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Default Don't feel bad if no one notices.

I know it's such hard work to lose the weight, but the bigger we are when we start out (see my numbers), the longer it's going to take to be noticeable to others.
I'm about a hundred pounds overweight, even though I've dropped about 17. At this weight it just isn't as visible as if I were, say, 190 and lost nearly twenty pounds.
I can tell in my ring, my clothes, a better feeling of mobility, but I know others just aren't going to notice much yet.
But that's okay...I know it's been coming off!

Please don't get discouraged. Others don't look at us with the same critical eyes with which we view ourselves.


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Nice post. A good thing to remember.
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I also think that a lot of women dress to flatter their figures and/or conceal their weight. I personally wear a lot of loose clothing, cover ups jackets, and black even during the summer. I know I'm not fooling anyone but I'd rather this than wearing something tight and exposing.

For this reason, I figure most people aren't going to notice my weight loss until it's more drastic. But if I had a SO who saw me naked every day, I would expect him to notice. That's for sure.
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I have lost almost 20 lbs. and no one has said a word. But, I can definitely tell a difference and I keep telling myself that is all that matters. I think I dress to fit my weight. Always wear a bigger shirt over my sexy little shirts as a cover up to camoflauge my fat, etc. Maybe if I can keep losing, one day, I won't need my fat shirts anymore.
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I read on here once an analogy that stuck with me. If you think of a paper towel roll when you first open it, you can barely tell when you have taken 4-5 towels off. However, when you have a roll that only has 20 or so towels left those same 4-5 that you remove are much more obvious. That was very eye opening to me.
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It honestly took me about 40 pounds before I started getting comments. It was frustrating at first, but since I have so much to lose it is hard for people to notice for some time.
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At my size, I didn't get any comments till around 40 pounds. Even then, it was only one or two. Keep in mind also that people are often afraid to say anything at all about one's weight even if it is something positive. I'm sure there were lots of people who noticed that didn't say anything.
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It is important to remember this! Thanks! No one has said anything about my lose yet either. (although I'm kinda relieved at the same time as being dissapointed because I don't want to talk about it!)

Also, the slower you lose, I think the less noticeable it is to other people. I've taken almost a year (One full year on July 22!) to lose these 30ish lbs, so that I think makes it even less noticable than if I'd lost it as a faster rate!
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