Getting Out of the 220's Challenge

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  • I feel like I will never get out of the 220's! I've been bouncing around from 227-224 for the past three weeks and now I'm currently at the high end of that number. It's getting crazy. I know I have no one to blame but myself, because I've been getting a lot more treats lately and have no will power to resist. It's discouraging really because I want to get out of the 220's, yet I feel like I will be here forever!
  • congrats to everyone losing!!!

    Meagan, you have the will power. what you need is better choices. you've lost 60 lbs, celebrate it by continuing to make healthy choices

    225.2, down .4 and thats with all the gimp gear. cant wait to see the scale when its all off me
  • I love you all...but get me out of here!

    My weight loss is slowing dramatically and it's making me mad! LOL! 221.6 as of this morning! Hopefully this is my last week here! =)
  • I think I'll be here next week too, but if I am it won't be for lack of trying.
  • congrats Cathy!!!!! and good luck to everyone who is getting oh so close!

    I was at 223.6 this morning, but that was with a 1.8 lb overnight whoosh, so I'm not sure I'm ready to officially claim it yet. I am going to wait until my Saturday WI to change my ticker - hopefully I'll be even closer to the 2-teens by then!
  • I had some slip-ups on vacation. Despite my planning and the rules I set for myself, I didn't stay in control. I am just barely in the 220's at 229.9. I am quite relieved that it's not just one tenth higher, but also pretty disappointed in myself. But I am back home now and ready to be 100% committed.
  • 225.2, I'm really not expecting any significant loss until I'm up and moving after the gimp gear is off. I have an appt today at 2 pm, I'm really hoping the doc will say, "Oh, yeah, you're fine, there was a french fry on your x-ray"
  • 223 today!

    Dunno what's going to happen for the next week or so, though...I am not sure if I should expect more water retention or to shed some. TOM spent a long time building up before finally coming to visit and I feel horribly bloated. I have absolutely NO idea why the scale was down today - I would think it would bounce up like it did earlier this week.
  • least it's on the downside of the 220's! I'm ready for the 200-teens!!!!! Get me outta here!
  • 224.4? 'm not exactly sure -how- I'm losing since I'm pretty much glued to the couch, except I've got nothing to do now but watch my calories with an eagle eye. And absolutely no room for wiggle room, so even the smaller things I may have worked into my calorie plans are gone, since I'm getting absolutely no exercise I won't eat or drink anything that I have to -make room- for.
  • Whyyyyyy am I still heeeeeeeeeeeeeere. /whines.
  • 223 today. I'd really love to make it to the teens by the 15th, it's my birthday, but I'm still sick and not able exercise, so I'll just have to see what happens.
  • 223 even
  • Allllmost there... 222!! Hoping to be outta here by Tuesday (I can dream, can't I?)
  • 222!!! AND I'm taking a passel of kids to the pool today, which is a mega calorie burn.

    (whine) The last two days I have missed two workouts in a row, which I haven't done since New Year's. It was my younger son's birthday yesterday. There was no time until very late, and by then I just fell into bed. Perhaps it was its own workout, as I lost a little bit. I HATE missing workouts. (/whine)

    I stayed away from the cake.