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Default more carbs, more weight loss?! what!?

I exported my old data from when I used the daily plate to see what I was doing differently then from now, because I'm losing about 2 lbs per month now, where I was losing 3-4 lbs a WEEK before.


I was eating roughly the same amount of cals (around 1600 on average) and the only real differences is that I was NOT vegetarian. I don't want to stop being vegetarian, but I am looking to play with my nutrients. I mean, I'm eating WAY less carbs now, and around 60-90 grams of protein. a day now.

Before some days I ate upwards of 300+ carbs! MY GOD. I was losing so fast, I need to watch my sugar, I know that (medication can cause diabetes and I was borderline diabetic) so I am trying not to eat much in the way of simple carbs, and get them mostly from grains and veggies now. I dont' understand, why am I losing SO slowly?! everyoen seems to think that cutting carbs helps with weight loss. I'm not LOW carbing it, but I don't break 200 much of the time and adding my fiber to that I'm eating aroudn 150-170 of net carbs a day.

it's been a month and I haven't lost a lb and I"m on plan. I don't understand. the last time I lost weight was a month ago, and before that it was 3 weeks with no weight loss at all. what is going on??!?
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One thing to remember is that you have now lost 42 pounds. Your body's needs are not the same now as they were before. You may need to change your calorie intake or up your exercise to get things moving again.
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S/C/G: 344/321/220

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I lowered my cals by 100 int he last 2 weeks or so. I really don't want to be down to 1400 cals ALREADY (at 257 lbs) cuz by the time I get down to 220 or 190 I won't be able to eat anything!

I'm really getting frustrated.
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S/C/G: 344/321/220

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The researchers conclude that a diet containing 47 to 64% of calories from carbohydrates results in the lowest risk of obesity. That range will seem shockingly high to low-carb proponents, who recommend levels anywhere from 5 to 40% carbohydrate diets. However, it's worth noting that the conclusions line up almost exactly with the Institute of Medicine's recommended range of 45- 65%.

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I don't know babe. I eat 200 grams of carbs most day and I lose weight just fine. Some people CANNOT lose weigh while eating carbs and some can. I can.

Change it up. Up your carbs for a bit (good carbs) and see what happens!
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I started out about the weight you are now and I just checked my stats. For the last 6 months (cool, I've been logging consistently for 6 months now!), daily carb average of 237 gms of 1590 daily calories.

I will be 50 this month. Extremely sedentary job but formal exercise @ six hours/week. I increase my exercise amount each month to make up for moving a lighter body around as I don't see a way to get the nutrition I need with a lower average calorie target (I eat anywhere from 1200-1900/day depending on activity and hunger level).

I know every body is different but thought a comparison might help you.
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I think that there's quite a bit of variation from person to person as to the ideal composition of their diet. Activity, stress, hormone levels, the degree of insulin resistance, genetics, the overall diet... there may be many factors that determine optimal diet (whether for weight loss or overall health).

I don't think there's a one-size-fits-all diet. Not just for all people, but even for one person. I may need a different diet at my goal weight (not just caloric level, but diet composition). I may need a different diet in old age.

I'm still experimenting to find the diet on which I feel the best. On an extremely low carb diet, I lose weight rapidly - I also feel like crap. Dizzy, nauseous, weak, an exhausted - exercise or even daily activity is pretty much out of the question. On a "good carb," mindful-eating (not calorie counting) diet, like South beach Phase II, I don't gain weight, but I don't lose weight either. I'm finding that some carbs, seem to trigger not only binges, but flares of my arthritis and autoimmune disease (I thought I was nuts, when I first made the connection, but in reading more on the subject, I've found that many other people have made the same connection).

That's why I think food logs are so important - especially if you're logging not only the food you eat, but how you feel physically and emotionally. Over time, you can see patterns emerge, and try different proportions. You've just got to remember that you have to repeat the experiments over and over, and over relatively long periods. You can't draw any conclusions based on a few days or even a couple weeks, but repeated enough, you can make some fairly relevant discoveries about the best diet for you.
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I have also found I lose better with higher complex carb intake. My carbs are often in the 45-60% range and I lose weight and feel best like that. Thing is, they are not simple carbs most of the time - they are whole grains, fruits, and veggies. THAT is what makes me healthy - low carb diets just don't agree with me and my metabolism. Lean protein, scant dairy, and heavy on the plants with some grains on the side (like homemade whole grain bread, quinoa, brown rice, etc) is the best for me.

I agree keeping a food log is so important - it reveals a lot about one's daily choices and how their body metabolizes various nutrients. Everyone is so different, and no one approach (besides a basic understanding of energy burn equations and a diet that does not create malnourshment) works for everyone.
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They've done a lot of research lately that shows a lot of those low carb ideas/fads aren't exactly the healthiest and smartest ways to go for everyone.... while it might work for some people, it could/can be incredibly unhealthy (or at least not work) for others!

I think like other people said above, you need to tweak your diet and see what works for you not what you THINK should work for you!

I personally eat plenty of carbs (probably about a 1/4 to 1/3 of what I eat). And it works for me!
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Lottie--I hope you figure it out. I can hear the frustration! I would be going bananas.

Try upping your carbs. Complex, of course. You may be pleasently surprised! I've got my fingers crossed for you.
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