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Unhappy I fell ALREADY?!?

I was having SUCH a great day! I got up early, had a great breakfast, packed myself a nice snack for my 4 hour shift at work... and then disaster! I was supposed to work 10-2pm, with my bf working 10-6:30pm, so I had planned to come home and do some prep work for my class tomorrow. Well it's been snowing like crazy, and no plows coming by.. so I decided I'd just finish my prep work at work. But I got SO caught up in what I was doing I didn't get anything for lunch. By the time we got home all the grocery stores were closed, so we ordered pizza. Today was day 7 of being back on plan and counting calories.

I don't get myself.. I think I want it SO bad, yet I can't seem to *really* commit myself to this. It's SO frustrating!! And I wish I knew what I was missing to get myself to stay on track...

On the plus side.. I have already packed up a healthy, calorie controlled lunch, and snacks!

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I know what you mean!!!! Yesterday I had plans to go out to dinner with my friend. Beforehand I vehemently/steadfastly texted her "I'm having no appetizers, no dessert, strictly salad and a glass of wine when we go out to dinner".

What did I do?
Had appetizers, salad, a glass of wine AND dessert. *sigh* Went home and just drank water and felt sorry for myself.

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Hey Aimee,

You and i have been on this for a while, I fell into a similar situation as you. It's always been a roller coaster for me and i fell off it pretty hard last fall - by the time december came around i kept trying to kick start my self but kept screwing it up. I would stay on track for a day or two and then do something to mess it up.

Then in January I saw an ad for a local Biggest Loser Competition and joined and it's been great. It's different then anything I have tried before, and I am really enjoying it.

Maybe switching it up will help?


(I had never realized you were from WPG when we chatted before - I grew up there)
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I hear that! I lost six pounds in the last 2 weeks...was doing well all day today, then superbowl treats came out and I kind of went a little nuts. But **** happens, I will do better tomorrow and get my butt on that treadmill. Don't beat yourself up about it, what's done is done and move on.
Tomorrow is another chance to make the right choices.
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Dust off and move along! It happens to EVERYONE-and if they say it doesn't, well-la dee daaa!
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Consider replacing the idea of "I blew it! I wasn't perfect!" with "I don't have to be perfect. I just have have to hit good enough."

And consider replacing the "I cannot commit because I can't be perfect on plan!" idea that is rigid with a more flexible "I don't have to be perfect on plan, but I can commit to my health and fitness. I roll with the punches, can't keep me down!"

(I mean this friendly, not stern. )

I just wrote about this in my intro post elsewhere but I view it like school.

As a student, one poor grade on some quiz doesn't mean your school GPA is ruined forever and you won't graduate at all. You study, you try harder next time... but the main thing... you keep on going to school the next day. Some days are great, some are not... but you still go.

It's the same with this. Just dust yourself off, make notes for coping when life throws this experience at you again (and it will!) and just get back to it.

Maybe think about adapting the pizza meal (2 slices cheese & salad next time)... or think about some other delivery or take out option (chinese?) that works better for you. Or keep something on hand to battle it -- even can soup! If you habitually get involved at work, keep a can of soup and a can opener in your desk so you aren't skipping a meal and then having trouble at the next.

You can do this!

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Well, I decided to calculate my calories anyways, and because I barely ate this afternoon I only ended up being over my calorie intake by 234. Makes me feel a very tiny bit better.. Still, don't want to do THAT again!

CGH - I totally just downed a liter of water, not too sure what spurred that.. how did you make out today? I am hoping to hear it was a little bump and you are feeling SO committed and ON plan!

Nash - Living in Winnipeg is a new thing for me! The bf and I moved from Vancouver in July to work here for 3 years, we plan to head back to the mild temperatures as soon as the contract is up! I lived here as a kid, it can be a very fun city! A challenge is a good idea, I've peaked in on a few trying to decide what/if I want to join. Maybe I'll take the plunge!

Megan - I made sure to bring all my foods for tomorrow, so that'll help. And I'll make the bf throw out ALL the leftovers!

astrophe - I love the school analogy! I hated almost every minute of school, and yet I passed, so it really makes sense to me. I always just figured that if it wasn't perfect, well, it wasn't good enough. Perfectionist parents!

I am feeling MUCH better, thanks everyone for the replies!


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Aimee, it sounds like you have it under control already! Good job! Remember, nobody became obese because they ate pizza one night. We become obese because we repeatedly overeat crappy food. You've already corrected for tomorrow, so kudos to you for having accountability and taking action to prevent another slip-up tomorrow!
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I have always had a very hard time sticking to my food plan (and recently my food journaling). I can't even tell you how many times I've read or been told that slips mean a person isn't ready or isn't committed to losing weight.


If food slips (even some big ones) are "failing," then I'm failing. In fact, I've failed more days than I've succeeded, and yet I've managed to fail off 80 lbs.

