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Default Who is your greatest motivator, and your worst saboteur?

Other than yourself of course.

For me, my biggest saboteur is my husband. The funny thing is though, he doesn't mean to be. I don't think he even realizes it. He's been better this time, but in the past he would bring me "treats" to reward me for doing a good job. For example he would bring home pizza's for dinner, and a cheesecake for me, since I've been "so good". I've had trouble in the past giving up on the soda, so he would help me by bringing me one home only a few days a week. Then a few would turn into one every morning, which would turn into me just drinking soda all day long. It wasn't his fault, I chose to drink them, but the temptation was there.
This time it's the exercise. I was mentioning that it was a little harder working out on Saturday, since the oldest two kids are home from school all day. They normally play outside just fine, but it's just two more to listen for. He's answer was "well, it's ok if you only work out 2 or 3 days a week, it's something". He has been much better this time around though, I have to give him props for that. So far there have been no treats, and he asks before he gets me anything to eat.

My biggest motivator oddly enough is one of my 4 year old twins. I find that the easiest time to workout is during naptime for my 2 year old (and if I am really lucky, my 7 month old ) while my older two are in school. That leaves me with just the twins. As soon as my two year old goes down, Joshua starts with "mama, it's time to go exercise. Come on mama, let's go get strong." He's very insistent until we go downstairs, where he'll either play with the baby or run around while I work out. All my kids are into hiking as well, so it's really easy to get them out and about when the weather co-operates.

So how about you?
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My biggest motivator? Is myself hands down. With my husband and one of my best friends a close second.

My biggest saboteur? I don't really have one. I got rid of those people long long ago
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That's so cute your son is helping you out!

I'd say my biggest sabetour is my husband's friend- it got to the point I have asked him to stop coming over and asking us to eat out with him. I'm sure I upset him but honesty coming over 1-2 times a week and suggesting burgers and stuff doesn't help- my husband was a co-conspirator I tell you- I finally had to tell him to stop saying OKAY when his friend came over... He's much better now and doesn't suggest eating out anymore and it's nice- if we do eat out he tells me to pick so I know I can pick options that are better than taco bell and burger king!

Biggest motivator is hard to say- besides myself I'd say my sister- she's always wanting to cook healthy meals, eat at healthy places, and help me find healthy recipes My hubby is slowly becoming a motivator because now he'll go bike riding with me and make it more fun
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My biggest saboteur was my husband (separated) but some of you might already know that, LOL. He used to bring home big boxes (cases) of candy bars and put them on the dresser in our bedroom, or buy cases of Coke (which no one drinks but me) or boxes of those giant Costco muffins. He'd offer to fix me eggs for breakfast and then when I'd say "sure but please JUST eggs in Pam" he would melt butter and scrambled them in that with cream cheese and not tell me. And he would pile his junk all over my exercise bike. I'd move it all and ride, and the next day it would all be piled on there again. Kinda obvious??

My greatest motivator is my best friend. I love him dearly and he sees a "greater me" in me than I see myself (if that makes any sense) so I want to live up to that.

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My sister is my biggest motivator, since she has almost the same amount to lose as I do. Neither of us wants to give up or give in to anything before the other. We've been trying out healthy recipes and stuff and we walk together.

