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Talking What have you done? A feel good thread

Lots of ups and downs of this jounery, eh?

Sometimes we are so tough on our selves. What habits have you changed? I bet we can all say atleast 10!!

1/ stopped drinking regular soda

2/ no longer putting butter on my toast WITH the peanut butter - I swear I used to make a 10 point pb sandwich

3/ I eat at least 1 fruit/veggie every day. Most day I eat 3-5.

4/ I drink water - never did that!

5/ I'm learning to put myself first. My ww meetings have become a priority.

6/ I eat egg whites

7/ I no longer sit in front of the tv and eat chips from the bag - and finish the bag.
(I still eat chips - I now measure them!)

8/ I am starting to enjoy clothes shopping

9/ I want to have SEX again

10/ I write down everything I eat - even when I cheat

11/ I no longer add butter to boxed suppers that call for it. ie. kraft dinner, stuffing etc.

We have all made changes .. what positive things have you done?

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1) I have got the drive and determination to do thid

2) I have goals that I would like to accomplish

3) I have stopped snacking through out the day

4) I have started working out

5) I have come to the conclusion, that I HAVE to do this for ME

6) I have become a stronger person

7) I have what it takes

Well, I didn't come up with ten, but I think I summed it all up, for me.
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Ten? I'm not sure I can come up with ten...

1. I am much more aware of what I'm putting in my mouth.
2. No more bags of chips in front of the TV...although I have been known to sit in front of the TV with a bag of salad mix!
3. I drink less diet soda.
4. I no longer stand in front of the pantry with the open jar of peanut butter and a spoon.
5. I quit biting my nails. (But that might be because I'm not continually stressed out by a classroom full of insane, hormonal fifth graders during the summer! )
6. My skin is better - I think it's the water.
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This is a great idea! I know, at least for me, a big part of the struggle to lose weight is that I focus on the big goal & focus on how much further I have to go, but I rarely take the time to celebrate what I have done so far.

Not sure if I'll be able to come up with 10, but here goes...

~I no longer have dessert every single night before bed (I bet I use to eat at least 15 points worth of food every night just for dessert!) Now if I am hurgry or want to munch on something I eat an apple or something low-point.

~I pack a healthy lunch for work every day. This serves two purposes: one it helps me stay OP & two, it saves money!

~I eat at least 5 servings of fruits & veggies each day.

~I drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water a day.

~I move more. I am having a hard time getting into a regular exercise routine, but I am moving more. I always, always take the stairs down at work, & try to take them up (unless I'm going to the 12th floor or something!). I park further away than I used to at malls & stores.

~I stay away from the vending machines at work. It's hard to believe, but I used to eat one bag (sometimes two!) of King size M&Ms each day! I'm proud to say I haven't gotten anything out of that darned vending machine (which is about 10 feet from my desk!) since April

~I pay attention to portion sizes. Even though I want to, & sometimes do, I don't let myself make the 1 cup serving a 1 cup HEAPING serving. I realize that 1 serving of chips isn't as many as I can eat.

~I've almost cut pop out of my diet. I used to drink 3 or so 20 oz. bottles of Diet Coke a day. I'm down to one or 2 caffeine (sp?) free Diet Cokes a week now.

Well, that's about all I can think of.... This was a great exercise, Dana. Thanks for posting it!
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Kayla.. you have made some major changes! Way to go on cutting out the M & M's

Jennelle.. I can relate to standing in front of the pantry with a spoon with the peanut butter. I did the same with ice-cream.

Here is another one for me:

I no longer reward myself with food. I'd rather go to the spa or the scrapping store. That is such a good feeling!!!

One more: I hardly buy butter anymore.. I used to buy butter almost every week. I think I have bought one lb since April. Wow! I ate a lot of butter!

I still bake - so that is when I use it. I've been trying to give away my bake goods. I love to bake - just don't need the goodies in the house.


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Well, I've made some additional changes (some I had made years ago, believe it or not)

1 - I've learned to drink the water. I was drinking a lot of herbal/green teas (gave up coffee long ago). limit my TAB TO 10 OZ A DAY.

2- Returned to my pool schedule of 3 times a week and walking besides.

3 - Have given up unlimited amounts of cookies, snacks, etc. Still have some occasionally, like 3 chips, a fig newton (which I allow myself because of the fig part). Candy, what's that? I do allow myself 1/2 cup portions of light ice cream or fr yogurt (I need lots of calcium so figured if I MUST have a dessert, that's the best).

4 - Eat lots of veggies/fruits (but I'm not sure that's new - I've always loved those - just more aware of it now).

5. Given up about 80% or more of breakfast treats (a half bagel instead of whole, no donuts, occasional muffin). Alternate the occasional treat with a Slimfast breakfast the next day.

6. Don't eat the roll/butter when we eat out. Miss that.

7. Seldom use butter on anything. PB, marmalade, cottage cheese, jelly on toast/half bagel. No butter on veggies, corn on cob (that part's not really new either). No mayo. Fewer salad dressings (even lite).

8. Restrict PB use to maybe twice a week and small amount. THAT pains me.

9. Cut back severely on lunch meat sandwiches, esp. salami. (And this is dh's best culinary achievement.) Use whole wheat instead of white rolls. Have not ordered my beloved tuna subs.

10. Cut portion of what desserts I have had severely. Now a bite or two or a serving for a two year old instead of the chunks I always cut for me before.

11. Have begun having my hair done as a reward for all this instead of eating my rewards.

12. Have clung to this board (too much maybe?) for inspiration and motivation to keep saying "I can do this, no matter how slowly".

So far, so good. Been worth it though I haven't lost as much as some in the time I've been at it. Yesterday I had a big MOMENT. Put on slacks I hadn't work in a couple of weeks and when I belted them, I was a WHOLE notch in!
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Great Idea, Dana!!!

1. I haven't had a soda in weeks. As far as that goes, I pretty much drink water for every single meal.

2. I have fresh fruits and veggies every single day.

3. I have started to reclaim the clothes in my closet.

4. I fight this sometimes, but I don't always clean my plate at restaurants, and I make smarter choices.

5. I've made exercise time my special time - it's almost a treat now to have 30 minutes completely dedicated to me.

6. My house is cleaner, because I have more energy to clean it!

7. I don't munch in front of the TV - I sew instead. I've been able to make some lovely gifts for friends, family, and myself this way.
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