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Default Who knows your weight??

Part of me wants to tell my DH how much I weigh as an extra motivator to get up and exercise, but a part of me says "Some secrets in a marriage are good!"

I'm wondering how many of you have told your husbands/wives/partners/significant other your weight?
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When I first started over a year ago I never told anyone how much I weighed, I just said too much. Just last night I told my mom for the first time how much I weighed when I started and how much I weigh now. She asked a couple times throughout the entire time I was loosing and I didn't tell her exactly. Other than that, a couple of my friends know how much I weigh now, it doesn't really bother me telling people anymore.
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These days, everyone. It's part of my mental set of "rules"--no lying about your weight. And I can tell lots of people are curious, now that I have lost a lot.

When I was at my high weight? No one, not even me. I didn't go to the doctor for years so that even the doctor wouldn't know.
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I don't lie, but I AVOID. I haven't told ANYONE my weight, expect for those here
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I struggle with this one. In my experience people fixate on "the number" and it becomes part of your permanent stats when they think of you. My doc and a couple of truly good-hearted friends are the only ones who know. I admire people who can just fess up and tell people the number.
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Me, my doctor, and you guys. That's it!
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Why can't you?
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I'm the only one. No one else has a reason to know or would really care. I don't care to know what someone else weighs either.
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After a while I told my SO, the folks here, and one or two other people.
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I told a friend the day I got under 300, that was a huge moment for me. And I found that once I told him (even though he had been through it, was around 375 when he started, and would understand) I felt freer... like it was just a number. Up until then anyone I had talked to I had just told them how much I'd lost, with no point of reference. Now I've told a bunch of people... my mom, a few friends, my roommates (it was part of the "this is why I eat like I do, please don't expect me to join you for delivered pizza, but I'll gladly make us pizza!" sort of conversation), my doctor, etc. I feel like it frees me from the notion that my weight defines me. It's like "I have brown hair, I have blue eyes, I weigh ____ pounds." It describes me, but doesn't define me.
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Me, my doctor, my dietitian, my counselor & you guys. I see no point in letting others know...they already tell me I'm too skinny & I don't need them having a number to use against me as well. :P
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I'm ashamed of my weight, but I don't hide it from anyone. I tell people my highest, lowest, current...whatever they want to know. Boyfriend guessed my weight to within 5 lbs, so I just confirmed it for him

It was really hard at first...but now that I've "come clean" with the world, it makes my weight loss efforts much easier to talk about. People are also much more supportive now that I'm so open about my desire to be a healthy weight.
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Vegging out
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My husband knows. It always used to be such a big deal, but then we were both trying to lose weight and decided to start a contest, so I had to tell him. It was so hard, but he didn't care one bit. He sees me naked, it's not like knowing the number really makes any difference. It's nice to be able to share my specific number goals with him too, to have someone in real life to talk to about that stuff. Funny thing is, I still won't tell my mom or my sister, not that either one of them have asked. I've also been thinking about if I want to disclose my highest weight once I lose a bunch. Do I really want people to identify me as a specific number? It's funny how we all have different opinions on who should know this kind of info.
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Originally Posted by peachykeen62 View Post
Me, my doctor, and you guys. That's it!
Me too!
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Finding my wings...
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I tell anyone who asks now!!! The way I look at it... as much as I've lost, I should be proud of my 1, 7, and 8!!!!!
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My husband knows, sort of. He knew at one time so if he does the math he can figure it out. But I make him do the math! My best girlfriend recently revealed her weight to me...but now she makes me do the math. She updates me on pounds lost, but I bet she never reveals her actual weight again.

It's interesting knowing other people's weights. My mom is a tiny 4'9". I won't use real numbers so as not to offend anyone. She's a very large woman for her tiny height. She recently revealed her weight to me and I thought she was SEVENTY FIVE pounds heavier than she actually is. That tells you how hard it is to accurately measure up a person who is not your height.
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