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Question Am I failing? Not being strict enough?

Okay this is day one, and I'm already feeling like I'm failing. My coworker has suggested I make two changes this week. Which are increase my water to 130 oz a day and walk the two sets of stairs (11 each set) everytime I got to the bathrrom. Also suggested to change my breakfast eating habbit.

Okay first let me share what my normal eating day. My coworker asked me to keep track of three days of normal eating routine for me. Here it is.
Date Time What
12/14/2009 6:30 AM Banana Nut Muffin with butter
12/14/2009 6:30 AM Can of Coke
12/14/2009 7:00am package of chocolate Donuts
12/14/2009 9:30 AM Half back microwave popcorn
12/14/2009 11:30am 3 hot Dogs, and cheese fry
12/14/2009 11:30am Can of Coke
12/14/2009 60 Oz of water
12/14/2009 6:00 PM Hamburger and backed potatoe

12/15/2009 6:30 AM cookies from machine
12/15/2009 6:30 AM Can of Coke
12/15/2009 11:30am Chicken Cobb salad from Joes
12/15/2009 11:30am Apple Pie with icecream
12/15/2009 3:00 PM twix candy
12/15/2009 6:00 PM BLT and Chips
12/15/2009 60 Oz of water

12/16/2009 6:15 AM McDonalds Sauage egg mcmuffin and has browns
12/16/2009 6:15 AM Orange Juice
12/16/2009 11:30am Gyro, fries, salad
12/16/2009 12:00pm Can of Coke
12/16/2009 07:00pm Few pices of chicken
12/16/2009 7:30 PM Glass of egg nog

Ok so he didn't say anything to me about changing anything other than the above statement. However I figured I'd try to eat better. Well I swear I can't stop eating today. I'm trying to make better choices, but I'm starving. I don't know what to do. It's only 12:46 and here's all I've eaten.

Date Time Qty Item
1/6/2010 6:00 AM 1 Hard Boiled Egg
1/6/2010 6:00 AM 1 Orange
1/6/2010 6:00 AM 1 30 Oz Water
1/6/2010 7:00 AM 1 12 oz hot chocolate
1/6/2010 7:08 AM 1 spearmint gum
1/6/2010 8:30 AM 1 Banana
1/6/2010 9:25 AM 1 Hard Boiled Egg
1/6/2010 7:00 AM 1 30 Oz Water
1/6/2010 9:00 AM 1 30 Oz Water
1/6/2010 9:35 AM 1 Apple
1/6/2010 11:16 AM 1 6 inch turkey/ham/cheese sub with lettice, tomoatoes, pickeles, olives, green peper and oinion with oil and vinager
1/6/2010 11:30 AM 1 Apple
1/6/2010 8:30 AM 1 Banana
1/6/2010 11:41 AM 1 spearmint gum
1/6/2010 12:30 PM 1 Hard Boiled Egg
1/6/2010 12:00 PM 1 30 Oz Water

I just can't seem to feel full. Any suggestions? Or is this doable to start?
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Protein always makes me feel fuller.....
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Okay....I'm no expert or anything, so this is just my opinion from looking at what you're eating and how often...

It looks like you're eating really small snacks really often. Every time you eat, your metabolism increases (or "wakes up" kind of) to process what you're eating...when you give your body such small portions, it's like a tease and you burn it up really quick and then will be hungry again.

I would say, try to go longer in between those snacks and then make the snacks a little larger. I alternate...some days I eat three meals and three snacks and other days I eat three meals and four snacks...but I try to go 1.5-2 hours at least between each meal and make the snacks substansial (apples and bananas are great snacks...but pretty low cal, so you need to get calories elsewhere.)

Some of the "sturdier", more filling snacks I like are: nuts (all kinds, every kinds), cheese, beef jerky (they make 100 cal packs now!), yogurt and granola.

I hope that helps and make sense! Good luck!
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I eat six meals of equal size every day. I would suggest that approach with a balance of a protein (egg, chicken, tuna), carb (baked potato, sweet potato, rice) and fruits/veggies at each and every meal.

And you probably will be hungry at first, maybe even ravenous for the first three days. But I think folks have done this slowly who do not feel as ravenous. You might want to find out how many calories you need a day to maintain your current weight and then eat 300 calories less than that every day. 3500 calories is equal to a pound of fat. The logic is that if you 3500 fewer calories over the course of week than your body needs, you would lose a pound of fat.
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That IN IT'S ENTIRETY is under 1000 calories... eat more
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Let's see... you've gone from eating a big sugary breakfast, or one with lots of fat (McD's), plus Coke, eating a hard boiled egg and an orange?

Gee whiz! I am no expert or nutritionist or doc, but maybe you should try more of a middle ground there...

For breakfast, how about 2 hard boiled eggs, 2 pieces of whole wheat toast or 1 English muffin, and an orange?

And for a snack mid-morning, two pieces of lowfat string cheese, six Triscuits, and an apple.

For lunch, 6 inch turkey sub with double meat, no ham, no cheese, and the rest of the vegetables and oil/vinegar as you listed it. More fruit as dessert.

Afternoon snack: 1 can of water packed tuna with salsa mixed in, on a low-carb pita bread.

Dinner: 5 ounces lean ground beef (85 or 90 percent lean, cooked), with a side salad (dressing on the side) and a baked potato, no sour cream, butter on the side. (Only dip your fork in the dressing or in the butter before you pick up the salad or some of the potato.)

