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To be fit and FLY....
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Default MOVIES.........(big trigger)


Went to the movies today - ate before I went, walked into the movie theatre and UUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I wanted that popcorn! BAD
I did this awful thing (before March 1st) with popcorn and I'd order a large popcorn with a bag of peanut m&m's and dump the bag of m&m's in the popcorn and eat it, IMAGINE the calories in that bad boy!
I wasn't hungry, so I definately wanted it just because I ALWAYS have it there.

Well...I didn't have any. My husband did and I said no thank you......while saying NO THANK YOU - everything flashed in front of my eyes.....the nearly 3 weeks of HARD WORD at staying on plan and excercizing, ya'll here and how we all fight these urges, how eating it can lead to me just giving up AGAIN on loosing this weight.

I managed to have NONE OF IT and did just fine

...oh and I saw Greenzone - pretty good movie.

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I find it easy to say no when I see the price. Could you pop so smartpop and sneak it in before you go? Cheaper and healthier!
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Congrats! That is so good. I know how hard it can be to turn down something like that. You were smart to eat before you went to the movies. Keep up the hard work.
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When I go to the movies I put a small zip bag of cut up fruit in my purse and a bottle of water. Almost $4 for a bottle of water at the movies here, no thank you and all they have is Dasani, I'm not a fan of the Dasani or Aquafina, they don't taste good to me unless they are really, really cold.
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Now Mom to 5
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That is a great NSV. I have not ventured near a movie theater and don't think that I could yet.
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3 + years maintaining
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That's. The. Way. To. Do. It. Feels pretty darn marvelous, doesn't it?

I told you I had a feeling about you..... you are SO doing this.

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That is so awesome. Every time you make it through a challenging time - it strengthens your resolve for the next time.
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In my opinion, you're helping yourself more by learning not to eat at the movies at all, rather than substituting a healthier choice. So good for you on taking a step of eliminating this "mindless eating".
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way to go on staying away from the movie goodies!

wise choice to see Matt Damon, who would have taken my mind off of popcorn
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Focused on the Future
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Congrats to you! I wish I had your strength yesterday when I went to see Alice in Wonderland lol I knew before I went I was going to have some though - I tried to plan for it as best as possible but it's hard to plan for THAT! lol
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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yay good for you!!!!!!!!!!!

I never liked eating at the theatre - i hate the crunch noise in my head while i'm trying to hear the movie LOL but I always get a large tea to have something in my hands!
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Good for you! I don't have many really bad weaknesses, but this is definitely one of them! It kills me that something so healthy can be made so bad! I now take my own. I am a popcorn addict and have it almost every night. It fills the need for crunch and gnawing I seem to have.

So I for one am VERY impressed that you did not have any when even DH had some! I find it hard to ignore the people in front of me, let alone my own husband!
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hey, you avoided and trigger, and recognized one! good for you. I like the idea of smuggling in water/ gives you something to do with you hands/ maybe eating air popped pop corn before you go would help? I found out what they put in the fake butter in movie pop corn and that turned me off movie treats.
keep up the good work!
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Living and Learning
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Congratulations! It's hard but so worth it!
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