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Wink Okay... confess me hearties...

How DID YOU DO on Halloween???

I did eat ONE chocolate bar last night. A teeny wonderbar. It was... not worth the 50 calories I also ate FAR too much meat/cheese crackers at my mothers house. Why? Because I didn't eat dinner (planned to eat there) and then we SAT AT THE TABLE where the food was! Now I didn't go over calories by too much... but I know better.

Today? no chocolate, no chips. 5 small Rolo type fruit candies. Ug. I counted them in my calories but once again ... not worth it.

So this week it's breaking the simple carb/sugar addiction again with STRICTNESS.

So how did YOU do?
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I didn't eat any candy or junk.
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I ate a couple of mini milky ways the night before, a couple of starburst the day of, a couple of mini milky ways the night of, and then we had a ton of kids so I ran out of candy which solved the "what do I do with the leftovers" issue for me.

I didn't do anything out of control, it didn't trigger anything for me (I was kinda surprised I wasn't fighting cravings afterwards), and I was within my calorie requirements for each day. I really consider the ability to eat a couple of starburst and stop, or two mini milky ways and stop, a real victory for me. I know a lot of people here feel that if you still eat stuff like that at all, ever, you are doing it wrong/you are not truly dedicated. However, I like those things and I enjoy eating them sparingly so I am glad I did it without incident.

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i did...ok. lol
I had saved 320 calories...I had one vodka/soda and kept snacking on spicy chex mix. I also had a handful of fat free kettle corn and one bite of chocolate/grapefruit tart. I think i stayed relatively close to my 320 calories and I didn't have ONE piece of chocolate! yay!
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Not as bad as last Still pretty bad though. Last year I always bought two stashes of candy, one to eat leading up to Halloween, and one to hand out. At least this year I only ate total 10 mini-candy bars over the course of 3 days, but I learned it wasn't worth it...I would have enjoyed one or two much more because they would have been REAL treats, instead of something I just shoved in my mouth without thinking about it.
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Hubby and I did better than we ever have. Trick-or-treating was from 5pm - 7pm.

At 7:25, we divided the remaining candy into ziploc bags and went reverse trick-or-treating to our friends' homes (those with kids), dropping off candy for each of the households.

We still have a small bag of candy for us, and I did use one of my carbohydrate exchanges to have a pomegranate tootsie pop (really good)
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I had a good breakfast, toasted PB+J english muffin sandwich.

then brussel sprouts...

then things went a little south:

2.5 muffins (a new Splenda recipe i was trying), a spritz cookie from my cousin and a reeces cup from my BFF.

Then we ate Pizza and breadsticks from Dominos and an energy drink before going to Knotts Scary Farm.

At Knotts i had a smoothie (not too bad )

then, after that i had a donut and a iced coffee from 7 11

I went a little less then 900 calories over my budget... but after walking for almost 5 hours, i don't feel bad about it.

id normally do A LOT worse, without all the walking...
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My best estimate is that I went about 800 calories over budget. Yikes! I knew I was headed for trouble when I went to open the bag of candy at about 4 PM. I ate several pieces then, and then ate several more a little later....and several more a little later. So yeah, it wasn't pretty. But today was back on plan and I'm 46 calories under budget for today. I walked/jogged this morning and then again this evening for a total of about 3.5 miles. All in all, it wasn't great but it wasn't horrible, either.

I sent the rest of the candy with my son when he went to Youth Group tonight. So that's good--it's GONE.
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2 mini packs of mike and ikes...

and today at my 15k I had 3 mini snickers and later in the day a pack of pocky.

Not my finest weekend but could have been worse!
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I didn't have anything, but it's not really a challenge... I live very rural, so no trick or treaters to worry about (and hence no candy purchased). I always keep a $10 bill handy for the first intrepid kid who actually makes his way down my looonnnngggg, dark driveway through the trees and past the dogs, etc.... if he/she ever turns up, she deserves a bit more than a crappy piece of candy!!
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Non. Nada. Candy isn't my thing anyway. If I was on death row for my last meal I would ask for boiled pinto beans with fresh chopped onion on top with lots of catsup, and a huge piece of cornbread with butter, crumbled on top. One day I am going to eat that again. I just put it off one day at a time.

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I did great on Halloween! No chocolate...nothing off plan. was the night before that got me! haha. I drank a whole bottle of wine and drunkenly chose to eat those 6 mini snickers and twix! I worked out hard the next day though and surprisingly was down another pound. =)
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Did not go over my calories for the day, but did have a mini peppermint patty, 60 calories and 2gms fat, it was sooooo worth it. I made that candy last a good long time, enjoying every tiny bite.
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i had a mini dairy milk bubbly. it was 60 calories, and i had it built into my day. my husband hid the remaining trick or treat stuff and took it to work with him today. but in all honesty, i wasnt too tempted. i was just afraid i would pick at it while i waited for dinner to cook or something! i'm lucky that my son didnt go trick or treating this year cos he is too little. next year wont be so easy!
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