from the list daily to get enough nutrition in. I don't think that thing takes into account starting weight- I was starving on that diet- I eventually switched over to South Beach diet and have never looked back since- if you don't think the diet is sustainable I suggest trying something else like SBD or calorie-counting. That way you can endulge in a slice of pizza as long as it's in your calorie budget

Good luck! I swear so much of it is trial and error- I definitely try to stay away from pizza and other bad foods- ask your hubby for help by not bringing that stuff home for a while
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Originally Posted by dudesmom View Post
I'm hoping that this feeling will stick and that this one day of bad choices will really keep me from binging in the future. I'm hoping that this is where I find my ability to eat things in moderation. I've got my fingers crossed!
About the moderation - I'm pretty sure that's not part of Fat SMash - the moderation. It's total abstinence. Which I understand! Once you let in a bite - then the feelings really overtake you and from your post you can see - "that just one bite" doesn't work. Just ask any alcoholic if just one sip works.

For me, initially, it was way easier to resist that first bite then the ones there after. It's the first bite that matters. That was always my problem - there were many foods that set me into a feeding frenzy. Once I started I couldn't stop. It led me to days of destruction. Heck it led me to decades of it. My solution - don't start. 165 lbs shed and kept off for over 3 years.

As far as making the changes stick, you have to MAKE certain that they stick. You don't have to hope for it, as that won't do you any good - but instead must DECIDE to make them stick.

You've got to remember that it's okay to tell yourself no. Even if you want something and want that something very badly. Sometimes we've just got to suck it up and make the mature, responsible decision and say no. Wanting something doesn't mean you have to have it.We tell ourselves no in all other areas of our lives, Our food can be no different.

And yes, there will be some uncomfortable moments as you shake the bad habits and incorporate the new ones. That's to be expected. But it's also temporary. You've got to push through it. The longer you go without it,the less you will want it.

You've got the power to do this!!!
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