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Default google 15 weight trend tracker?

A few days ago I found a google application that calculates a running average for people who weigh daily. It gives you a chart so you can see how things are trending.

Today is my second day using it, so it isn't terribly helpful yet. However, I think it will be cool to see the trend lines and help mitigate the "OMG I gained today" thoughts when you can see how the weight it trending.

Check it out:

Anybody else use it? What do you think?

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Sounds awesome! I downloaded It!
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Looks interesting. I'm not sure what I think yet. It let me put in my weights for the last couple weeks and now I have a cute little graph to tell me I am on track. It's a bit odd since it averages the weights and so when I look at the number it lists for today it is higher than my actual weight today. It also shows me how much this average has gone down since yesterday (-0.6) and since 1 week ago (-2.8), and that's nice. Up at the top it tells me how many pounds I have left to lose, but it's off from reality because of it using the average weight.
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Thanks Matt!! I'm trying it out. Don't think I'll know how I like it until I've ben doing it awhile.
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Sounds Cool Matt! Thank You!
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thanks i added it!
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I'm going to compare it to the regression line I get from my Excel spreadsheet. See if that's all they are using is a simple stat formula.
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I just got it, too. Thanks. I do log my official weekly weigh-ins on but I'd like to compare and actually I've been thinking about starting to log my daily weigh-ins now too.
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Hey that's cool.. thanks for sharing it! It's nice to have a place to put the daily weights and see the trends. I had been thinking about doing this. I seem to have issues gaining and losing water weight, so this might help me to see the trends better. Thanks again, Matt!
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sounds cool! I added it. I'll let you know how it goes!
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I just checked out I think you can log weights daily there too.
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