My biggest saboteur is my Mother in Law. She lives with me and omg, I cough and she tells me I need to eat more because I'm sick and I need the extra calories... she brings me home non-diet Rt. 44 Sonic cokes, she tries to convince me not to walk. I don't know why she does it but I never do anything she says anyway.
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My biggest motivator is my boyfriend. He has been nothing but supportive about my exercise and changing of my eating habits. He's even been bringing home healthier snacks for me, when we have movie night (he works at a grocery store, so he does the shopping). Only thing is he loves his trail mix, and it was on sale this past week at his work, and he stocked up. I love it too, but I've been good. It's so salty I know I'd retain water like crazy even if I only had one serving.
Biggest saboteur, only person I can think of is my friend, she's always encouraging me to drink (alcohol), I'm not a big drinker (maybe 3 or 4 times a year, and only a glass or two of wine, or a rye and diet soda). She loves to drink, and last time I visited with her before I came down here, she kept trying to feed me too. She's trying to count calories, and I think she gets overwhelmed with it, and subconsiously tries to bring others down with her. I had to leave that day I went to visit her, when she put a pizza in the oven, after we'd just finished a filling and healthy lunch of salad, and mashed cauliflower.
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When I read your title, I immediately thought me.... and me.
Otherwise, my greatest motivator is a coworker. She lost weight and looked great and now I'm smaller than she is and she still looks better than I do (what can I say, the unfairness of weight distribution---she has a waist, I don't).

Sabotuer? It used to be my husband, but I have gotten to where I can resist his food if I want to. I'd say my sisters because when we get together we can EAT. Programmed from way back, I'd say.
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My greatest motivator is equal between the regular girls in the Weight Loss Buddies forum here on 3FC and my dad.

My greatest saboteur is myself.
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Well, I don't really have anyone to encourage me here. I've lost a lot of weight and I have only had 2 people comment, the lady across the street and a casual friend. I wish I had someone. Sorry, but I am pretty much having a pity party today.

My children work daily to get me off the path. Maybe they are afriad of all the changes around here, but it sure can get frustrating.
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my biggest motivator is my sister. since we are both trying to lose weight together it helps that we both can share the journey of weight loss with each other.
my biggest saboteur is myself.. like the saying goes you are your own worst enemy and sometimes i give in to the little voice in my head that wants me to fail... as much as we want to blame it on other people we are the ones who put the food to our mouths and decide to cheat....
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I am a returning newbie. I want to pipe in here for some support. My husband last night told me he wants me to lose weight and that" Life is short and I feel like I am being short-changed" ie: he is misisng out on some great life because I am overweight. I think I look pretty good and felt we had a good relationship but now I am MAD as ****. It feels like an ultimatum to me and this is not the first time he has seaid this kind of thing. It makes me want to go buy 4 chocolate bars! HELP! Does he have a right to say this because it is how he feels or is he a jerk who needs the kick to the curb?!
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I don't allow saboteurs! I decapitate them as they rare their ugly, lipsticked heads!

I feel the person that helps me to stay motivated in real life most is my husband. He really has pitched in (and in a major way) so that I could finally make myself the priority rather than everyone else. As a result, things feel more balanced at home and I am in a position now to readily give more than ever before in every way.
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My biggest motivator is my mother. She's not exactly "nice" about it...but she does keep me in check She's the type to say, "Uh, Amber? Do you really think you need that piece of candy?" (and she's usually right...I dont)

Biggest saboteur? My boyfriend. The sad part is that he actually tries to be supportive (MOST of the time). Unfortunately, when he feels like caving in, he wants to pull me down with him. I think it makes him feel better if he's not the only one cheating on his diet and/or skipping out on exercise. It's the whole..."I'm really tired tonight, 'bout we take the night off from going to the gym and rent a movie?" Sometimes it's hard to not give in
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I think I am my own worst enemy when it comes to diet and exercise. Although, my boss comes in a close second with her constant eating and wanting to make every meeting a food related event. And, well, then theres my Grandma who's favorite saying after a huge meal is "there's plenty more, don't be bashful!" She cooks like she thinks she's feeding an army.

My biggest motivator is my ex boyfriends new girlfriend. She works at my gym. I love when she walks by the cardio room and sees me. The look on her face is obvious. She wishes I'd stop, cause I'm looking too good and someone is going to notice and feel some regret...LMAO!
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My doctor is my biggest motivator--she told me I was pre-diabetic and boy was that motivating to change!!! My family and friends have been very very supportive so they come in at a close second.

I don't think I have any saboteur's in my life....however it's been awhile since I've visited my family and dad does love to see people eat....but now that he has diabetes maybe he has changed.
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