Gym NSV!

  • After my grandma noticing and complimenting me on my weight loss last weekend I've been loving off it all week, but yesterday I was back to feeling a little down again...
    Then I went to the gym this morning and a girl I see there most days when I go was on the next machine when I got on the cardio wave. As I was getting myself setup she said hi and asked if I knew how much weight I'd lost. I told her approx 35lbs and she said that she had seen me almost everyday and could really tell!
    To receive a compliment from someone who is obviously so fit and a long time gym goer was really great for me, and made me realise that maybe people really are starting to notice now!
    The next test will be a visit from DH's mum and nan tomorrow, after not seeing them for 3 months. I'm betting they don't say a word.... Long story....
  • When you are overweight a lot of people just put you in the "fat" category and stop thinking about it; and, it's not until you lose a lot that they are forced to notice. When I lost 130lbs years ago no one noticed or said a word until I had lost 60lbs. Your grandma noticed because she loves you and is more in touch with you. I did have someone at the gym notice but I think that's because of the context. My mother wouldn't say anything, ever; she's just like that. My dad, now gone, would always notice. Personally, I'm the self-referring type and I actually don't like it when people say anything. Maybe I just don't like it that they are looking at me that closely when I don't know it. Ha. I'm just a kind of private person. You are doing great so look in the mirror and give yourself a big congratulations for all the fat no longer there.
  • Congrats!
  • Oohh I bet that felt so good! Congrats on your success so far!!
  • My sis-in-law is like that very fit gym goer & is always encouraging. Who knows, maybe that lady had lost a lot of weight in her past, too? Anyway, no matter how much weight you've lost, people can recognize hard work & dedication. Congratulations - and give grandma an extra hug, she seems like a sweetie.
  • That was very nice of her and I am glad that you got to experience and hear that! Always good for an ego boost
  • Boy, that's a good one! Hearing from someone who sees you every day and notices means there is a lot to notice!!
  • That is awesome!!! I would love to have someone notice sometimes without me having to tell htem lol