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Default The upside of middle-age weight loss

Maybe I should be posting this in the 40-somethings or even the 50+ now that I've just passed that milestone, but not sure it applies unless you're in the 100 lb club so here goes...

So many friends my age are bemoaning their bodies aging and/or now having to start daily cholesterol or BP meds.

But every month my body is getting younger in appearance and abilities due to weight loss and the behavoiurs that got me there such as daily exercise and eating right.

So even though the process is way slower than it was in my 20s, the payoff seems so much better!

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Congratulations on learning such an important lesson !
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I could not agree more. Every day I feel better and better and I'll be 52 very soon. My strength and stamina are amazing - even to me.
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That is so awesome What an incredible way to look at it!
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That is awesome!
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On a break with Baby #5
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Congratulations on your improved health!
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Hey Caryesings....

I've had the exact same thought MANY times!

I definitely feel like I'm getting younger just when other women my age (48) think they're getting older.

I feel more like my self of my early thirties than I have in the last ten years.
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Awesome - I agree -- I feel better now than I did at 20!
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Thank you for posting this.....I SO needed to hear it!

I am feeling recharged to drop another 20 pounds of fat. My body does not willingly cooperate - I've been dancing up and down the same 10 pounds this entire year. It's time to crank it up and get 'er done.
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caryesings, I'm going to be 43 next week, and one of my big motivators for dropping 50 pounds is that my blood pressure is just going up and up. I hate the idea of just taking pills for it, when I know good and well that my extra 50 pounds is a big part of what causing my high blood pressure. I'm looking forward to getting healthier, too.
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3 + years maintaining
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Oh can I ever relate to this. I turned 46 last week. And I've NEVER felt (or looked ) better. It's a great feeling knowing that we're taking care of our bodies at SUCH a crucial time, no less. Everyone's talking about all these new aches and pains and issues and I've got just the reverse thing happening!

Congratulations and wishing you continued success!
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I agree so much, I really feel younger, than the number of candles on my BD cake say I am. I just turned the big 50, and I honestly don't feel my age, I'm not on any medication. My back no longer hurts, my hips don't ache, from lugging 90plus pounds around. Exercise is fun!! Nothing is more motivational than seeing the scale, or inches melting away.

I could go on and on....also logging on 3fc has helped me in more ways than ever. If I'm ever having a poor me, pity party, I just read a couple of posts, and realize I'm not alone, and this is just a small bump on my very long journey!!
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Great reminder for this 54 year old!

I am on bp meds - but on fewer than this time last year, thanks to weightloss. Now to try even harder. Thanks for the good thought.
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Really maintaining now!
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This really resonates with me, too. I'm fitter, slimmer and more attractive and energetic at 42 than I was at 32 or even 22. Of course I wish I'd got my act together earlier, but there's a lot to be said for self-improvement in your middle years, because, well, I can't speak for anybody else, but the huge boost to my self-confidence and overall attitude couldn't have come at a time when I needed it more. For a lot of reasons, the last five years or so have been very hard on me, and instead of giving up and sinking deeper into depression and obesity, I went in the other direction, and the rewards have been stunning.
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I've just lately started to appreciate how good I look and feel at 48. I'm kind of going through another asthma thing again, but last year at this time? I was coughing non-stop. I could barely breathe. I was so fat I was busting out of my size 18 stretch jeans...the seams were literally splitting.

So I was thinking about this the other day as I was shimmying into my current (much smaller) jeans. I feel SO much better. I look so much better. I'm fortunate that my weight hadn't started to affect my blood pressure yet; I suppose I can consider it a victory that it is still low as I enter middle age.

And it's only been 10.5 months ago that I felt so horrible, so crappy, so depressed and hopeless over being so unhealthy and overweight. I would not have dreamed that a matter of months would bring such a drastic change in how I feel.
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