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Beverlyjoy 08-16-2010 08:14 AM

Accountability, plans, menu, exercise, stuff - week of August 16
Here is a place to have some accountability, put your menu , exercise plans, general plans and other stuff.

Please feel free to join in!

mj5 08-16-2010 10:10 AM

Good Morning everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend! I know I did, but wow did it go fast!

I have my healthy lunch all packed (AND I remembered to bring it with me!). My mp3 player has some new tunes and is all charged, gym clothes are in the car...I am ready!

One of the girls I went to HS with is struggling with breast cancer. She is a fighter and so far she is beating it. She has decided to do the Walk for the Cure in Florida this year. A lot of our classmates are rallying around her (supporting her training, donating to her team, etc). I am doing both...I donated to her team and promised to "train" with her....we are checking in w/ each other via facebook. It makes me feel like I can help in some small way.

Today I will lift weights (arms and shoulders) and do some cardio at the gym.

Have a great OP day everyone!

TXMary2 08-16-2010 11:07 AM

mj- you sound prepared. Sorry about your friend :(

I did the treadmill and swam yesterday. Today I just plan on the treadmill and housework for my exercise! My plan is to stay under 1600 calories today.

Have a great day everyone.

Vixsin 08-16-2010 12:02 PM

Hi All,

My plan is to stay close to 1500 today. Breakfast was good, lunch and dinner are all planned. Not much exercise today except for housework so will be sticking very close to plan today. Looking forward to going to my new gym tomorrow for some cardio. Hope everyone does great today!!


ANewCreation 08-16-2010 03:20 PM

Hello chickies! I know, it's been forever since I've posted. I blame my wonderful husband--he's been surprising me with mini vacations for the last month. Just little day trips here and there--lots of fun.

So, here's the update. I am practicing maintenance. Weight is stable. And, here's a little NSV. Last week we went on one of our day trips. We went into a little pizzeria for lunch. I was prepared. And, surprise of all surprises, we happened into a little place that not only offered a plethora of healthy option but also calorie counts for every item and topping on the menu. I was able to have a individual thin ww crust pizza with roated chicken, artichokes, feta cheese and olives for 410c!!!! It was wicked awesome and very filling.

Now, here is where the NSV's come in--I was able to sit COMFORTABLY on their tiny little chairs. I was able to not only sit on the side of the table that backed up onto another table, BUT I didn't have to scrunch in when they sat people at that table AND the (albiet tiny) waitress was able to fit herself between me and that table to take their order/serve them. I have to tell you it was a tight fit and in the old days it just wouldn't have happened. I was nervous the entire time until I realized that it was working--no one was going to ask me to move in so they could get in or get out. Fabulous day on soooo many different levels!

Everyone sounds like they are on track and doing well. Good job!

BTW, for those of you who were interested in the HG cookbooks, I'm here to give them a thumbs up. My husband has even liked the things I've made for dinner and could not tell they were reduced calorie. My sons even ate with us one night and did not notice anything different (I had to double the recipe and even then it was not enough for them!). I can't even say enough good things about the shiratake tofu noodles--where have these been all my life?

Must run, thanks for listening to me blather on. TTYL, friends!

Slashnl 08-16-2010 03:32 PM

Hi everyone. It's been awhile since I posted, too. Not completely on plan last week, but exercise is back on track. I went to my Body Pump class this morning and will go to Spin tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a great day!

mj5 08-17-2010 06:33 AM

Good Morning!

TXMary--Thanks...I just feel so bad for her...she is living in FL now, but all of her family is here in NY, so far away...she is so strong, I know she will beat this! Great job w/ swimming!!!

Vixsin--Sounds like a good plan!

ANewCreation--What an awesome husband!!! Fantastic NSV!!!!

Diane--Good for you for getting exercise back on track. The food will follow.

Beverlyjoy--How are you????

Jab--How are you doing?

Hi to everyone else who pops in!

No gym tonight. I have a hair appt right after work...cut and color. I tried to go a little longer between color appts and I need it BAD!!!! My hair stylist is awesome, so I can't see what he comes up w/ tonight! I usually give him some leeway w/ the color (within reason, of course!).

Last night I stopped at Walmart and they had some super soft tshirts on sale and some workout capris also on sale. I picked up a few of each--mine have been getting pretty icky.

OH! I almost forgot...through my health insurance, I signed up for a "Wellness Coach". I'm not exactly sure what this will entail, but I have my first phone "appt" on Thursday evening. It's totally voluntary and if I don't like it, I can stop doing it anytime. I figure it was worth a try! I'll let you know how it goes!

TXMary2 08-17-2010 09:33 AM

Nice to see you MIA's back!!

I am feeling frustrated! On July 27th /i weighed 225.0 and today I weigh 223.4 - less than 2 pounds in 3 weeks!! What happened? I haven't changed anything drastic. The only thing I CAN think of is I haven't been eating eggs and as usual the water is a struggle. Other than that I am under the calories I am allowed and I exercise 30-45 minutes 5 days a week. I hope the cause is my wacky TOM situation and not that I am stalling so soon- it seems impossible to stall when I have only lost 35 pounds and still have 73 to go!! I am not giving up but I do feel like screaming or crying.