I've never succeeded through failure so much in my life. All the other times I lost weight in my life, I was perfect until I couldn't be. I was either entirely on plan, or entirely off - there was no middle ground. Staying on plan was like holding my breath - I could do it for a short time, but eventually I had to gulp for air.

Progress over perfection. You don't have to be perfect, you only have to do better. If you can only be a little better, progress is going to be slow. For me, it's been very slow, but that's ok with me. I don't mind losing weight this way. It doesn't feel like I'm working very hard, because I'm not (Over decades of dieting, I'm burnt out on fast changes. I just don't have the will or patience to be perfect, even for a short time). But I must be doing something right, because this may be the slowest weight loss I've ever accomplished, but it's already been the longest lasting by many folds (I've never gone even one year without regaining, let alone the four that it's been).
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Eh, I think you handled it well. You figured out the calories. I don't think there is anything wrong with including some treats now and then. You can still be ON plan if you're mindful of everything else you do that day. Hah, but maybe I'm just saying that cause I had pizza too today... but I also know what my calories are today, worked out, and it's all good. Tomorrow is another day to make more nutritious choices.
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Listen to Kaplods. Progress over perfection. Get BACK ON THAT HORSE and have a better day tomorrow!!!
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This is the practice for the rest of your life! Even after you've lost all the extra weight, you will be maintaining it, and you are not always going to be "on plan" because life is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. You allow yourself indulgences, and you even it out with extra exercise and fewer calories another time.

You'll lose the weight more quickly, with more motivation and enjoyment if you don't think of these days as failures, just as another day you have to work harder for later. Always count those calories though, because as you noticed, it may not be as bad as you thought, or if it is, you know how many fewer calories you need to eat over the next week to even it out.

Way to be ready for tomorrow--you already know how to do it!
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No problem, just keep going ! To win a war you might have to lose a few battles. When you ask yourself the hows and whys you can make it positive, and find ways to fine tune what happens in the future. For instance...being more prepared... have some meals ready in the freezer for times when the unexpected occurs...or taking a break from work for a five minutes to have a healthy snack...It is all about taking care of yourself.
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Default yes, we are all different...

I don't know, I guess I'm one who thinks why settle for better when we can have BEST?? I had wasted enough time sitting on the sidelines AND I was fearful for my life. When I made the decision to lose the weight, I made the decision to lose the weight NOW. Not in the future, not down the road, not someday, not tomorrow. I had tomorrow-ed away decades of my life already. I was done settling and I wanted to be the very best me possible.

I think we've got to go BETTER than our best, because our current best just may not be good enough. This is about doing what is required. What is necessary. You’ve got to do BETTER then your best. Doing your best at this point is simply not going to cut it. You have to go ABOVE your best. This is about pushing yourself, elevating yourself to a new level. Going beyond what you know. You must create a NEW best. You have to step outside your comfort zone and yes, be a little uncomfortable - for the time being.

If I had told myself that it was "okay" to just do my best, well, I wouldn't have gotten very far. I wouldn’t have attempted, stayed with and successfully mastered things that were downright unpleasant, such as: counting calories, food journaling, completely banning many food items, setting up a healthy household, the constant cooking, shopping and chopping, planning my meals in advance, packing foods and taking them with me, staying on plan through social events & stress, daily exercise, muscle training… I would have been giving myself permission to stay with what was familiar and known and never ventured into that new arena.

It is a little scary stepping into those untested waters, but once you're in there and you allow (actually force) yourself to stay in there - firmly- regardless of comfort, regardless of circumstance, you've got to hold onto the fact that there is a pay off and it will eventually become comfortable. And it does. You’ve raised the bar & created a new best.

You cannot remain stagnant. If you don't step outside that comfort zone, if you don’t try new things, if you don't strive to do BETTER then your best, how do you reach new heights? How do you improve upon yourself? How do you learn? How do you grow?

Your best gets BETTER. Stretch. Reach. Push yourself and push yourself and suddenly what was once impossible becomes possible! Aim low, you get low. Aim high, you get high. Raise your standards. You then elevate yourself to meet the challenge. Ask any successful athlete, any successful business person, any successful student, any successful housewife, any successful – any one or any thing.

This is about going beyond what you think you are capable of, so that you discover what you truly ARE capable of.

Sorry Aimee, I digressed a bit here. I don't think your day was blown either. Perfection is definitely not a requirement to lose weight, thankfully!

Set yourself up for success by being prepared always and by always remembering what you want the most. You CAN do this.

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Hey hun,

Look like someone else said we all slip up at times... I think it's just part of the process of changing. I mean one thing I've learnt about changing my eating habits is the organisation that's involved in upkeeping new habits. The minute something comes out of nowhere you end up reaching to the most 'normal' thing you used to do. But hey, look its a one off, this doesn't mean anything unless you don't get back on plan. I think the thing most of us do is, slip up and then say hey forget it ive already messed up I'll keep eating this way. But you won't do that, you want this more than enough and you will definitely get there!!!
Good luck and stay strong
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