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Default Jogging/Running First Time - Advice Please

I've been on my weight loss journey for almost 3 months now and am really pleased to say that my fitness has improved a LOT from going to the gym 5 times plus a week and doing cardio and a little strength training.
Currently I do 15mins on the treadmill at a speed of 5.7k an hour, at a gradient of 5%. The thing is that I have it in my head that one day soon I want to be able to jog/run. For a lot of years I've had a dream of running the London Marathon one day (I know, I'm mad!) I don't know why I have this dream, have never done more than run for a bus or something, but it's there all the same.
In all honesty I doubt I'll ever run that marathon, but if I could just get to the point where I can jog/run on that treadmill then I'll really feel I've achieved something.
My weight at the moment, 249.5lbs, I feel may still be too heavy for me to try, am I right or is that an excuse? How about the speed I'm currently walking? Is that a million miles away from the speed of a jog? I think when jogging you do it on the flat, am I right? And finally, my biggest problem, my chest lol, I'm currently a 42f I reckon. I'm wearing a 46f at the moment but have two new 42e which fit on the band, but are still too small in the cup. These babies bounce big time so how on earth am I going to jog with them? I'm in the UK and it's really difficult to get a sports bra that size. If that is what it takes then I will get one, but I don't want to lay out the cash if I'm a way off trying to jog yet, because if I keep shrinking then it won't fit again by the time I really need it.
I've read about the C25K and it sounds good, but I'm that new to all this I don't even know how to go about doing those first 60 seconds of jogging, what speed I should put the treadmill at etc.
Sorry for all the questions, but I hope there are some of you seasoned joggers/runners out there who may be able to help answer some of them.
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some treadmills have a built in program along the lines of C25K or you can program them.

I don't have a treadmill but plan on doing c25k come spring once we are up on our private road (right now we have a 1/4 mile long driveway but it's at about a 75-80 degree angle, way to steep to begin jogging on, and very rocky/rough)
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Actually, I think 5.7kph is a pretty decent walk, and at a 5% incline, that's not too far from jogging. I really would try to find a bra that holds the girls down before running too much, though, and I'm not a good source for advice on that one. You might try it a bit and see how uncomfortable it is.

I don't think your weight is a reason not to run, but without a good sports bra, I wouldn't want to try it.

At my slowest, I run at about 5mph, or about 8kph, I guess, but I almost never use an incline. I can run a little slower, but much less than that, and I feel like I could be walking. Try a few speeds, and you'll figure it out!
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I weigh 250 and I just started jogging around 255 lbs. Just start out slow and you'll be amazed at how fast you improve. I keep the incline at zero, walk at 3.5 mph and jog at 4.8-4.9 mph (7.7-7.8 kph). I started out just running 1 min and walking for 2 or 3, then run another min, etc for 30 min. Now I can run 3 min and I don't even feel like I'm dying or anything. I think I'm going to try 4 min sometime this week.
I'm not trying to push myself too fast too soon because I am still so heavy. I've had knee problems in the past due to my weight and I do not want to see them return. Pay attention to your body while you run. It will be uncomfortable at first: you be winded, you muscles may ache some. But if you have any joint pain or your muscles really hurt, then stop. Make sure you take a day off between runs to allow your muscles to recover (a day off running doesn't have to mean no exercise, try a bike or swimming on your off days)
As far as the bra issue, all I can think of is look online. I wear a D-DD and know how imporant a good bra is when you're bouncing around. A quality sports bra is a good investment!
You can run that marathon one day, just start slow and be persistant. Jogging/running gets addictive, just wait and see!
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You can absolutely run at your weight. My goal is similar to yours. I started at 230 lbs. Begin at a very slow jog (4mph) and use time rather than distance to judge the amount of running you should do in the beginning. I started with 1 minute. I would spend a total of 30 minutes on the treadmill. I would walk for 5 minutes, then run for 1 minute, then walk for 5, then run for 1 (and so on). I increased my running time by 1 minute every 2 weeks. Now I walk for 5 and run for 10 minutes, then repeat. Progress seems slow, but the small manageable increments made it much easier. Good luck! Who knows, maybe you and I can run a 10k together some day.
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Weight Watcher beginner running FAQ

Running doesn't have to be hard; follow this advice and you'll be comfortable on the road or treadmill.

