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joannie 03-31-2010 06:55 PM


There's a link for the pic on page 8 of this thread, then you can copy the link into your signature.

Beverlyjoy 04-01-2010 06:09 AM

I stayed the same - I have been away from home for nearly two weeks. I thought I was careful enough to see a loss. However, staying the same is really a victory too in this situation.

Onward to onederland!

joannie 04-01-2010 12:18 PM

Beverly, good job maintaining while being away.

Here's where I am at:
Mar.10/10: 212.4 (SW for challenge)
Apr.1/10: 204.8 (soooo close!)

LitChick 04-02-2010 09:50 AM

March was a slow month for me as far as the scale goes, but I'm not giving up!

Starting Weight: 230.8 3/4/10
Current Weight: 225.8 4/2/10 (lost 5lbs)

lukesmom 04-04-2010 11:06 PM

213 this am.

slimsilhouette2b 04-05-2010 04:45 PM

Checking in for my weekly WI. :)

I lost 3 lbs so my current stats are:
Current: 220
Goal: 199

21 lbs away from being in onederland! WHOOHOO! :)

jigglefree 04-05-2010 04:52 PM

Since I don't measure my weight at all. I joined this challenge and promised to weigh in on the first day of summer. However, I will locate a scale this week and stand on it to see if I'm anywhere near ONEderland. I will update you all when I find out.

calluna 04-05-2010 06:05 PM

I'm at 222 now...I so hope to see the two-teens this week!

knobhdy 04-06-2010 08:53 AM

I saw 212.8 this morning!!! :woohoo: Not only and I getting close to 199, but I am also less than pound from having lost 15% of my original body weight!

Angihas2 04-06-2010 08:59 AM


Terre 04-06-2010 11:26 AM

214.8 Yea!

Dumplin 04-06-2010 12:23 PM

i saw 232 this morning !!! I am loving it!!

Beverlyjoy 04-06-2010 12:30 PM

folks....you are doing so well....I am thrilled and proud for you! Carry on.

Angihas2 04-06-2010 06:41 PM

We're all kickin butt ladies!! Fantastic!! You ever feel like this thread or the decade one you follow is the reason you can stay on plan? Some days lately, it's all I can do to just keep on swimming, but I come and read every single one of these posts, start to finish and I manage it. thank you all so so much!

Beverlyjoy 04-07-2010 07:23 AM

I am down 2 pounds from last Wednesday - 214. :)

I also get to change my mini goal to 209 - it feels good to have the mini goal in 2 -double zeros. :carrot:

Oh my - can this really happen...I hope so. :)

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