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Default Accountability, menu, plans, exercise, stuff....week of June 28

Here is a place where you can have some accountability, put your menus, exercise, plans, and/or other stuff,

Feel free to join in!
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Hi chicks - glad to be home. The wedding was fun. I managed with my sore jaw and found enough softish things to eat at the wedding. My jaw is improving. I am not ready to eat crunchy food yet...but, am making some progress.

I mentioned this yesterday, but, it worth mentioning again. The wedding was so joyous. I had forgotten that the groom doesn't eat sugar...ever. It's his personal choice for weight and general health reasons. (he lost about 100 pounds 5 years ago and is now a health/no sugar advocate and coach) So, the 'cake' was a table of fruit done in a beautiful mosaic design. the middle were there sculpted water mellons. They were in done in the shape of roses. The one in the middle had the bride and grooms name and date. It was a striking combination.

Today I have a consultation with the foot/ankle surgeon.

Back to concentrating on my healthy living tasks:
slow, mindful eating
lots of water
fork down between bites, eat seated only,
leave a bite
plan/log/measure/food - count calories
TASTE the food
feel some fullness

breakfast - oatmeal, blueberries, almond butter, milk

lunch - egg whites with lite cheese, mashed cauliflower

snack - cooked cereal, milk, 1/2 banana

dinner - pasta and sauce, steamed carrots

snack - yogurt, fruit, peanut butter spoon

I hope everyone has a good week.
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I have lost my focus! I have eaten everything in site for the past week. Time to get myself back to eating right and exercising daily.
today- 3 eggwhites with bellpeppers and onions and a sprinkle of cheese
lunch- salad with my garden veggies
dinner- grilled chicken and more fresh veggies
snack - string cheese
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Glad I foind this thread! I love menu posting - it helps me get ideas

B - cinamon toast w/cream cheese
L - Shrimp, black beans, and tortillas
D - Grilled chicken breasts, green beans, & salad
Snacks - air popped popcorn, fruit

I MUST get to the grocery store TODAY!! The fridge is bare, and the natoves are getting restless!
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I'm on my way!
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Good morning ladies! Happy Monday!

Bevjoy- your menu looks great!

df- just get right back on track and don't look back.

Texasc- lunch looks yummy!

So, for me, TOM is here and I am feeling bloated. Yesterday I felt so hungry and ultimately ended the day a little under 2300 calories. Not awful since I am allowed just under 2000. Also, I went on a 25 minute moderate to brisk walk and then in the afternoon went swimming with my son. I did some laps and treaded water. I only counted 15 minutes for treading water because I wasn't really paying attention...sure it was more, but staying on the safe side.

This morning so far I have had my coffee but here is the rest of my plan:

B: blueberry oatmeal

s: black cherry frozen fruit bar

l: lean cuisine

s: watermelon

d: boneless, skinless chicken breast
corn on the cob
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Good morning, ladies!!!

beverlyjoy - glad your jaw is on the mend & congratulations on having such a successful weekend. That wedding "cake" sounds amazing!!!

dgramie - just get right back at it & don't look back!!

texscrapper - I agree, I get some awesome menu ideas from this thread!

TXMary - You didn't do that bad yesterday, especially considering your activity. Hope that bloated, yucky feeling of TOM passes quickly for you!

Another busy weekend that flew by & I can't believe that Monday is already here! Had to travel for a baby shower yesterday, but I am so happy that I packed a yogurt & banana to eat on the way there & managed to stay far away from the delectable looking dessert bar they had. And the scaled smiled on me this morning because of my commitment - I've officially lost 20 pounds (21 to be exact!). I'm only 1.2 pounds away from my first mini-goal & I'm really hoping to meet it this week

Hope you all have a really fabulous, healthy day!
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Hi Friends! Today is my official weigh-in day. I'm down 2.8 pounds for the week. I have a crazy, busy work day today. Then, I have an appointment with my Mary Kay lady. I'm a Bare Minerals gal, but I do love to try new eye treatments and products. Then, I have my weekly Bible study group this evening. I'm reminding myself that busy is time to munch!

MJ - Sorry to hear about you migraine. I hope you aren't having the morning after "hangover."
Beverly - I love, love, love the idea of fruit instead of cake at the wedding!
Dgramie - I'm sorry to hear that you're missing your focus. Keep fighting to find it! Sometimes it takes a bit, but it does come back.
Texscrapper - I'm glad you found us! Welcome.
Mary - How exciting that your friends noticed your weight loss! I can't wait for that to happen to me. It must be so very uplifting.
Mingle - Congratulations on losing 20 pounds!

Have a great on-plan day.
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Well, I made it 5 days last week with workouts. I was planning to go on Saturday, too, but my car’s “check engine” light came on and I had to take it in. I just paid it off and now they have to do something with the spark plugs. No idea what, but my husband understands whatever it is. Won’t be cheap. Swell. Anyway, went to the gym in my husband’s old pickup… you know, the one without air conditioning. It’s kind of fun to drive, though. Ha!

Beverly – What a great idea for the “wedding cake”. I had just thought that unfortunately, real wedding cake is soft, so you could eat that. But looks like you have options!

