100 Lb Club February Exercise Thread

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    to the February exercise thread! I have been doing a lot of thinking about what it really takes to get to goal. Along with sticking to a sensible food plan, we really do need to MOVE!!! So let's make exercise a habit and give ourselves some accountability, and getting healthier in the process!

    In this thread, we track the number of MINUTES we exercise for the month -- whether it's walking or swimming or sweaty housework! We can set goals for ourselves. If you are a goal-setter, early in the month set your own goal! If you're just getting started, feel free to start with a smaller number of minutes, maybe just a few hundred. It seems easier for many of us to build on the habit rather than meet a very high goal right away. However, you can also just jump right in without a goal, and you can join us anytime in the month!

    To keep track, just add your minutes to the existing group’s minutes. If you’re new, look at what other people are doing – it’s pretty easy to figure out! To help everyone keep things straight, please note the OLD minutes and the number of NEW minutes you are adding, such as
    Group total ~ 500 + 50 = 550 minutes.

    Thanks so much to Heather and 300+ for letting us borrow their great idea. Once we get this going, I will make it a sticky!
  • I am making my exercise goal for the month 700 mins!!!

    Since I have already exercised twice this month, I'll start!

    Group total: 0+73=73
  • Oooh, fun!

    No clue what my goal should be, but I'm happy to chip in with the 100lb club's total

    1st Feb: 60 mins belly dancing
    2nd Feb: 30 mins @ gym, 60 mins belly dancing

    Running Salsa Total: 150 mins

    Group total: 73 + 150 = 223 mins
  • Group: 223

    Me: 24 (Feb 1)

    New Group Total: 247

    I'm starting anew, but glad to pitch into the minutes pile!

  • I'm going to make a goal of 1000 minutes

    Feb 2nd - 60 minutes (so far)

    Group Total = 247 + 60 = 307 minutes
  • Forgot that I was at the gym for an hour today, not 30 mins!

    Group Total = 307 + 30 = 337

    [1st Feb: 60 mins belly dancing
    2nd Feb: 30 mins @ gym, 60 mins belly dancing

    Running Salsa Total = 180 mins]
  • I'll play:

    Feb 1st: 40 minutes cardio
    Feb 2nd: 50 minutes strength training

    Group Total: 90 min + 337 = 427
  • Feb 1st: 43 minutes core cardio
    Feb 2nd: 49 minutes plyo legs

    Group Total: 92 min + 427 = 519
  • This looks like fun. I want to help. My goal for February is 1960 min. I am hoping to get more, but I am listing a conservative goal to not set myself up for failure.

    2/1 - 60 min. cardio + 11 min. ST
    2/2 - 90 min. cardio + 14 min. ST

    Group Total: 161 min + 519 = 680
  • Feb 1st - 60 minutes on the treadmill - I was sick so it was just a 3.7 mph walk
    Feb 2nd -30 minutes aerobics/strength 45 minutes treadmill

    519 + 135 = 654 group total
  • Uh Oh!! Looks like we were posting at the same time.

    Group Total: 161+654=815
  • Feb 1: 30 mins strength, 30 mins cardio.
    Feb 2: 30 mins cardio.
  • ubergirl, you need to add yours to the running total! I'll add it in

    I went and did karate (90 minutes but I'm counting it as 60) so my running total is now 120 minutes.

    Group total: 815 + ubergirl's 90 + my 60 = 965

  • 30 minutes free weights & resistance
    40 minutes shoveling snow

    Group 965+ me (70)=1035 WooHoo !
  • I don't have a goal yet, I need to figure that out. I shoot for working out 6 days a week, not based on number of minutes, but I can start adding!!

    2/1 - 60 minutes of Body Pump; 2/2 - 60 minutes of spin, 2/3 - 50 minutes of Body Flow. So my total so far is 170 minutes.

    Group total: 1035 + my 170 = 1205