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Cool Restart stalls and looking like a blueberry!

I'm sure most of us have restarted, gotten back on track, refocused, etc... a time or two on our journey.

Have you all noticed that each time you "re-start" after getting off track that your weightloss is slower, even if just at first? It seems to be that way for me. I've read that anytime you switch your eating habits from good to bad, that it messes up your metabolism. Has anyone else noticed this?

Also, I am just getting over bronchitis and I had to take some oral steriods for a week. I am SUPER bloated, and just swollen everywhere, especially in the upper stomach. My weight is pretty evenly spread out over my body and I've always had a "dent" in my stomach at about belly button height. I think this is due to being overweight when I was a kid and having my pants cut in to my belly. My "dent" is right at my pants line. i even had a square looking belly while pregnant.

Anywho, this results in the upper half of my dent looking huge since the steriods. It's like twice the normal size! It's been 2 weeks since the steriods and it's not going down. How long does this take and is there anything I can do to speed it along? I feel like Violet who turned into a blueberry in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!
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Yeah, this is my 3rd time (re)starting, and it really feels a lot slower...I think part of it at least for me is that I'm not as driven this time as I was the two other times--this time it's kinda like "been there, done that" and so I'm not as dedicated, and I mess up more. I'm hoping that this is a good thing--weird, I know. But even though it's going so much slower this time, I've stuck with it longer than I have before--normally I've given up once the semester got started, or got hectic.

I'd start making excuses for not making healthy meals, kinda stay on track, but by October, I'd be out, back to my old unhealthy ways. This time it's almost Thanksgiving, and I'm trucking away! I now find it kinda relaxing to come home after a stressful day and cook myself a nice meal that actually feeds me, instead of just filling me. Before that caused me too much stress.

Slowly but surely. I've never "had" to worry about eating during the holiday before--this will be something new at least!
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hand to mouth disease?
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Have you talked to your dr. about taking a mild diuretic?

I take one because I have a benign growth that sits under my bra strap (even though I'd lost 25 pounds AND bought a bigger bra) and I get fluid retention (bloat) especially during TOM in my midsection that makes that growth very painful. When I take that pill, it has a wonderful side effect - makes my ankles thinner, my fingers thinner, my feet are not swollen, and I don't gain 5 pounds for TOM...PLUS it works in the way my doctor INTENDED which means that my torso doesn't swell, putting pressure on the growth and my garment.

I have tried the ones you can buy over the counter (Diurex - I think they are caffeine) and they don't work for me at all in the same way.
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Yea, your body often needs to go through an adjustment period when you make any big changes... I've been adding more exercise into my schedule in recent weeks and I've noticed a slow down in my weight loss as well.
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