What are you doing to get back on track?

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  • I feel pretty certain that I am not the only one who has gone a wee bit crazy through the Holidays, but as it is winding to an end I am making plans to get back on track and play a little catch up for eating all those peanut butter bon bons Just wondering what everyone else is planning on doing to get back on track? I am starting 30 Day Shred....hopefully I will live through it.

    Happy New Year!
  • Yep, I went a wee bit crazy, too. More than a wee bit, actually. I'm up almost 5 pounds; it can't all be fat but I'm guessing that at least a couple of pounds are. It's a little discouraging to realize how quickly I was able to return to just eating like a machine, even when I knew I should stop.

    So: today the leftover chips, cookies, dip, and everything else are going in the trash. Sadly, there isn't much left because I sucked it up like a vacuum cleaner but whatever's left will go. I am packing a lunch to take to work and am planning to take my gym clothes as well. Today (for the first time in 3 weeks), I will count calories and log them. I need to get back to being focused.
  • Up 3 lbs here...damn...

    I guess I really needed to write down what I was vacuuming in through my mouth! But then that would have made it more real and I would have had to have been accountable. >all said with EXTREME sarcasm!!<

    All right...focus...I am accountable for what I put in my mouth. I am on track and doing good things for me!
  • I got all of the junk out of the house
  • Yup, I shuffed some leftovers off on my husband and got the sugary stuff o of the house, to be eaten by someone else or more slowly by my kids. I also never stopped logging, except Christmas dinner (I still approximated) and so I never got out of the habit of continued accountability.

    My success, as always, simply hinges on brutal honest with myself. Every meal I just have to strive for healthy portions of healthy food. Now that the junk is gone it is back to business as usual
  • Making sure I bike EVERY day even though I am sick. And I just started doing a couple sets of wall push ups and crunches every other day to gear up for my strength training program I will start in a week.
  • Starting on Thanksgiving until Christmas Day, I was WAY off the bandwagon. It was because the holidays are just me and my mom and we cook way too much food for left overs. I was basically eating a Thanksgiving dinner almost everyday for a week and gained about 10 pounds. I'm back on track, and there are Christmas dinner leftovers but we FROZE them and it's too much of a hassle for me to thaw any of the potatoes out. I'm eating much better and I feel a lot better and excited to be back on track!
  • Well - ridding the house of sweets is number one for me. I have a list of things I will aim for each day (planning food, lots of water, journal food & feelings, eat with TV off, fork down between bites, meditation etc.) I don't know if I can do every one thing - but, I will aim for it.
  • Back in track today (monday)...
    Was OP during the whole day... going to the gym and just keep going until...

    New Years Eve...
    and then get back on track again...
  • I came home lol!!!! Seriously though we travelled 12 hours to be with my in-laws and left all the junky food there! I am planning on sticking to my "walk away the pounds" drinking lots of water to flush sodium and sticking to plan LIKE GLUE even over New years eve!
  • Not so much a "Get back on track after Christmas!" deal for me, but today I splurged a bit.

    Ate 3 pieces of chocolate, a king size bag of peanut m&ms, and drank a 32 oz. Dr. Pepper.

    I'm just being totally zen about it, though. Like I always say, we're human and we make mistakes...if we didn't do the latter, the former would no longer be true, lol. Not to mention, stressing out makes it worse, if because of nothing else, stress causes weight gain!

    Tomorrow is a new day, and I'll do better tomorrow. Each day is a learning experience, and this is going to take my whole life.
  • When I get back from my NYE mini holiday, I'm going to keep an accurate food journal, count calories, meal plan before hand, and because of my insane schedule.... i'll be cooking the food the day before! My schedule requires me to be insanely organized, well-planned, and disciplined.

    For exercise, I will be hitting the gym for BodyPump 3x a week and then other classes (BodyCombat, Body Attack, or BodyStep) 3x a week too. Monday's I will have to exercise at home. I will try to do some stretching and gentle exercise at home too in the evening when my food temptation is at its peak.

    Aside from the excerise, the above I rarely did to lose my 80lbs. I just ate healthy and packed a lunch/snacks. I didn't always record what I ate and the portions of it. I often had treats too. .... so in order to lose the next 50lbs, I know I must really kick up the game and be ACCOUNTABLE.
  • I'm just glad it's only Christmas once a year!!

    My mother made me eat _alot_ (I love her; she cooks and loves me.), and so on monday it was back to my Low-Everything-Diet and some VLC (very low cal) shakes! And going to the gym, of course! ;D
  • Less food, more exercise. Pushing myself to work harder. I will lose this weight, even if I have to keep shaking myself off.
  • SO so so off track for the last couple of weeks, but rather than feel guilty about it, I just enjoyed it. Cause really, it WAS fun. I'm not even sure how much damage I've done (afraid to look)!! My clothes at least are still as loose as they were a few weeks ago.

    Now I'm back at work and back into my routine of healthy eating and elliptical workouts. I'll weigh in New Year's Day and see how much real catching up I'll need to do!