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nirvikalpa samadhi
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Smile Let Me Tell You (again) Why You Need to Lift Weights

I've harped on this before...sorry. But it's so important.

I cleaned out some old boxes in my basement today and came across an old photo album I'd forgotten I had. It has pictures from work events I went to in 2002.

Several of the pictures were from a conference I presented at on St. Patrick's Day, 2002. I happen to know precisely what I weighed then, because I was dieting at the time and kept a diet journal, which I started using again when I restarted this journey last August (2008). So I went and looked up my weight, just to be sure.

It was 202 lbs, 30 lbs less than I weighed in at today.

The last time I lost 100+ lbs, I was completely lazy and did not exercise at all. No aerobics, no weightlifting, no walking, nada. Nuthin. Lost weight like crazy though, so I didn't worry about it.


This time, I have exercised aerobically irregularly, but some. More importantly, I lifted weights. Also irreguarly, but when I lifted, I lifted heavy. Very heavy. I can use the 25# and the 30# hand weights. I also can set the machines very high--for example, yesterday I did 115# bicep curls on the machines. (Sometimes the men frown at me because they have to lower the weight on the machines before they use them, LOL. [No offense to any men here of course!])

So here I am, exactly 30 lbs heavier than in those pictures. But. I am a FULL SIZE SMALLER at the higher weight. I know I'm a size smaller, because I just gave away two of the outfits in those pictures because they are too big (and quite unflattering, to be honest--what was I thinking LOL).

Not only that, but I have a figure. I don't need to hide in baggy clothes. I don't prance around in tight clothes of course, but my clothes fit, to show off my figure. Why? LIFTING WEIGHTS.

There are zillions of other benefits of course...the more muscle you carry, the more calories you burn. Building muscle helps your bones so you don't have as high a risk of osteoporosis later in life. And other good stuff. But, if you're vain, like me...lifting weights makes you LOOK BETTER. A LOT better.

That is all. Now back to your regularly scheduled 3FC programming.

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Thanks...that was inspiring. I'm going to get heavier hand weight tomorrow.
100 lb. Club...

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Those are some really great points. I had a talk with my husband about this today because he was complaining that he is at his highest weight ever. I saw some pictures of him when he was about 18 and he looked about 50 pounds heavier then he does now. He is way more buff now then he was then.
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Ok, I'm sold. Any recommendations on getting started? I belong to a gym, but only use it to swim now. Am shy and phobic about the rest of it... can I start at home?

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.--Winston Churchill
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Just keeping on truckin'
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Iw ould really appreciate some advice on how to begin weights too!
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I love this! SO very true. You are inspiring me to get back to weights again.

I started by buying a few weight lifting books on amazon, weight lifting for dummies and for woman and stuff like that. I bought 5 and 8 lb weights to start with and did one exercise for each muscle group.

Now I have a Jillian DVD which mixes aerobics and weights and I love that. Its a nice break from the "boring" lifting routine I was doing.
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Brown Eyed Staccie
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I completely and totally agree! Learning to lift weights and actually enjoying it, I actually don't like cardio...but I force myself to do it - is amazing and produces excellent results.

I would highly recommend that if you can, to hire a personal trainer. Learning the proper techniques, particularly posture, the differences between a wide grip, stance, reps and all that stuff will really help produce results and decrease changes of injury.

I keep track of the weights I use and when I can do more than 12 reps (3 sets), I increase the weight so my body never gets adjusted. I also change my routine every three weeks.

If you can't start out with a trainer, start out with lighter weights until you feel comfortable with your stance and posture.

My trainer always told me to put my shoulders back and focus on my core. When I am working out my upper body, my abs are always engaged...

Weight training is your best friend

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On a break with Baby #5
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I used to love lifting but haven't been done it since high school. I really should get back into it with resistance bands!
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I have been meaning to start doing this for a while, but have been putting it off. You have inspired me! I just (this very minute) sent an email inquiry to a highly-regarded personal trainer in my neighborhood. Thanks so much for passing on your experience - and don't be afraid to keep harping!

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really awesome post. i have only lost 7lbs on the scale but i am down a dress size, because i lift weights. definitely worth the time and money spent!!!
Need all the support i can get!
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I agree, lifting weights and heavy with fewer reps, it's helping so much.

I started out by just using the weighted gloves with my TurboJam DVD's and she has a couple of programs that add weights into the routines. Then I found doing those was not giving my body a challenge. So I set out to find something that would give me a new challenge, I recently saw a post, in the exercise thread that mentioned ChaLean Extreme, I knew that was what I needed. I'm only on week one of Burn, but I've already had to go out and buy heavier weights, I just love how exercise is something I now look forward too. Never thought I would say that, I still have a ways to go, but I know my body and mind are so much happier.


Blue Team

February 1st
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nirvikalpa samadhi
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Well the best recommendation would of course be a certified personal trainer and free weights. That's not what I did though. I bought 5, 10, 15 and 25# free weights for home and bought a copy of Weight Training for Dummies. Then when I outgrew that, I by that time had a gym membership and I bought The New Rules of Lifting for Women. It focuses on whole-body exercises, not isolated movements like most weight training. But it's not meant for novices. Also there are some good DVDs out there. Don't be intimidated--it's really easy if you start slow and work your way up. I can now lift 77 lbs of dog food to my shoulder and carry it hands-free--I can also lift wet 70 lb dogs in and out of the tub. Weight training is highly useful for many reasons!
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I luv my curves
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I lift also and at the gym that I attend they have several classes that include sculpting with cardio which is an hour long class. YOu will see a difference in your body from weights and I can also tell that when you life you do burn. It sure helps and I must admitt those squatts are working wonders as well lol
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Absolutely agree. I fit into my high school ball gown already - I weigh 15kg more than I did then.

If the idea of going into the gym is too scary, then class can be good as a place to start. Circuit classes, or body pump (if that exists outside australia) are both good.

Oh, here's the bandwagon, right where I left it
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Not Giving Up!
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Thanks for posting this. It's a great reminder that I need to start working more weight/strength training into my exercise routine.
~*~*~ Lesley ~*~*~

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