Evening snack: 1/2 cup yogurt with 1/3 cup blueberries in light syrup (canned, drained) with a drizzle of maple syrup (no more than 1 Tablespoon).

Are you getting the idea?

It sounds to me like you've gone from 60 mph to a brick wall! No wonder you're feeling hungry. I'd be trying to chew off my arm or something!

Also, what's with the 130 ounces of water? Yikes! 80 ounces is plenty for anyone, I think.

Good luck!

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If I eat fruit alone is leaves me ravenous much of the time. I would add in more protein and a little fat, that's what really sticks with you. If you are wanting to do mini meals try to pair a carb/fat/protein at each one, like a banana with some peanut butter and a hard boiled egg or turkey/cheese rollups and an apple. If you eat like that, then you will be eating every 2.5 hours or so. If you'd rather eat less often, then you need to add in larger servings of filling items. Finding out what works best for you will be some trial and error, but you'll get the hang of it!
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Sounds like you have a very supportive co-worker which is wonderful! The first thing that hit me reading your post is that you are drinking all 60 oz of water in one sitting. It is best to drink throughout the day and when you are feeling hungry drink a glass of water first and then try and wait 20 minutes to see if you are still hungry. Or, drink a glass half an hour before you are planning to eat and see if you are still hungry.

In your revised meal plan you are having a lot of fruit - which is high in sugar grams and not having any protein or carbs. I am on the Metabolic Research Center diet and forum but I saw you new post and felt the need to write to you. They have me eating some protein with each meal as that is what keeps you from getting too hungry.

One other idea would be to make smaller changes, look at what you are eating, i.e bannan muffin with butter and try to find a lower calorie, fat, sugar, version of the same thing. That way the changes you are making won't feel so drastic.
Good luck to you.
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You need to fill up your tummy with fresh veggies/fruits/lean protein and fiber. The banana and hard-boiled egg is a good start. If you are still hungry just a bit later, it wasn't enough. Try two eggs (whites only) and two oranges and throw in a piece of high fiber wheat toast. I like to make a little pocket with the mushed up hard-boiled eggs and the toast.

When you are making the switch over from eating the way you were to eating in a more healthful way, you need to choose volume and/or food choice. I chose volume. I would rather find healthy foods that I like to eat in a volume I am used to so I am not hungry than eat foods that I used to but in less smaller quantity. Find fruits and veggies that you like and eat them when you are hungry in any quantity you need. Eventually your tummy will shrink (as all that fiber will fill you up) and you might want to change your tactic again. Don't go hungry.

Keep Going! You are worth it!
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Jay - That actually sounds good. I tried to do 2 hard boiled eggs and an orange this morning, but I didn't want the 2nd egg til later. It didn't take but an hour before I was feeling hungry again. The change in water is what my coworker suggested. He said I'm supposed to be drinking 1/2 my weight in oucnes of water. He's lost a bunch of weight and has a work weight loss program here at work. I'm not full on in the program because I'm not able to do the work outs they do, they are much high level and I've been idle to long.

Heidi - I have the same problem with fruit. I love fruit though. When I need somethign sweet I'm substiuting that, but it does leave me feeling hungry, but satisfies my sweet needs

Helen - Not sitting down in one sitting thats all day. So far today I'm working on my 4th 30 ounce cup of water.

Can anyone suggest some Protien foods that would be good to incorporate.

I also got a major problem with stress eating, and not sure how I'm going to cure that. I was looking over the times again and found those were times my ex started texting. manageing my stress is a whole nother problem. Ugggg. Which is going to have an effect on dieting. I'm going to stick with this I hope this time. I need to. I absolutly hate the way I look. I just used to be so cute, skinny and pretty. Now i'm just a big blob. I have a beautiful little two year old girl and what will her friends start to think with a big blob mom. Also we have lots of horses, and I used to have such a passion for them, but the weight effects the way I ride and I get so descouraged now and gave it all up.
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You have gotten a lot of really good advice here, especially the part about needing to add more filling foods to your diet.

I just want to comment about the water. It is important to stay hydrated, but I don't think drinking a lot of water should be the first step to weight loss.

A lot of people get a lot of extra calories from soda or juice and so switching to water can really help save calories, but we really don't need to drink huge amounts of water in order to lose weight.

I might think about focusing on food related changes-- like no more soda-- first. It really doesn't matter how much water you drink if you don't do the calories properly.
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Where's the vegetables? Dairy? I recommend all the above suggestions but get in all the food groups.
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Well I just started and I get hungry as well as headaches because I decreased my food (caloric) intake tremendously. I eat every 2-2.5 hours. But what helped me is drinking lemon water. It curbs my hunger and keeps me from getting headaches. Like the other poster said eat more filing foods to include fruit and veges, so you will last longer between meals/snacks. Maybe find an eating plan so you can measure how well you are doing. Without a plan you are more likely to fall off.

We can do this.

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You've got some really good advice here. I would also suggest to have some type of good carb (not refiend) with your breakfast (oatmeal, whole wheat toast, something!) because the combination of protien and carb will help keep you full and give you energy.

Also, looking at your menu, it seems you're eating the same thing throughout the day--be careful of this, you might get really bored with that--add some variety! There are so many options of healthy, delicious foods to be eaten!

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I just wanted to pipe in that 130 oz of water daily is INSANE!

I drink 6-9 glasses daily and that works for me.
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