Professional runners seem intuitively to know how to run; they move efficiently and smoothly, with just the right amount of effort. The rest of us have to learn how.

But with some attention to form, you can be moving down the road comfortably, with your own unique style. Here are the answers to frequently asked questions that will tell you how to improve your runs.

What's the proper form for running?
Ideally you'll be upright as you run. That means your head should be over your shoulders, your shoulders over your hips, and your hips aligned above your knees and feet. Relaxation is key. Relax your jaw, lower your shoulders, and hold your hands loosely. Elbows should be slightly bent and your arms should swing forward and back, not diagonally across your chest. Let your legs and core muscles (pelvis, hips and buttocks) do the work. If your form falls apart, stop running and walk.

How hard should I run?

Give yourself the talk/sing test, says Doug Kelsey, PhD, PT, chief physical therapist at Sports Center in Austin, Texas. During your brisk walking or running segments you should be able to talk in sentences. If you can only gasp out two or three words you are walking or running too hard. However, if you can sing, you are probably not walking or running hard enough. Don't get disheartened if your ability to talk in sentences starts waning after only a short time. If you're an absolute beginner to running, you may well find yourself having to work harder than you anticipated.

I'm alternating walking and running, but I have a hard time starting up running after a walking segment. Am I lazy?
Not at all. Just reduce the intensity of your running segments; you may be running too hard, says Kelsey. If you're depleted and out of breath, the intensity of your exercise is too strong, he says; you are using only muscle glycogen as fuel. When you run out of glycogen, you're shot. Slow down so you'll be more comfortable so you can exercise for longer and burn more calories.

Hey, this hurts! What's up?

Your body is changing. Give it a chance! That said, pain that gets worse during or after a run could be an injury. If you're experiencing that kind of pain, ease off and talk to your doctor.

Why should I lengthen the time and distance I run so gradually?

If you want excess weight to melt off your frame or you want to keep up with Mr. Jones on his morning run, you could develop injuries or frustrate yourself by setting unreachable goals. Instead, focus on the changes that you get every day from the workout you are doing: better sleep, less of an appetite, safe and gradual weight loss. That said, you can work out on non-running days, says Kelsey, just choose a non-impact activity such as cycling, swimming or deep water running. And, he says, always rest from exercise completely for one day a week to give your body a chance to recover.

About the Writer
Kathy Kukula is a Connecticut-based health and fitness writer.
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Hi there! I started jogging when I was obese and it has really helped with my weight loss. If you have ANY inclination to become a runner... do so! It has totally changed my life.

Jogging does take some money, but not too much. Getting fitted for proper shoes makes the biggest difference in the world. Your feet and shins will feel much better with the right shoes. That said I didn't get properly fitting shoes until about 4 months into running. I had shin splints (not terrible and I could run through them) until I got the right shoes. They cost about $80 on sale.. I think they were $100 new.

Secondly - bra. I also have huge ta-tas and found that Enell is the only sports bra brand that I can use that keeps them in place! Seriously, it works SO well. They are pricey but you can find them on Ebay for a bit less ($40-$50). Just find your size on the Enell web site and then see if you can find the right one on Ebay. If you want to know what they look like on, I have one on in my 50 lbs lost progress photos (peach colored bra). Really I can't say enough about them! I would be miserable if I hadn't discovered these!

Third - I started out with C25k. It's a great program for beginners. If I read right, you are walking at about 3.5mph (5.7kph). I started out very slow - I ran at 4 mph and walked at 3.4mph. Now I run at 5.5 -6mph which is more my natural speed but in the beginning it was good for me to go slow, just to work up my physical abilities. I was VERY out of shape!! Anyway, you don't even have to do C25k, you can just run until you need to stop, walk until you've recovered, and then run again. Rinse, repeat. Run at a pace you are comfortable with, don't try to start out too fast and do too much too soon. For beginners, it's recommended to run every other day, three times a week. It is a stressful activity on your body, especially joints, and the reason why most people quit is that they try to do too much too soon. So take it slow, and feel free to ask us questions on the Running in October thread in the exercise forum. We have many beginner and veteran runners on there who are happy to help!

Good luck!!! I hope you enjoy it!
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Great advice above :-)

For sport bras, I have doubled up ever since I was jogging while lactating - wear 1 or 2 pull over sport bras on top of your regular sport bra for some extra support, at least until you find one that works great for you.
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I'm going to throw in another "GO FOR IT!!!" Don't worry about your speed or how long or how far you are going. If you can only add one minute to your walking at first, and it's the exact same speed at your walking, then add that one week add another, then another.

