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Default Tis the season...

How are you all doing during the "dark times" of Christmas/ Hannukah/ New Years? This is always particularly challenging because of the food, parties, and cold weather.

I'm actually up a little bit from the lowest I've seen on the scale. My sig is incorrect as right now I'm back around 252. Since November, I've been pretty much treading water to stay afloat but I guess that is okay.
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Awe, these aren't dark times! Just a really big challenge.

I'm trying to make it about one day and not a free-for-all for the entire month. So far, so good. But Christmas day and the next day are going to be difficult given the menu my SIL just laid out last night.

Keep treading!
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OMG!!! I am having such a hard time trying to stay OP! To help out I had my birthday last week and I am going on Vacation on the first 2 weeks of January. I am already counting with some weight gain....
But I won’t stress out and will live a little... I will deal with the mess whenever I am back from vacation... I’ll so need the support from all you guys.
For now I am trying as hard as I can to be on plan during the weekdays, so maybe the harm will be less bad
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Hi Matt!

I was wondering where you'd been! Treading water is okay. It's the sinking into old habits that'll hurt you.

I'm less done in by parties (don't go to many) and cold weather (CA is pretty nice these days - gorgeous today) and food seems to be going okay (except a rough latke encounter last week that didn't seem to do any damage thankfully). But this time of year bums me out a bit, so I'll be happy when January comes...
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I'm challenged a bit by the yummy foods, trying to allow myself a little...but still stay within calorie limits.

I'm more challenged by the cold weather and darkness....I'm feeling like I really want to hibernate. It's tough to get to the gym. So I'm very glad that DH and I got ourselves a Wii and Wii Fit as an early Christmas present. That's at least getting me moving.
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I'm a bit like C.C., I just want the holidays to be over. Food hasn't been too tempting but getting enough exercise is kinda hard because it's sooooo cold outside and I'm stuck working out inside (I much prefer to walk/run outside rather than inside). Christmas will be a challenge but probably not too hard since I'm not spending the day at my house so no 'bad' food will cross my door. Can't wait till January and this darn holiday stuff is over!
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It has more of a challenge this year for me than last year. Everyone saw that I was losing weight and saw how serious I was about it....I had no pressure from them with food! This year is a whole other story. My family now sees me so close to goal and think it's time for me to start eating "normally" again, ugh no!

As long as I can maintain it'll be all good
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That has to be hard Tanee. This is my first Christmas since I began my 'lifestyle change' and my family understands and supports that I'm trying to lose weight and get healthy. I can't imagine what next year will be like trying to maintain (**crossing my fingers** hopefully I'll be at that point) and having my family 'forget' that my lifestyle change wasn't just to lose weight, but was a new way of living. Stay strong & good luck!
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I'm trying but not being overly successful. My parents know I'm dieting but haven't given me many options that are healthy here.

I'll continue to just keep trying and be fully-prepared to stick to plan perfectly when i get back home. Its a journey, right?
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Eh I'm doing my best- my mom came down for thanksgiving and since I hadn't had her cooking in years I was off my diet- overall I've gained three lbs back since then and now I'm just trying to maintain till the holidays are over! Then it's back on track- I'm so sick of parties and cookies and rich food to be honest. This Christmas we are going to his aunt's house and hopefully that is the end of this holiday food fiasco lol.

If 3 lbs is all I end up gaining after the holiday then I'm not upset- I can take those off again
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I am with all of you who said that they'll be glad when Christmas is over. I love the holiday, but I also miss the routine of normal days. I've been doing ok, but I could do without the constant temptation from all of the goodies we get here at work. Annoying. (Especially since they are on the table outside of my cubicle...) I only have 2 more days to work and then I'm off for a week. If they are still here when I get back, I will wholesale them into the trash.

I had a little knee injury so that has put me back some in my workouts. I'm a little apprehensive as to how the gym will be in January when everyone tries to get back on track. I like to be able to get a bike for spin class. Might have to get there earlier.

We will survive though!!
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Eating the way I want to not a problem for me, but this time of year is really messing with my exercise plan. My favorite exercise of the week is long Sunday hikes which I've missed now for 5 weeks either due to schedule confilicts or heavy rain. Second favorite is Saturday swim, which I've not been able to do twice (once because of schedule and once because pool too crowded to get a lap lane). This week I'm covering someone at work on vacation so can't take lunch time walks. So the only workouts I get right now are gym cardio machines. Oh well, at least I'm moving somehow. And I'll enjoy the gym time before the January onslaught when they have to limit our time due to the crowds!
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OMG I feel you with the workouts- hubby and I used to bike ride on weekends- this hasn't happened since thanksgiving- either we are busy OR the day we want to go it's pouring!
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Well, I love the holidays and most of our traditions have been food centered. I was really good at Thanksgiving. But, the salt, and Off Plan foods made my gain water that it took 2 weeks to shed. But, I did let it go. I have vowed not to partake of anything that is so off plan that I can't account for it. I am cooking and am still going to measure and log everything. So, I have informed my sister in law that we will be walking everyday during her visit. I also expect to continue to lose up until Jan 1 and beyond.

At this point, my biggest challenge is going to be the New Year. I will no longer be able to spend 2 hours a day at the gym at my leisure. I am going to have to work out in the afternoons after long days in the classroom. I am now looking at group exercise schedules and ways to make sure that I don't pass the gym without working out. So, I AM happy that I am not starting from scratch this NEW YEAR! I already know what I have to be done and I have already seen results. No excuse to stop now! I'm ready.

*Goal: 50 in 2009, 50 in 2010*
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Romance diva has a good point. You are so close to goal that maybe friends and family are expecting that you can eat "normally." A lot of my parties have been at restaurants where I could look at the menu ahead of time and find a choice that fit my plan. The aunt someone getting hurt because you won't eat her specialty dish is another animal. Were nearing the home stretch. One meal at a time. No, one bite at a time.

Last edited by lovemyboy; 12-22-2009 at 07:59 PM. Reason: Edited to add that now that the solstice has passed we will be getting a bit more sunlight each day. :)
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