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Yeah, binging points to some sort of emotional thing. It could just be deprivation from being so good all week, or it could be something deeper and may require some serious thought.

Behaviourally, there are lots of things you can try. The first is obvious - get the junk out of the house! Also, brush your teeth after dinner, allow yourself unlimited tea (unsweetened), keep yourself busy, keep yourself hydrated. Start to look at how you structure your weekends. For me, weekends are totally different to weekdays, because my activities are totally different. I also allow myself a higher calorie count on weekends, because I eat out often.

I would suggest sitting down on Friday and planning your food for the weekend. Maybe even allow yourself dessert, to give yourself a small weekend treat? And then stick to it. If it doesn't work, tweak and try again on Sunday. Remember, you don't need to achieve immediate perfection, it's ok for things to be difficult, it's just not ok to give up because they are.

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Trying so hard....
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Thanks everybody.
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I can relate. I'm getting close to my 100 pound loss (25 to go!) and it's both exciting, humiliating (still can't wrap my head around the fact that I have over 100 pounds to lose) and exciting. And of course EVERYONE is watching. During the week there are so many things to keep us distracted. Use the weekends to indulge yourself in way that make binging harder. Get a great nail color and paint your nails. Take long, hot, scented baths. Call a friend you haven't talk to in awhile and have a long gap session. Read that book you've been wanting to read. Indulge in a nap. The more things that take time away from binging, the less impact that craving will have over time.
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Jillian stole my abs!
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Since I blathered on so much about tractors and such last night, I remembered this video of my 60 year old aunt driving her super stocker tractor, she drives them and her DH builds and repairs them. They are retired now and travel all over the country doing this.
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You can do it!!! I have this problem myslef. I think all of this advice, and your thoughts too are all good. This may seem silly but for me when I am done eating, the kitchen is closed. I stay out of there. I have giant glass of water or tea, or whatever, or even two, ready, and that's it. I also paint my nails, over, and over, and over again. Also a treat for me if I am home, is a bath and a book. You can do it!
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Okay young lady, dear Mug CAN do it. It's the weekend. You all planned out? Food? Activities? Got every single minute planned and accounted for? You can do this. You absolutely CAN. STICK with your plan. Stick with it. Stick with it. STICK WITH IT. Just think how thrilled you will be when it's all over and done and you've stuck with it. You'll feel like a billion bucks - only better. Let's do it. The whole day - morning, noon and NIGHT. The whold day. I'm right there with you. Every step of the way....

I'm waiting to hear from you. Keep in touch.
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How you doing today Mug? We are here for you!
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