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Talking Totally Off Topic but....Farmville, anyone?? So much fun!!

My daughter was here visiting for Christmas break and talked me in to Facebook. I am now addicted to Farmville on facebook! It is so fun. I have a field of soybeans I planted, a chicken coop, a horse, a pig, a few trees...a bull and a cow, some bales of hay. It's like playing house when you are little, totally mindless fun, pretending to be something different than you are! I think this is better than mindlessly munching out of boredom.

If anyone needs a totally lazy way to keep your mind off of food, this will do the trick. I will replace the mindless munching with a fun thing to keep occupied (play farmville) and to get some light exercise this week (Wii). The rest of the real world might go to **** in a handbasket but my alternate realities are pretty fun!! I envision getting more out doors for real activity soon. Hurting myself this early on has had me re-thinking my gung ho' get fit plan! Baby steps!

Any fellow farmers??

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Shrinkin' Salsa :P
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I detest Farmville. I've blocked all the notifications from my friends about it. It's the spawn of something very very nasty
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I played it for awhile, but all my stuff kept dying because I would forget about it. Guess I kill real plants and fake ones. Sadly, I play sorority life. Evil game, but I love it.
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I'm worth it!
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I love Farmville but I think I actually like Farm Town better. There's a lot more to do.
I desperately need neighbors for both though. I hate that you can't upgrade your farm unless you have so many neighbors!
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I've almost got enough Farm Cash from leveling to expand my farm without adding neighbors - my family and friends abhor the game. In fact, I'm more of a MMO gamer myself.
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Motivated for 2010!!
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I don't like it! I have never been able to get into games like that though. I agree it is a good way to take your mind off eating though! For me coming on online forums and scrapbooking are my things to do...well when I have the time! I have a 3 year old and 5 year old so I am usually pretty busy with them!
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I did the farming thing for a Loooooooong time on facebook, until I reached the point where it just got boring. Took a while, though. I also had a fish tank a while, and the zoo. I had to ditch the zoo because I finally got to the point where there were no more animals to buy and my friends weren't playing anymore...dang friends.
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I have been doing the farms for a long time. My new years resolution was to not do them..however I found myself bored on sat night and planted my farmville and cleaned it up a bit.
I was so addicted...I farmed every morning and would find myself not coming to 3fc as much. I also realised that is when my weight loss stalled. I will harvest my crops and only plant the longest crops from now on...who cares if it takes me a long time to level up.LOL
I will also make sure I only stay on the farms long enough to harvest and plant...I wont go help others or steal on the island.
I have never ever ever liked games of any type so its funny that i got hooked!!
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Jillian stole my abs!
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I love Farmville! I do Farmtown too and have a fish tank.

Anyone who wants more neighbors, pm me.

Gotta get to real job. bbl
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Good things happen.
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I did Farm Town and Farmville for a while but burned out when they started feeling like I "had to" plant, etc. When a game starts feeling like a job, I lose interest! lol
Now I stick to Mafia Wars and MouseHunt (if you haven't tried MH, it's fun and you can play it while surfing the internet).
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I loved both farmtown and farmville but i got bored with it and also my computer started acting funny whenever i got on there. People were telling me that people are hacking into those games cause millions play and someone is putting viruses out there. So, I stopped playing.
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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my friend has a post on her page about "anyone playing farmville come and spend an afternoon on my dairy farm and see how you like it" hahaha My new favourite time-waster is my food journal, this awesome hard-cover book with unlined pages, and i use scrapbook papers and things cut out of magazines and little sayings to glue in it, it looks awesome LOL The first 100 lbs. were done in a plain boring book, but this homestretch is looking awesome LOL
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Positive Focus
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You can put me down for an avid farmer. When I have had a stressful day, sometimes I just need to "pet cows." I will say that I have been trying to cut back on the farming. I planted some corn and watermelons so I only have to check in once every 3-4 days. I have been spending more time on 3FC!
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Im addicted to it!! I have Farmville, Farmtown, Cafeworld and Petville lol...I only do long harvests though. That way I dont have to do them ever single day...but, I gotta admit, it keeps my mind off eating, thats for sure!!
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Resident Pixie
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I ♥ Farmville
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