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Default Clothing and Picture NSV

Well, I finally decided I had to clean out my closet. Went through and tried on a bunch of clothes.... I have A LOT of 3xs 24s and 22s-- some of it really nice professional clothes....

But, they really don't fit anymore. But I JUST COULDN'T imagine I really used to be that big. Even though six months ago most of those clothes were too small.

But then, I found some pictures of myself wearing the exact same clothes that I had just put in the Goodwill pile. I really looked huge. Now, those clothes are way too big.

Even better-- I went out for coffee with a friend who told me that a mutual friend had seen me and wasn't sure it was me!

It's starting to sink in that almost 60 pounds really is a BIG DIFFERENCE.

Still can't imagine what the next 60 pounds might bring!
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WTG -- it is such a kick *** feeling! You earned feeling that great! Congrats!
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That's wonderful! woo hoo!
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Awesome!! I am now a size 6 ( was down to a 4 but gained back a few lbs) and I used to be a 16-18. I really couldn't believe the difference in the sizes and was almost 'shocked' with how big i used to be..or how big i let myself get.

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60 lbs IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE! You are seeing that! Great job!
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Congrats! 60 pounds is an awesome accomplishment! Keep it up!
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Awesome, you are doing so great! I can't wait to experience those same joys!!! Keep up the good work!

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That's the best!

I need to follow your lead and clean out my closets. Even though most of what's in there doesn't fit, there is something kind of scary about having an empty closet and knowing I don't really want to buy new clothes since I'm not done. Hmmm. Quandry.
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Well done!!! That really is amazing. I guess about half of the things in my closet now are too big, but I'm too scared to take them to the charity shop yet in case this is "just another loss, only to gain later" which has happened lots of times. I do feel different this time and am losing the weight totally differently, but it's still so scary.
I really need some new clothes but am scared to do that as well as I know I've still got so far to go and I don't want to spend a lot of money for things that hopefully will also be too big before long.
But I think it must be liberating to part with those clothes, so maybe I'll start with one item a week?
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Way to go! That is uber cool! Congrats!
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Yay! Congrats!
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I'm really happy for you! the clothes and pics bring it home in such a concrete way!
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