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Default It's been awhile (Old Timer back again).

Hi all,

It's been a long year for me. I haven't had the time to think about weight loss. Work and school and more work. It's pretty terrible. I think my priorities are all wrong so I am ready to reevaluate and start over again.

I could use a hug. Or better yet, a tried and true support system that's always ready to accept people back into the fold. Oh yeah, that's you!

So let's hear it from some old timers -- after a stint off the wagon how did you reinvigorate your plan, how did you jump-start your weight loss and get your motivation back?

Glad to be back,

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Hey Jessica, glad to see you again!
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Never want to go back!
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Hi Jessica! Good to see you back!

Argh, the jumpstart... Is there anything harder? Unfortunately, I seem to find a lot of my early motivation in the panic that surrounds nothing in my closet fitting, the horror of having gained back everything I lost and more, and feeling like crap. Why I have to reach rock bottom to realize I deserve more and need to take care of myself better, I don't know. But that's for another therapy session. Anyway, I started by coming back here. Then for me it was a matter of stringing together a few good days to remind myself what it felt like to eat well. Then I built on the fact that I clearly know what to do and hey, I'm doing it, and what do you know I feel better!

You've so impressed me over the years with your confidence and your joyful take no prisoners approach to living your life to the fullest that I know you know you deserve your own care when it comes to food and your body. I have no doubt you'll find your groove again soon!

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Welcome back, Jessica and good luck with your goals.

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Want to feel better
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Hi Jessica ~ welcome back. You can do it
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Wanted to say Welcome back!! Keep going you CAN do this!!
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beautiful on the inside:P
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Hi there and welcome back! Certainly I have also missed your interesting posts and approach to life. As for myself, I think I am still trying to jumpstart Ah well, I can be the tortoise for a while instead of the hare.... As long as I don't turn into the elephant

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Shrinkin' Salsa :P
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I remember you! Welcome back!
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Hi. I'm new here; only a couple of months. I Know it's hard to start over; god knows I've done it many, many times. But, in the end what are the choices? It's human nature to believe it will be different this time. And guess what? Sometimes it really is. So, that is what motivates me. I try not to fall into Dr. Phil's category of the person who does the same thing over and over and expects different results. I hope that this time I finally realize this is not a diet but the way I'm going to eat the rest of my life. And I've designed my diet to be something I can live with in all the years to come. And, for me, not everybody, but for me, I have decided that I am not "normal" when it comes to eating, psychologically or physically, and with that curse I have to somehow go on. I had to come to terms with going on a diet and never morphing into one of the women I see on TV or in magazines. Or even in the grocery store. I have a permanent problem and when I forget that and think I can approach food like anyone else, I gain it all back. This is the only place I can go and see success and the daily trials and tribulations of trying to overcome food addiction.

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Hi Jessica...I am new here...but welcome back! It sounds like you got great support from here before so I hope all of us can help you achieve those goals again!
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Hi Jessica and welcome back!
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Loving life!!
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Welcome back Jessica!
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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Hi Jessica, welcome back! I remember your smiling face very well !!! As for the jump-start, I guess coming back HERE was the best idea
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Well look who it is!!!

You know I have been here forever!!! I started over again 2 weeks ago. I think you just need to move it up on your priorities list. What motivates me is reading the success stories here, getting tips and readu\ing blogs of people who are doing it!

So glad to see you back!!!!
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You know, I still think of you and your posts about hiking and climbing whenever I start thinking I can't do something just because I'm not at goal. I never told you that back then, but you have always been an inspiration for me. It's nice to see you back.

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