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Default Gaining 7lbs in 1 week

Ok so I kind of have a victory over the scale story that isn't a NSV:

Yesterday, I weighed myself for my weekly weigh in and discovered I'd gained 7lbs since the previous Friday. I was in shock because I was completely out of control (compared to being on plan) over the holidays and gained 5lbs in about 6 weeks, but with the new year I took myself back in hand, with getting myself back into control with my eating. This week, I decided to add in the exercise portion and went back to running (C25K Week 6) in the morning and pilates or yoga or wii fit before bed and doing this everyday especially because recently my work has been really sedentary with lots of report writing and late nights, added to which it's TOM.

Anyway, point being, I've never (to my knowledge, anyway) gained this much weight in a single week. Let's just say I cried my eyes out, yesterday (to the point where I actually felt too sick to seek comfort in food) and was just really over the whole thing, and in one of those "I'm-going-to-be-fat-forever-I-can't-do-this" bubbles. I had been feeling so good too because the running was going well, I was fitter than I thought that I would be after the time off exercise, I wasn't at all sore, everything was great.

So last night after the dramatic reaction, I came to a realization as I thought about whether it was even worth it to continue, that I can't let the scale be the sole determinant of how healthy or happy I feel in this journey. Obviously I'm happier when the scale goes down and that is totally fair. But if I'm getting fitter and eating better, eventually the scale will reflect that, but even if it doesn't, my body will reflect that and my health will reflect that.

I think I feel like it takes so long already, that when I put in effort and make long term sacrifices for my health, I somehow "deserve" to lose the weight and certainly not gain 7lbs. But the thing its easy to forget is that I didn't gain this weight in 5 minutes, its a lifetime of poor decisions. And I know I'm never going to be as happy and confident at this weight, so whether or not it comes off in 5 minutes, I might as well work at doing something about it because the time it's going to take me to lose all this is passing anyway. So whilst I'm going to continue to use the scale as a marker of my progress, because in general it is a good marker, but I'm not going to let it be the beginning and end of my view on my plan. I just have to grade myself on other things as well.

So people, so I don't feel like I've set some kind of weight gain record, what's the most you recall ever gaining (pre-plan if you like) in a single week?
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First of all, congratulations on the great attitude.
To answer the question...maybe about 5 or 6 lbs...and also some impossible long plateaus...but the way I see it you either cave in or keep trying.

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well, aside from the fact that it's doubtful that you consumed almost 25,000 calories and actually gained 7 lbs of real weight vs. water weight, my answer to your question is I have no idea. When I wasn't on plan and was eating anything and everything, I would not have even been getting on the scale. So you are one step ahead right there!!

I would guess that between TOM and extra activity, most of that is water weight, and I would also suspect that when you were a higher weight, your body could mask these sorts of natural ups and downs more readily, so they weren't as noticeable.
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I have fluid retention problems, so I have been known to gain 8 pounds during the day! Weigh first thing in the morning and again in the evening and be up 8 pounds!

I think your gain may be because you added in the exercise this week. When you stress your muscles, they retain fluid to help them heal. Don't let it throw you off, keep it up and I bet the pounds will really start coming off!

Keep up the good job!
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Well...I don't step on the scale when I think I've gained, which is not exactly a good thing. So I've never seen more than 2 lb gain. But that doesn't mean it hasn't been there! LOL!

Your post sounds very encouraging, believe it or not. It's good to see it happens to all of us. It's also good to read about the good things you know you are doing for your body even when the scale does not reflect it.

I added exercise this month and have stalled out. And I'm not alone. Several of us have complained about that very thing just recently. So there must be something to do it. I think that's why I find your post encouraging. Weight loss certainly isn't linear and I think it takes me hearing that again and again and again before I actually start to believe it.
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I gained 4.4 pounds last week and added another four to that so far this week (as of Monday). There are times when I'll eat some crap and the next morning the scale will say I'm up two pounds. But as much crap as I ate, I am fairly certain I didn't eat 7,000 calories.

A good chunk of it is probably bloating and water weight. All the crap food has way too much salt and I find it amazing how quickly your system flushes all that out when you stop eating poorly.

Don't beat yourself up, it happens, and now you can move on.

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I agree it's probably fluids and not actual weight gain - for me it was 5 lbs! It is hard to get over that number - but then like you said you just get back to it!

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I gained 19 pounds in two days. Truly. Of course, I was 9 1/2 months pregnant and toxemic, but still... my hands and feet were so swelled my fingers and toes wouldn't move right. Three days later I had a 9 pound 4 ounce baby, a four inch incision in my abdomen, and I'd lost 31 pounds. Don't really want another baby, but dudes and dudettes, I would LOVE to lose 31 pounds in three days again!
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I gained 30 pounds in one month in 2003 (from 130-160) from eating McDonalds for lunch and dinner every day. My average meal was a Quarter Pounder, large fries, large milkshake and 10 Chicken Nuggets. Someone at work asked me at the end of the month if I was pregnant. Needless to say that led to me spiralling out of control and getting all the way to 218 in a matter of six months. It took me until mid 2007 to decide to get back on track. It was so disheartening that first month going from being completely in shape to totally out of shape and I could not stand the thought of having to lose 30 pounds little did I know then that 30 would become 80+ pounds.
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you know, I think it's good this topic gets brought up, bec logically speaking, you didn't gain 7 lbs of fat in one week unless you sat every day and ate deep fried hamburgers, french fries and sticks of butter, ha.

when I get my TOM, I get a little constipated usually (I know, I know, TMI), and just recently I did eat a junk food meal at the same time. I went up almost 10 lbs, and in a little over a week all but 2 were gone. That means it obviously wasn't fat weight.

I'm not happy about going up the 2, but that's much more reasonable than 10.
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I went a whole month gaining, losing but basically staying about the same. Then I did 2 big wooshes in a row. I was around 315, and then in the matter of a week I went down to 308. So, there ya go. As for the most I've gained in a week... it's tough to say. I don't usually like to step on the scale when I know that I've gained some weight so I have not been 100% honest with myself on that. I have noticed gains of up to 5lbs, but there may have been times where it was more than that but I just ignored it.

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The most I've gained in a week was 7 or 8 lbs on my honeymoon. I probably really did eat all the extra calories, though

I'm with everyone else in thinking that you're probably retaining a crud load od water right now between TOM and starting excercise. I'm betting if you keep up the excercise, wait out your period, keep on plan with your eating, and (one of the more important things) drink tons of water, you'll lose it and more in the next few weeks. It might be encouraging for you to weigh every day for the next week or two, so that you can see when the lbs start to slide off.
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Right before the holidays I started a regular exercise schedule, plus I was super stressed, TOM, and well it was the holidays. I weigh myself daily and the scale shot up 12lbs in a matter of three days (and stayed there for nearly a week). Of course I completely freaked out, but after assuring myself it wasn't 'God's' way of telling me I was destined to be 'fat' forever I put the scale away and kept truckin' along. After about a week and a half all the extra weight was gone and I had a nice woosh into onderland.
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Thanks everyone, I think sometimes you know intellectually that there's no way you could have gained 7lbs or more in a week. I mean I've had TOM/ exercise gains of 1lb or maybe 2lbs max but never 7. I'm glad you guys can also relate to that scale shock.
Original start/HW: Jan 2009: 275lb; 3FC Start Weight: July 19, 2009: 257lb; Record Low Weight: Oct 21, 2012: 152lb

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