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Default I am BACK after some tough stuff

Ugh! So I've been SUPER stressed out the last few months, since me and the bf moved I've been getting less hours, and just when I didn't think it could get worse.. they cut my hours more, AND they are giving me more to do! It's hard, since we moved half way across the country and we were supposed to be doing BETTER, not worse.

Anyways, I've been so frustrated and been slowly gaining more and more weight. Well my work pants are getting too tight to wear, so I finally let it out (and not the pants!). Talked to my mom, bawled my eyes out and when I was done with the pity party we made a plan. Basically I realized I can't change what's happening at work, so it's time for me to take a different approach to things. It's time to start thinking about ME, and not the amount of hours I'm working, because that's not helpful.

And with all of that sorted out, I'm on to dealing with the tight pants situation! Instead of avoiding looking at my bookmark bar (3FC's was taunting me!), I am vowing to come here daily! I spent part of my day cooking, cleaning (messy house = bad eating for me), so I am ready to tackle this! I'm announcing it to the dieting work, I AM BACK!

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Welcome back!
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Wahoo! Welcome back!
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I am SO GLAD to see you back!
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Thumbs up Welcome Back, Aimee

Glad to see you're back.
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Welcome back!
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I don't know you from before, since I'm pretty new, but I'm glad to see you. I look forward to getting to know you better.

Sorry about your stress. I'm like you. The quality of my housekeeping is a pretty good barometer for how I'm doing emotionally.

Hugs and good wishes your way.
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Sorry this are so stressful. Glad you are here. One day at a time, friend.
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We missed you, Aimee! So glad you're back!!!
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Hi, I remember you! I recognize your ticker bar, it's the same combination I used for months and

I really hope this is the time for you. Keep posting, don't give up.
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Hey, Aimee!! big s

it's hard to deal with change and frustration and stress! Make sure you're good to yourself. I'm glad you talked to your mom and let that stuff out! you're a great person, and as to this hump your going through, this too shall pass.

sending good vibes your way
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Yay! Glad you're back! It sounds like you have a great plan and are ready to take charge. Good for you!
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glad you are back - bet those pants will go from tight to too loose soon!!
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I can understand how you feel. I would like to move across country myself sometimes to make a new start. I have a drama packed life, but I choose this time around to try to block it out and work on eating better. My mom is super helpful, but it's very very hard. I miss eating out so much. Do I grab and oreo cookie from time to time? YES, have I had a piece of cheese cake? Yes, but because I had made such bad choices before eating better, I'm still losing weight, even treating myself every once in a while. Been 4 weeks I've lost 17lbs. I would love to lose it faster, but I know it's not healthy and I can't stop eating all together. I love food. Good Luck.
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Welcome home to 3fc. I just moved from the west coast to the east coast so I know how hard it is to start over. I'm so sorry about your job situation. It is so tough right now for everyone economically. Never give up and you will reach your goal.
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