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Escape from my fat suit
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Default HAve you been noticing the amount that you can eat is much smaller now?

I was just thinking over time my stomach inside is shrinking...I can't eat such large portions anymore without getting fuller, quicker. I just cringe to think our stomachs are roughly the size of our hand. I used to eat 10-38 times that much. I like not feeling grossed out with the amount of food digested. It's is so pleasant after trying to overstuff myself for far too long. I do not miss my body naturally reacting to the deep fried things more food comas thankfully.
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I've noticed that too. =) It feels great...Don't get me wrong--I can still overstuff myself, but I feel like crap after I do so I don't do it as much. For the most part I try to just make healthier--SANER--choices on what I feed myself.
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This means war...
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It makes a difference being able to receive those "I'm full" signals to the brain! I used to go from ravenously hungry to disgusted with myself before I ever even felt that "full", I'm so glad that I can actually feel that fullness coming on and am able to stop when I feel comfortable satiated. Yes Better Heath3, no more food comas!
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Yes, it is wonderful to be able to guage when you've eaten enough, but not too much. I love it.
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Becoming myself
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I am constantly surprised at how *little* it takes to satisfy myself. I used to struggle with making do on a full serving...and now there are some foods that I don't even manage to finish! It makes me wonder if my body is working okay, or if I'm just imagining being full...but then I have a busy day, and lo and behold I eat more food. D'oh!
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Never want to go back!
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At my worst as far as binging, I could honestly say I never felt full. Ever. I could always eat more and usually did even after some ghastly binges. I never felt true hunger either. I'm sure it's because I didn't let enough time pass to get to that point. Plus, I was letting my brain's desire for binging overrule any natural inclinations I had about my need for food or lack thereof.

At this point now that I'm no longer binging, I actually do find I can feel fullness and hunger. Like I had totally burned out those nerve endings because of my abuse of food and now they are resetting themselves. It's a good feeling!
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Originally Posted by CanadianCutie View Post
Yes, it is wonderful to be able to guage when you've eaten enough, but not too much. I love it.

Yep same here.
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Yep, me too. I feel satisfied with much less.
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I used to eat till sick. ALL THE TIME. I almost never feel that way anymore. and I used to eat LOTS of fried foods. Now when I do I feel this greasy film in my mouth and like it's coating my stomach and I hate it and wonder how I did that all the time before!
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NEVER EVER going back
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Yes. I do get full much faster now... however the part of my brain that tells me to stop eating is still defunct SO I still let my menu planning tell me when I am done Unless I am too full (rarely) and then stop before hand.
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My "stop" switch is broken, too, because I could still pack it away if I was in that mindset. What I do notice is that I no longer feel painfully full. I make sure I feel happy and satisfied with my dinner, and usually have a snack before bed as well because I can't sleep if I'm hungry. BUT--I used to go to bed painfully full, and I ate Tums like they were candy because I had terrible heartburn. I am glad, glad, glad to not feel that way anymore. I can't remember the last time I ate till I was stuffed, actually. I don't think it would feel good any longer.
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Mine too Windchime, I'm broken.

Now that there is 2 foot of fat gone from my mid section, I have found I can eat WAY more in one sitting than I could when I was obese. I think all the fat surrounding my stomach made it harder to eat a lot at one time...therefore I grazed most of the day. Yep, I've had a few bad days since reaching a normal weight, and the volume of food I consumed was unbelievable. Thankfully I chose lower calorie healthy food to experiment with...
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One day at a time!
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cfmama originally posted .....the part of my brain that tells me to stop eating is still defunct SO I still let my menu planning tell me when I am done
Just sign my name to that! I am surprised at how little food it takes to satisfy me now but like the others above, my switch is broken too, so I measure and plan.

I am very pleased to learn that I can be satisfied at a much lower calorie level than I ever thought possible. When I started on this journey, 1200 calories a day just seemed impossible. There was no way that I could stop eating after only 1200 calories a day. Recently, I moved my calorie range to 1200 - 1500 calories a day. I have my permission to eat to the 1500 but know that if I eat 1200, the weight will come off a little faster. I am surprised at how many days I stop around 1250. It is starting to seem like a natural spot to me. Go figure!

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There are days that I also feel completely satisfied on a small quantity of food. Unfortunately, I still have days I feel like I could eat the kitchen sink! I constantly eat healthy fats, proteins, whole grains and whole foods. I am not sure WHY I have days like that. It makes me feel like a cow going from field to field to graze!
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Thighs be gone, I am the same way! There are some days when I am satisfied with small portions three times a day and other days where I am ALWAYS hungry. During those days I eat more than usual, but try to keep it to lower calorie foods.

But yes, I have noticed that I can't eat huge portions. Part of it is attributed to the much smaller portion sizes in Europe and part of it is attributed to my stomach shrinking. But I could still overeat . So I have to be careful with what I eat, especially since planning my food is difficult. Lots of buying prepared sandwiches or salads at the supermarket! Or depending on a host mother for cooking.
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