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  • that's weird, usually stuff like that is eaten up right away cuz it's a bit different! I know my usual tray of fresh fruit arranged all pretty with a yogurt dip in the middle is INHALED no matter where I take it!! Even the dudes like it!

    As for eating to please others, PFFFT I'm so glad a lot of us are OVER that, or working towards getting over it. When you realllllly think about it, who gives a F(**&*K what anyone else eats? Who's business is it?? I don't consider my lunch or dinner choices to be that important to OTHER PEOPLE lol, just like what others eat is of no importance to me! The only time it is kinda fun, is when my nephew and his university buddies come for supper and i marvel at the food these tall skinny beanpoles put away LOL and it weirdly makes me happy! they eat a pie EACH! that's right! each! hahaha
  • I would have loved one of those. Ummm...yogurt parfait think I'm going to make some....