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It's OK to be hungry
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Default I have a NSV to share!

A couple, actually!

Yesterday was my birthday- here are my NSV's for the day:

My mom offered to buy us dinner at my fav restaurant, and I turned it down knowing when I got there I wouldn't have had the willpower to turn down my favorite greasy meal and oh-so yummy chocolate dessert!

Then, my SO tried all day to convince me to let him buy a DQ ice cream cake since "it's your birthday, you deserve a cheat!!" but I wouldn't let him!

Instead, we made a delicious homemade light cheese, spinach and pineapple pizza with a side salad, and had 100 calorie chocolate cake bites for dessert. I still felt like I was having a little mini-food celebration but I stayed within my plan and felt really good about it.

Topped off the night with my all time favorite drink, but in a diet version, and stayed up late watching movies and...

This morning, the scale read the same number it did the morning before- not even an oz. gain! I'm very pleased with myself.

Thanks for reading!

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That's great! Good job and Happy Birthday!
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and a belated happy birthday
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That is how you do it. Good Job!!!!!!!
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Happy Birthday and great job celebrating on plan!
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A very good job of dodging, I would say....
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Loser :-)
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Atta girl!! And great job in tweaking your celebration in way that doesn't deprive you. This is something you can do for the rest of your life (aka lifestyle change) that will make weight loss and healthy living 2nd nature to you!
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That's fantastic! Happy Birthdady!
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Happy Birthday! You did a great job sticking to your plan.
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Happy Birthday and kudos to you. I have such a hard time NOT using food to celebrate so you are an inspiration that it's possible!
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Good job! I always try to reason with myself that I can go off plan on special days and then get back on plan the next day. That's the problem I had with dieting in the past. It's very encouraging to see someone stay on plan on their birthday. Now when I turn 23 in October I have no excuses for eating unhealthy. You're proof you can stay on plan and still enjoy your birthday.

Happy birthday!

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WOW - that is very inspiring.......GREAT JOB!
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good job!!! what you did takes A LOT of strength... you will most definitely reach your goals!!
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Happy Birthday! That's so awesome you stayed on plan even though it was a special day. Keep up the great work!!!
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Happy Birthday!

Sounds like you had a great birthday and at next year's it will be even better!

What a great gift to give yourself!

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