• I am back from my trip. With the exception of yesterday, I was totally on plan! I even managed to workout while I was gone. Yesterday couldn't be helped, we had delays in our trip and we had to eat out for every meal. I made choices for lunch that weren't the best--I was stressed, I knew it, and I said one meal won't hurt me--this is my freebie! I compensated at dinner, but I know it was full of salt! Anyway, with all of that said and done I showed a 2oz wt gain this morning. I am 99.9% sure it is all water gain due to the sodium intake of eating out. I think I may have actually lost wt while I was gone and it will show up in a couple of days.

    I have also come to the conclusion that it's always something--a holiday, a vacation, etc! I'm glad I'm learning to navigate staying on plan because this is life--or at least it's my life!!!

    So, I am a happy camper!!!
  • Wow I am very impressed, great job!!
  • awesome!
  • 2 oz? Go have a big pee lol!!!!
  • I agree with cfmama.

    I've gone on vacations last year where I gained almost a pound per day! Staying the same, and even losing weight, is amazing!
  • That is definitely impressive!! I would bet you see a decent loss next week, due to drinking water and getting rid of that sodium!
  • That's awesome! A vacation is what I let derail me last year, so I know how hard it can be. It's so great that you really stuck with it, and probably have a loss to boot!
  • Way to go! Vacations and things like that can be really hard.. you're REALLY strong!! Keep it up!!
  • Terrific!

    I feel ya on "having" to eat out. I took a trip 3hrs away today to my daughter's Children's hospital. On the way back her nurse and I were STARVING and the only thing available was fast food. At least I didn't go over 600cals for that one meal. lol
  • Way to go! Life does indeed go on - we can't be stuck in our cozy houses/apartments/dorms forever. In fact, I find that giving myself some lee way goes much better than starving my body, otherwise I end up feeling as if I have "blown it" for good and then might be prone to really going off plan -- but that's just me.
  • Thanks for all the kudo's! It really helped out that my MIL (we went to see them on this mini vacation) was trying to lose wt too.

    And btw--that was my wt AFTER a big pee! Been drinking my water and worked out today so I'm hoping to see some changes at the end of the week when I usually weigh.

    Thanks again!
  • Fantastic! Good for you for learning to navigate (as you put it) through everyday life...which includes vaycays!
  • Update: this mornings wt is down by 1.2 pounds--woohoo!
  • Great job! I bet you see a loss when all the salt is gone too!