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I feel your pain. I commute to work four days a week (get to work from home one day) and the commute itself eats an hour and a half out of my day, then working 40 hours a week. Picking my son up from daycare, feeding him, bathing him, squeezing and kissing him, reading him a story, feeding and bathing myself, dishes, laundry, some relaxing time with hubby... and the list goes on. It never ends. It REALLY never ends.

You have to prioritize. What is MOST important to you? What can you do away with? We often use paper plates. I just paid my cousin $20 to help me clena my house. Like PP, I often use my crock pot and plan my meals ahead of time. Clean dishes and clean clothes are important to me... the rest of the chores can wait.

Everyone above me all said it so well. Lots of great tips! I especially agree with Shmead about needing to be healthy for your kids. My hubby often gets bonding time with our son while I go for runs. I have to be healthy so I can keep up with him... and so that someday, I can also think about a sibling for him!

Oh - also - Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers and Green Giant frozen veggies that you just pop in the microwave have been my lifeline for quite a while!

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I'll chime in here, too. Right now I'm getting up at 4:30 to pack my lunch and get to the gym before getting to work before 8:00. At lunch, I walk 2 miles with my friend and then we eat fast and get back to work. I have to plan meals or I would be eating whatever is easiest. I have two very active, non-driving teenagers who always have somewhere to be.

I will say that some weeks it has been exhausting. But when I don't make it to the gym, or do the walking, I feel even worse.

You can do it!! And, I remember you too. Welcome back!
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Hi Jen!! Welcome back! I had wondered what had happened to you.

You have gotten some good advice. I know it seems impossible, but you can do this. So, tell me what's 1 good thing that you can start despite your schedule. Can you start taking your lunch every day? Can you eat a healthy breakfast? Can you count your calories? I used to think I had to be perfect and now I realize that what I really need is to be consistent. So what's 1 healthy thing that you can add right now and try to stick to it!

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Thanks everyone so much for the great advice. It has been a very rough year for me. My mom passed away and my husband has been dealing with a lot of stuff emotionaly and pshysically and has been off work for almost a year. He can't cope with the kids so they go to daycare which eats a huge chunk out of our money. He gets insurance benefits but not much so we rely on my salary mostly otherwise I'd go back to my other job in a second. I was coping a lot better when I wasn't working monday to friday. I feel so overwhelmed on so many fronts, work, home, money, family and my weight. There are so many things I need to do, I can't even begin to prioritize them. I've got to get a handle on things because my weight is spiralling up and out of control. I've started with a few small changes, giving up my morning coffee and bagel and having fruit instead for example. I'm going to try and get outside for a quick walk during work, that's a good idea, 30 minutes away from my desk isn't going to bring the place to a standstill!
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Jen, I remember you, too. Welcome back! It sounds like you've been facing some real challenges right now, with work and family. I'm sorry to hear about your mom... that is always stressful, often in ways you couldn't anticipate.

I'm glad you've started with a few small changes. I know that when I begin feeling overwhelmed, I don't feel like I can make wholesale changes, but one or two "successes" really change the situation for the better and make me realize that I CAN do this.

And you don't have to make the best the enemy of better... you don't have to be perfect... just do a little bit at a time if that's what works for you right now.

EVERY step you make toward a healthier life will have impact in the long-term.

Welcome home. /hug
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