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Unhappy Burrrrrr!!!!!

Ok--I live in Orange County, it's hardly cold here...(about 50 degrees at night and 75-80 degrees during the day). I'M FREEZING! All the time! What is going on? Especially my feet, hands, and face. I must attribute it to the weight loss...but I feel frozen to the bone like when I lived in Michigan! Is anyone else experiencing this? I thought at first it was just from the fat loss...but I haven't lost THAT much and it's not like I'm skinny (yet!)! lol. Any suggestions? Am I nutritionally deficient in something? (I take a 1-a-day). Help! =)
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I am MUCH colder these days than I used to be. In the past I was always the one who was burning up, but now I'm freezing all the time, even when bundled up. There was a thread here not that long ago about this side effect of weight loss, lots of people to commiserate with!

ETA -- Here it is:

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StellarGirl, me too, and I'm not far from you.

Part of it I think is the blasted air-conditioning. The hotter it is outside, the colder it is inside - as if when it's 80 degrees out we want to be 65 inside, and if it's 90 degrees out, well we must want to be 60 degrees inside.

I think I'm going to have to give up my cold drinks for a while

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I feel the same way- lately I'm always cold and my mom is like what's wrong with you- it's NOT cold!!
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Same here and I am definitely a lot fluffier than you all!
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I'm freezing all the time. My bones get cold. One good thing about it is that I've learned to move around a lot to warm up. My hubby and kids laugh at me, but it helps. I figure I'm staying warmer and burning more calories by bouncing around. I also love the cute gloves in so many pretty colors!
Oh, and I'm in Northern CA and it isn't really that cold here either.

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Have you ever had your thyroid checked? Being cold is a symptom of Hypothyroidism.
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Never want to go back!
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I'm in OC too and I agree it's been really cold when the sun goes down. I think it's the fact that it wasn't a gradual cool down that made it feel so bone chilling to us weather wimps. I've got two dogs that are not happy being inside or outside - they want to be in both places (sometimes laying over the threshold to ensure the door remains open). So I tend to have the back door open until I go to bed and it's freezing in my house! Not even woolly slippers, sweatshirts, etc. seem to help. Anywho, just commiserating with you - it's cold at night by our standards. Close to 80 the next few days though, so soak it up!

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Girl - don't sell yourself short - 43 lbs is a lot of weight to lose! Congrats on that!

I feel like I get colder and colder every week, haha. But it's also winter here & apparently this is going to be a cold, wet one! I'd loovveeee to be in CA!
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Sometimes in the winter I wear a hat DH laughs at me...
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I've begun sleeping in pjs, long socks and a great big hoodie zipped up on top.
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Where are your calories? If you're not eating enough, you metabolism may be reducing your body temperature to conserve energy.
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I have the same problem. For me, it's just the fact that I literally am colder- my body is getting used to fewer calories and therefore using less energy naturally, so my average temperature has dropped from 99.5 to about 97.5. I hate it, I'm always freezing. The only things I've found that help are extra, extra layers and hot showers.

Also, I don't have a thyroid or nutritional problem. My doc says it's just a drop in metabolism that comes from losing so much weight.

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I am freezing all the time. It is the weight loss.

Keep warm!

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Originally Posted by Jldsgirl View Post
Have you ever had your thyroid checked? Being cold is a symptom of Hypothyroidism.
I agree about having your thyroid checked. This is one of the first things that happened to me when my thyroid was going. I was around 210 at the time, so I certainly should have had enough "insulation" to keep me warm, but it didn't. I was freezing often (and I'm a Vermonter, so I'm used to the cold).

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