Dgramie – So good to see you! I’m glad you’ve come back! Looks like a good start to the week!

Texscrapper – Welcome! Glad you joined us.

TXMary – Looks like you have a good plan for the day. Good for you!

Mingle – Yay! 20 pounds! That’s a great milestone.

Rhonda – Good for you with your 2.8 pounds! That’s awesome.
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is recommitted
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Hey everyone - happy Monday

I didn't get hardly any sleep last night and I am definitely feeling the effects of that.

Down another pound today, woo hoo!

EDIT, don't mind me, crunching numbers... You know, despite my waffling, it is still possible for me to meet my goal, or get awfully close to it at my 1yr mark, but I have to lose around 10lbs a month, or 2.5lbs a week. However, if I keep the pace I had set in the past 6 months, definitely not. Still, almost 30lbs in 8mo isn't terrible. Thats 3.75lbs a month, which would put me at 45lbs gone in a year, which would put me at goal in 3.75 years. Which is a LONG time. But it is comforting to know that even if I screw up pretty badly, I can still lose weight slowly and change my life for the better. Hopefully I can lose quicker than that though!

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Hey chickies!

This weekend was OP as far as eating goes but I've tweaked my shoulder and I haven't done any swimming or treadmill. Still, I've lost 6oz so that part is good. This is going to be a very busy week but starting tomorrow I'm going to alternate swimming with walking on the treadmill. After this week I'm going to call the chiropractor and get adjusted. Anyway....

B-- grits, bacon

L--1/2 turkey sand, cup of veg soup, FF latte

S--tomatoes, hummus

D--chic/bbq pizza


It's been really warm outside I find it lowers my appetite. Who would have ever thought...???? I'm liking it!
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Hi chicks - yesterday was fine until middle of the night...I couldn't sleep. I saw the foot/ankle surgeon to discuss my surgery. It all feels very overwhelming. I couldn't sleep at all and ate extra food in the middle of night. Phooey. But - I am up today, have forgiven myself, and have made my plan for the day.

breakfast - egg white scramble, ketchup, grits, blueberries

lunch - sweet potato mashed, cottage cheese,cauliflower mash

snack - cooked cereal, almond milk, honey

dinner - creamed tuna and peas, green bean salad

snack - yogurt, applesauce, lc cheese

I'll be back in a bit for some personals.
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My plan for yesterday went out the window when hubby came home with burgers and chips for lunch. I should have eaten one burger and passed on the chips and counted the calories and went on...but no I ate both burgers and some chips.
Bev- sorry to hear you need surgery

new- those ounces add up ..way to go

rakel- you are doing great!!

diane- thanks for the welcome back

rhonda- I do much better when i have a routine and stay busy

mingle- way to go on 21lbs off!!

mary-dont you just hate tom!! LOL

texscrapper- I love this thread also and it does give me ideas on menus

today- shoes on, hair fixed, makeup on
walking before kids get here( i run an inhome daycare)
breakfast- eggs and squash
lunch- slimfast and fruit(have all the kids need something fast)
dinner- grilled meat and fresh veggies
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Hi everyone! Just a quickie post from me right now....I have a zillion things to get caught up on today. I'll catch up later. I AM going to the gym right after work!
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Hi everyone. Went to spin this morning. It was so hot in there today! The fans were not helping that much, so lots of sweating going on.

Rakel – It is hard to not focus on numbers, but I agree with you that even if you don’t make your ultimate goal, you’ve done so well!

AnewCreation – Sorry to hear about the shoulder. Injuries can be so inconvenient when we’re trying to work out!

Beverly – Sorry to hear about the late night “thinking”. That is never any fun.

Dgramie – Darn burgers! Glad to hear you’re moving on and not beating yourself up! It’s a new day.

MJ – Busy days! Have fun at the gym.

Have a great day everyone!
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Got busy last week and haven't posted much.
I was so pleased with myself on Sun. my dh informed me after church that he had invited some friends over for a cookout. Which I had 2 hours to get ready for!He hasn't done that in awhile, after the tongue lashing I gave him I don't think he will do it again for awhile!
But him and the kids managed to get the house basically cleaned up. I went to store and I got what I needed and the cookout turned out great and I stayed within plan!!!!
This weekend will be tough, I promised with 7 year old a slumber party once school was out. So I am planning a outerspace themed slumber party with 6 little boys! I am making a moon cake, that might be my downfall! Not the cake itself, but the frosting! I don't know about anyone else, but I can eat frosting by the spoonful.

Breakfast, Arnold Sandwich thin with peanut butter and jelly.
snack: apple
dinner: chicken breast and salad
snack: skinny cow fudge bar

Dgramie: Forget about yesterdays slip, today is a new day!

Beverlyjoy: Sorry about the rough night. Glad you enjoyed your weekend away though!

ANewCreation: Hope the shoulder feels better!

rakel: Hang in there today! For me being tired equals binge time!

Slashnl: 6 days at the gym thats awesome! I need some of that motivation! LOL

GirlyGirlSebas: Congrats on the weight loss!!

TXMary2: TOM never a fun time. Hang in there!

Have a great day to anyone I missed!!
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