I hope you all have a great day today!!

Slashnl 08-17-2010 11:57 AM

Went to spin today. That was tough today. We had a ton of rain yesterday, so it felt insanely humid. (We are in one of the very dry areas of the state, so any little bump in the humidity, and we're complaining!) I was not completely on plan for food yesterday. I need to be more diligent today. I'm taking my son to get registered for school. I already took my daughter last week, so I'll be done with that soon. They start next week. They are ready to get back into a routine. I'm ready to have them back in a routine.

MJ - Gotta love the cut/color nights! You always feel better after getting that done.

TXMary - I don't have a really good answer for you because I'm certainly no expert! But, maybe if you change things up a little, with different exercise or go up or down on calories for a few days. Maybe it will shake up your metabolism? I don't know. It is definitely frustrating, but keep plugging along.

Have a good day everyone.

Beverlyjoy 08-18-2010 10:02 AM

Hi chick, friends - Life has been so, so hard. The ulcers on my tummy and thigh are finally responding to medicine. I have dealt with the stress, pain and uncertainty with food. I really need to crawl out of this mountain of food around me. I've had a healthy breakfast. Here's the rest:

breakfast - egg white scramble, ketchup, toast, pnb, orange

lunch - egg whites with cheese, rice cake, zuccini

snack - yogurt, peach

dinner - soy bacon, lettuce and tomato with lite mayo, corn, salad

snack - oatmeal, skim milk, raisins

lots of water

Thanks for the shout out MJ. Seems like all I could manage to do at 3fc these last couple of weeks is my daily gratitudes.

I will try again today. Tomorrow I'll see the derm. to get the results of the culture and new biopsy.

Have a good day, friends.

mj5 08-18-2010 11:13 AM

Good Morning!!!

Beverlyjoy--SO glad the ulcers are finally responding. I cannot even imagine how difficult this is for you. Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you. :hug:

I LOVE the way my hair came out last night! The color is pretty close to my natural color, a really dark dark brown and it has some reddish hilights in it. Hard to explain, but I love it.

Last night I brought home take out because I was running late from my hair appt, BUT I made sure I went somewhere that I could make really healthy choices. There is a new burrito place in town and everything is fresh and you get to pick all of your ingredients. I chose all fresh veggies and grilled chicken. It was SO good. I know I ate too much (it was HUGE), but so tasty and not very expensive. We will definitely be eating there again.

OH!!! I almost forgot...I finally have a NSV to share....my capris (all I have been wearing lately) are feeling loose in the waist! :D

Have a great day!

mj5 08-19-2010 06:10 AM

Good Morning! Thought I would pop in early because it is going to be a super busy day today. Hope you are all doing well! Have a great OP day!

Beverlyjoy 08-19-2010 07:30 AM

Hi..chicks...yesterday was better. I guess that's progress. I have two doctor appointments today.

breakfast - banana, pnb
lunch - tuna salad with lite mayo, rice cakes, tomatos
snack - yogurt, lite cheese
dinner - 12 grain pancake, turkey sausage, sf syrup
snack- cereal, peach, milk

Have a great day.

mj5 08-20-2010 12:29 PM

Good Morning!!!

Beverlyjoy--How were your drs appts?

I am SO glad its Friday! Hubby and I are having a date night tonight! We are going out to dinner and...well, I don't know what else, but no nieces and nephews (I love them to pieces, but tonight its all about us!)....I'm shutting my phone off (gasp! Hubby will be impressed with that one!!!!), well, ok, maybe not off...but I will turn the text sounds off and I won't check it. I am always afraid to turn it off in case there is an emergency.......

I had my first phone call w/ my Wellness Coach last night. I like him already!!! Very nice, supportive, but seems like he could be someone else I can be accountable too. I will absolutely still be posting here, but there's something to be said about having someone call you on the phone and ask....I have my next three call "appointments" scheduled, so yea....so far so good!

My first assignment is to track calories for three days (2 weekdays and 1 weekend). I have NEVER done this before, so I will probably be driving you all crazy with questions!

Have a great OP day!!!!!!

ANewCreation 08-20-2010 12:52 PM

TXMary2, I know when weight loss is erratic it can make you crazy. But, it is erratic at times. I want to encourage you to keep doing all the right things and know that in the end it always pays off. This is the way you will live the rest of your life. When the weight isn't coming off as quickly as you'd like just remind yourself that you are doing all the right things and it will happen.

Slashnl--I'm always impressed with people who take spinning classes!

mj5--woohoo--a smaller waist is an awesome victory. Enjoy your date night with the hubby! I also just colored my hair (a beautiful auburn that really brings out my blue eyes) and got a sassy new SHORT haircut that I'm loving!

Beverlyjoy--I am hoping you had a productive day with your doctor's appointments.

Weighed myself this morning and my weight is spot on! I am happy to report that I have maintained this week. And here is the really weird thing, I keep having people tell me that I look like I've lost even more weight. I guess it does take a body awhile for everthing to 'settle' ? Weird, wearing the same clothes (it's not like I got some new clothes that fit better) and maintaining but I'll always take a compliment. And it's not the haircolor or hair cut because no one has seen it yet.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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