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Angry Back....again! I don't want to do the stereotypical New Year's Resolution

So I am back again, to recommit myself before the ubiquitous "New Year's Resolution". I really need just a few seconds to whine about "poor me" and then I'll suck it up and re-dedicate myself to getting healthy.

I used to come here every day and had a nominal success. I loved the camraderie and support! I am a very emotional eater, over eater, etc. Food has been my best friend for the last 20 years of bad relationships, flirtation with drugs, alcohol and sexual acting out. Like a lot of people I come from a family of dysfunctional people. I have overcome a lot and am really on a path to a much better life (great job, healthy friendships, a man that treats me like a queen, a new shih tzu puppy, 8 overnights a month with my son) but can't seem to get the grip on the overeating.

When I stopped posting here in Feb, I had just got fired from my job, lost custody of my son(didn't see him for 3 months) in a years long custody fight, ended a bad relationship, found a new better job....etc. Blah. One big excuse to eat! Eating to celebrate, eating to fill the void in my heart, eating for something to do, eating just because the clock says breakfast, lunch, dinner.

And eat I did. I haven't checked to see what weight I was when I left here but I am sure I was around 240. I was in snug size 20 jeans and now graduated to 24's. I am now over 270 and at this moment so ridiculously overstuffed from Christmas that I really wish momentarily for bulimia (no disrespect intended). I way overdid it at my co-worker's multi-ethnic Christmas party, eating Pakistani, Puerto Rican and Filipino food. I ate so much that I feel like I can't take a deep breath. Darnit!

I can't do this anymore. I want to stop and get a grip on this one last weird part of my life. I've often felt smug when I'm around "addicts". I used to drink A LOT, use drugs quite a bit and found validation in fairly anonymous sex and have stopped ALL of that. I felt smug that atleast I wasn't an addict. I could control myself unlike true addicts. I guess I really didn't so much heal from the other mini-addictions I 've had, I've just traded one for the others. (I call them mini-addictions because I've never lost a days work, crashed my car, got a dui, been arrested, am able to hold down a Professional type job etc..probably just a form of denial)

I am hopeful after checking in on Onderchick and CFmama. I know if regular girls like you can do it, I can to. Thanks for listening.

I'm back and now re-dedicated.
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Welcome back. There are some very inspirational ladies here. Sometimes the big goal seems so big as to be unattainable. A marathoner finishes by putting one foot in front of the other. This is achievable too but bite by bite.
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Welcome back, Michelle! You definitely don't have to be a stereotypical Resolutioner. I, too, started right around New Year's but in 2009. I had made countless resolutions before but never really stuck with them. Despite that, I stuck with it last year so I know that you can, too. It sounds like you've had a year of ups and downs, and you're right-- you can do this.

Remember: You do not have to be perfect at this. If you make good, healthy decisions most of the time, then you're way further ahead than before. You can do this!
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I really dislike stereotypical New Year's resolutions. You tend to make a lot of unrealistic goals. I'm sorry to hear about your recent troubles.

Hugs x x
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Never want to go back!
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Welcome back and good luck to you!
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Loving life!!
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Welcome back Michelle!
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Glad you're back
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Never surrender
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welcome back, Michelle!

it never helps me to think in terms of NY resolutions, I try to put my blinders on, and stick to my plan as best I can day to day, and learn from my mistakes. I see the successes here, tell myself ok, it can be done, I only need to stick to it and work to improve.
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Welcome back. New Year's Resolutions--I have been thinking about them too for sometime.
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Oh ETA--it sounds like you have been quite an ordeal. My thoughts are with you and I am so very, very glad things are looking up!
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Welcome back. You are one strong woman.
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Thank you all for your care and support. I have contacted Over-eaters Anonymous and have looked into online meetings for support. I realize I need to DO something about my overeating. Ignoring it obviously hasn't helped!

Here's to a health-ier 2010.
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Finding my wings...
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I really identify with you on a lot of the things you said. As you went through with the drinking, the drugs, and the sexual acting out... I did too. Not to mention the food and eating problems. I was at such a low point in my life a few years ago it wasn't even funny.... years of abusing my body in those ways had taken a toll on my body. I felt like I was 24 going on 40. *sigh* So, finally, I shaped up all that and quit it. Except for the eating and the food. I had gotten my life on track, and in control... but for some reason it felt like an empty success cos I couldn't even control my own body and weight.

Finally, though, I took control of even that. I told myself "No more failure" and I DID IT. And you can too. Just as you were determined to quit all that other stuff that was nothing but emotional, physical, and mental drainage to you..... you can make yourself determined to fix this and succeed too! And it seems like you're WELL on your way! So go, lady, and conquer! You've already done so much... you can rock this!
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Welcome back Michelle. I'm looking forward to seeing many more of your posts here.
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Welcome back

I'm going to say a controversial thing but here goes: don't let go of your best friend.

As a fellow food lover, I can say a lot about the good effects of food to my emotional well-being. But the point is: I'm not judging here but in general, you don't have to eat unhealthy foods in a huge amount to be happy. You can find good food, great food, and be healthy and lose weight at the same time. Moderation and control, perhaps, is the second and third best friend to accompany you and your best friend together.

And working out, but I'm still working out on that too.

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