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Default Slipped, Slide, Fell Down, and now GETTING BACK UP

Well reading Beth Ann's waaaaaaaaaaaaaa thread gave me the incentive to post this. Thank you Beth Ann.

I had posted when I returned from Paris in late June that I had gained weight (11.5) lbs to be exact. I was bummin....then I got back on track only to come unglued over two consecutive weekends. Total gain of 13 lbs and was now heavier than I was on May 13th, my last visit to my weight loss doc (endricronologist)

So instead of a bit of a slip, I was in a full fledged slide....the first slide since I began this journey in Jan of 2001. To make matters worse I had also stopped exercising.

I suppose this had to happen some time during this journey but like Beth Ann (who only had a tiny tiny gain) I felt like everything was coming apart.

So after a lot of "poor me-ing" I knew I had to reinvent my food/health journey....have been doing the same things for so long that I had lost focus. Trust me when I tell you all that reading your posts helped me so much. I joined a gym, have hired a personal trainer (not for long---too expensive), bought a WW cookbook and got back on track. Happy to report that I have lost 6 of the 13 I gained.

It is very scary when you fall down especially when you haven't fallen in a while....hurts a bit more.

Thanks for just being here. Again it is sooooooooooo hard for most people (friends, people at work, people in my WW at work program) to relate to someone who gains 13 lbs in approx 2 weeks and two weekends. Someone told me to get my thyroid checked that there had to be something wrong. Nope, this is just me and this body that I am in.
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Oh hugs to you too....

I too have started on the path to weightloss only to back track to old bad habits.

This time I am trying slowly to change bad habits and making new good habits instead. My first habit to make new is drinking far I am able to get in at least 1.3L every day because I have to make myself do this(the rest of my fluid intake is either pop or juice). I sometimes try to eat better and sometimes I eat the old way. Also sometimes I don't eat a snack at night and sometimes I am back into my old habit of still eating that snack.

What I am saying is eventually I want to be able to make these old bad habits into good habits but I have to do them slowly so that I am not overloading myself and then go backward(if you KWIM).

Good luck to you.
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Nikolas...glad to see you back. I recently went through the same personal pity-party and came out on the other side with a sense of renewed resolve. And I know what you mean about people not understanding...I once told my WW group about the contents of a binge and I had people who could not believe that I could ingest that much food. Plus, there were a few people who were genuinely disgusted... Anyhow...glad to see you're jumping back in the game.
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Oh Nikolas!
I can really relate to you right now! I have been on a "slide" myself lately. I think I have this feast/famine thing going on. I can be totally on program for weeks and then one slip leads to a major slide. I catch myself earlier than I would have in the past but I know I have probably gained a few pounds and I am scared to look! I guess I will face the music tommorow first thing in the morning and just get back on track.
I am glad you have lost half of what you gained already. Another few weeks and you will be back where you were! Best wishes to you and thanks for sharing-it helps seeing others do the same thing. We are not alone!
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Chickie, hold your head up, take a deep breath, and smile. I am so glad to see you made your way back. Your right, it happens to all of us. Be relieved that it's over with now. Didn't last too long, and now it's time to continue with your journey.

Were all here for you.

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Looks you have gained back control. Good for you!!
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You may have slipped, but you have gained control back! GOOD FOR YOU!!! Congrats on losing those 6 pounds!
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Nickolas I also have been on a downward slide but am struggling to get back OP

last year i had done so great losing 50 till the holday season then i slid back to a 20 lb gain then i struggled hard after 4 months i got back Op and stayed there with little slides till now. i had lost down to 169 now i have to sadly say that I am after a 3 month wish washy am up to 185 that is again alsmot another 20 lb gain i would love to say that it is water but i know that much of it is not. I do great for a few days when i can get back Op then some thing happens and it starts all over again.

one think i can say that it all depends on my life. when i started to slide was when i recieved a 17 year old boy to live with me. It is hard as the house is more of a mess even though i am not the neatest i had been keeping up with fly lady and now it has all gone to ****. I am struguling to get my life back under control and feel that diet, house, and finances allhave to come together in a slightly controled manner for me to feel good and regain the control that i need. I find that when the house is in termiol the diet goes to heck and visa versa.

I have posted a daily challenge for me and any one else that want to join me. for me it is not only an OP challenge but a in control of who i am chllenge. I need this and crave this to me it is all connected.
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Nikolas, congratulations on your renewed resolve and your six pound loss. I can relate SO easily to putting on 13 lbs in two weeks! It's just so easy, isn't it?

I'm sure you know (since you've apparently posted here before) that you'll get lots of love and support on this thread. So welcome back and I'll be looking forward to your loss reports.
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glad to see you nikolas... i've been wondering where you were. and about the fast weight gain.. lots of relatively thin folks just don't understand that some of us can gain 5 pounds literally overnight.

ignore them. you're back on track.

as for YOU, MISS SUE!!!! hmmm. what to do.. what to do... let me know how i can help...
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