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Default so angry @ myself

I went on vacation and just did not do well at all. Truthfully, even the week or so leading up to vacation wasn't that great either.

I could come up with excuses for my behavior, but that doesn't change the facts. I weighed in tonight and the number actually shocked me. I expected a big gain but no where near that.

Right now I feel so deflated.

I have 30 days till my birthday. 30 days to try to get back some of the ground I lost. 30 days to get back into the habits that have worked for me. 30 days to find my old self again and that would be a great B-day gift to myself.
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You have done so well and we all know you can get back on track. Forgive yourself, brush it off and move on
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NEVER EVER going back
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Oh my friend. It's happened to me too. It happens to EVERYONE. I would totally commit to a 30 TOTALLY ON PLAN thread if you want to start one!!!
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It happens to the best of us. It looks like you've been doing amazing, so don't be so hard on your self. ^_^
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Come on can do this. Day one starts NOW. You can't go back to were you came from. No food on this earth is worth going back.
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I'm with cfmama...use a 30 day TOP thread to refocus and back to a place where you're happier.
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You have come so far; going backwards is not an option. Get back on track and this slip up won't matter in the larger scheme of things; it is just part of the journey.

Keep on keeping on--

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3 + years maintaining
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Hunker down and get back to dieting one oh one so to speak. Just suck it up and jump back in with both feet. I know within a few days you will be feeling relieved and thrilled to be *back where you belong*. Because I know all too well that where you are is NOT a comfortable place to be. And luckily you don't have to stay there. You can and will get back to where you belong, I have no doubt in my mind.
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You have done an amazing job with your weight loss. So you gained a few back on a well deserved vacation... you know from experience what to do next. Get back to doing the things that you know will work. Good luck!
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So you took the first step, and came back here and posted about it. Next step, do something about it. What's your plan?
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You can do this Matt! Just get back on track and I think you'll feel much more in control and less defeated in just a few days.

We're all behind you.
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Matt, don't beat yourself up - then you'll just be too sore to exercise. Even once you reach goal, even once you're past goal and maintain for ages, there are going to be times when your weight goes back up and not just water weight. You're going to have to wrestle them back off every time. So this past weekend is just practice for the rest of your life. Now get to work on that birthday present to your self!
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fwiw, most people gain weight on vacation, even those who have never had a weight problem. It's a time to be indulgent and pamper yourself and I hope you had a great time.

And yes, now back to reality, back to taking off the vacation pounds, just like most people have to do, and then getting back to the job of finishing up the weight loss journey. No need to beat yourself up and let it be a trigger to keep staying off plan. Just consider it a reality check of how easy it is for weight to go on. But fortunately, you've got 200+ lbs and 2+ years (more I think?) of proof that you are stronger than the ability to gain weight.

(and no, I'm not suggesting that people deliberately should gain on vacation - it's awesome if you can stay on plan and maintain or even continue losing. But I don't think it's a sign of any larger failure if you don't).
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Of your entire weight loss experience, your vacation and the time leading up to your vacation is only a short snippet in time. I can understand those times when we have difficulties and gain a few lbs but really, we have an entire lifetime of maintaining our weight loss and it is unreasonable to expect that there won't be challenges and times when we temporarily gain a few pounds. It is only temporary though.
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I wouuld also take this unpleasant feeling and make it work for you. Next time you travel, look back at this time, write it in a journal if necessary, and devise a workable plan to avoid the gain.

I travel and this is exactly what I did. I get better with each trip how to handle it. The excursions involve different situations but I use the same underlying principles from losing at home. So I continue to lose on the trip. Soon I will turn my focus to maintaining while on a trip.

I like neither debt or weight gain after traveling.
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