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Default Help, out to gain it all back!

OK, I don't really want to be a whiner, but I do need some support.
I have lost 15 pounds since I found all of you five weeks ago, and even fit into a much smaller size late last week, but this week has been just aweful. I can't stop eating. I keep journaling, but my WW journal is now something crazy like -14 points. I don't know what my problem is. I have been stressed lately (my DH has been really , and the potty trained two year old has had a huge relapse, so I'm doing laundry twice a day).
I don't know if it is because I was really sick last week and didn't eat hardly anything. But last night I actually ate so much that I felt sick and extremely bloated. I weighed myself this morning and was up 7 pounds since Monday. Is that really possible? I've really been getting in my water, but craving a real soda and lemonade (I think it's the time of year).
This is my first true weight loss journey. Before, I would just start exercising and then stop. I have a minigoal that I know now is impossible to reach (10% - 24 pounds gone by Labor Day, and still had 8 more to go on Monday). And another that I think is just too far off still (200 pounds by the week before Thanksgiving, 19 more to go as of Monday).
I guess I'm just feeling kind of frustrated too, I feel like I am going to do all of this work lose 15 pounds and then turn around and gain it back in a week. What's the point? Before I started on this journey, I was at least status quo, not gaining anymore.
Well, that is it for my feeling sorry for myself. Sorry, I just had to tell someone!
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Okay Denise, take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Sure I suppose you can gain 7 lbs in one week but I really doubt it. I'm certain that it is water. When you are stressed your body does a lot of wacky things so you are probably just retaining water. Don't worry about what the scale says, when things are back to normal, give it a few days then get back on again. Likely you'll be back to where you were.

BTW, congrats on the 15 lbs in 5 weeks. That is just amazing. You have accomplished so much in a short time, don't derail yourself now, keep that ball rolling!
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Default darlin, you've lost 60 pounds!!!

nothing to sneeze at, ya know.

sooooo come on... breathe. focus. ask why you're eating. ask if you're hungry. as what you'd be doing if you could do anything you want. bet the answer isn't EATING. bet it's something more interesting...

ask what you really want right this minute. food? doubtful. maybe a hug? some peace? time alone? someone to talk to? a change of scenery?

in other words, what are you substituting the food for?

you've done so well. cut yourself a break. this is a journey, not a sprint to the finish line, although every single one of us wants to reach that goal. but the trick is to learn enough along the way to be able to keep it off...
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I really don't think you can gain 7 lbs inone week. Some of that HAS to be water. Right now, step away from the scale and start thinking about what you are doing and why. Stress ALWAYS send me to baskins and every fast food place I can think of. Like Jif said, you've lost 60 lbs!! That's great. I think we are always going to have ups and downs. Start again today. I KNOW you can do this!!
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It is very possible to see a gain of 7 lbs on the scale, but it is not possible to gain 7 lbs of fat in a week. IT IS WATER. Increase your water a bit this week, and you will see it drop off next week.

Congrats on the weightloss!!! It's going to be a long road. Don't let these little frustrations derail you. You're worth much more than that.

And go by how you feel, your clothes..more than the evil scale.

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Denise, I am so sorry your having a rough go at it right now. Stress sends me right to the fridge, too! But you have accomplished soooo much already! 60 pounds is HUGE!!! You should be proud of yourself! Don't let this minor set back derail you. You CAN do this!

And like all the other ladies said, the 7 pounds is not fat, but water. Just keep up the water intake, & I am sure next week it will be gone.

We're all here for you
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Thank you all for your words of encouragement. I really needed that! Everything that you guys have said makes sense. I am going to take a deep breath, calm down, stop running to the fridge, and find something better to do. I feel better already. I will increase the water, and do a better time with being OP.

Thanks again for the encouragement. It always feels better to hear it from someone else.
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Listem Babe, we all have gone through that problem. It is all in your mind set. We get side tracked so easily but you have to really make the decision to chnage your life and you have to concentrate on you. Does that sound selfish? Well it isn't. You will have more to give to everyone if you take the time to focus on you. More enery, ease of movement, healthier, happier, so much good to gain and weight to lose I know but like anything real it takes time and practice to get whatever system works for you. So take heart and Take control. It is your choice. Good luck Babe. I have been there but 67 lbs later I can tell you it is worth it.
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