One thing I would really, really stress is to get non-cotton socks. I kept hearing about the importance of moisture-wicking, non-cotton socks but all I had were 100% cotton socks and with a VERY tight budget, decided that I would be fine with cotton. I was WRONG! First time I ran in the rain, I came back with huge blisters on the arches of my feet, my toes and heels. I went out that day and bought new problems since. I actually found some fairly cheap running socks at Walmart but I had to search through a lot of brands and styles before finding ones that had no cotton.

Best of luck...happy running.
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I started "running" when I was about 260. I did it through a "learn to run" clinic at a Running Room store. I totally started at zero conditioning but by the end of the 10 week program, ran a 5K (ok not fast, but still!)
Basically this is the schedule we followed:
week 1 run 1 minute, walk 2 minutes, repeat 6 times, end with 1 minute running
week 2 run 1 min, walk 1 min, repeat 10 times
week 3 run 2 mins, walk 1 min, repeat 6 times, end with 2 mins running
week 4 run 3 mins, walk 1 min, repeat 5 times
week 5 run 4 mins, walk 1 min, repeat 4 times
week 6 run 5 mins, walk 1 min, repeat 3 times, end with running 2 mins
week 7 run 6 mins, walk 1 min, repeat 3 times
week 8 run 8 mins, walk 1 min, repeat 2 times, end with running 2 mins
week 9 run 10 min, walk 1 min, repeat 2 times

The thing that was amazing for me was that my body didn't freak out (well not too badly). This was a good pace and our instructor herself started running when she was obese, with this same program. We did this 3 times a week. I highly recommend it!

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Thanks for all the advice guys, I really appreciate it.
The gym was quiet when I went in this morning. Something I forgot to say in my first post was that at the moment I walk with my hands on the bar so that my heart rate is monitored. I have tried a couple of times to walk with my arms by my side but have been very unstable. This has made me think there's no way I can run until I figure that out.
So this morning I started off and managed 5 mins with my arms by my sides! It was a lot harder workout with my arms loose and I could tell my heart rate was a lot higher. Once I got to the 5 mins I decided to give a run a go lol.
I put the incline down to zero and upped the speed a lot (can't remember what to, about 7k per hour I think) and started to jog/run. I don't know how many seconds I lasted, not many, but immediately I realised I REALLY need that sports bra before I try this again, and the other thing was I could feel the fat on hips from my waist to my bum bouncing with me which wasn't a good feeling.
So I'm proud of myself that I gave it a try, but I think I need to wait til I've lost a bit more weight and can find a suitable sports bra before I try again.
I did however up my walking speed for the rest of my workout from 5.7 to 5.8k so it's progress as well I guess.
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Loving me, I am based in the Uk as well and when I first wanted to start running I joined a womens only running group that did a beginners programme, a bit like C25K. Depending on where you are you may be able to find one.

On the sports bra front, I know they are expensive but well worth in investment. I have an Enell one, the shockabsorber ones you get just aren't strong enough. I have gone from a 38E to a 32 DD and still need a very strong one. is a good website, as you can buy the bra's online, they send them to you and if they dont fit you can send them back.

Good luck and if you have more questions just ask. Running is addictive once you get started!
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Sounds like you are geting some great advice. I am slowly incorparting jogging into my walk. I thinkin maybe I need a way to structure it more though because for me I just say ok I am going to start jogging at that mail box and go past so far and t hen I try to push myself a little further lol I do wonder though if I should time it more *shrugs* It is working so far lol Good luck to you!
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Your weight is no reason not to run, I started running at 350 pounds and was chugging along through the C25K program quite nicely and plan on revisiting it as I do want to complete a 5k race at some point. I stopped running to focus elsewhere and I am now at a gym using machines etc but don't let your weight be an excuse

my only advice would be to take it at your own pace and don't worry about anything else, my wife started the C25K program too and she just ran her pace (I ran faster than she did) but that didn't stop her, do what you can and no more

I wish you luck in your running venture.

As Ever
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I won't add to much info because most of it has been covered but you'd probably be fine at 250. I was 240 when I started. Just be careful to take it slowly and increase intervals gradually and good shoes are a MUST.
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