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Default oy oy oy whieeee yay etc *plonk*

Hi there 100lb-clubbers, this is the latest installment of the bizzarrity that is Salsa's life.

Today it started snowing here. Cue muchness of excitement on my part; where I grew up snow was a rarity as we usually had really mild winters. So every time The White Stuff arrives - and it's pretty much an annual thing here - Salsa gets all excited.

Signalling the advent of Really Cold Weather as snow does, I was inspired to re-find a hat to keep my head and ears warm (everyone, including me, cycles a lot here, so personal warmth is important!). Specifically, the hat I bought in Switzerland last February, with the Swiss cross emblazoned proudly on the front. Very tacky, very touristy, very warm

I fish it out and plonk it on my head. Then I look in the mirror...and in an abnormally short space of time decide to take a photo of myself and upload it as my new Facebook pic. I say "abnormally short" because the normal process is of seeing a photo of myself, debating with myself (often for days) as to what I think of it, submitting it and the prospect of uploading it to Fb to at least two other people, and then finally doing so. It can take the better part of a week. This happened in a matter of minutes.

And someone commented on it saying, "Are you getting younger? You look younger."


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LOL, fun story.
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awww! So cute! This brought a smile to my face
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Yay, Salsa!!!!!
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