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One day at a time!
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Talking My guilty pleasure.......

Yesterday was a rainy day here so I was going to get out my walking tapes but.... on a whim I got out an old VHS tape, Richard Simmon's Sweatin' To The Oldies.

I totally ignored the 80's hair and work out clothes and got grooving with Richard and the old music. It was a good workout. I changed some of the moves to my walking moves but I sang along and moved my booty. It was fun!

Today was pretty and I had a long walk planned but Richard was calling me.

This is one of those things that I would not talk about at work tomorrow but I think that I will be visiting with Richard again.

How about you? Any guilty exercising secrets????

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Omg I LOVE my sweating to the oldies VHS tape!
I just don't love using it when other people are in the house with me lol

I'm so glad I'm not alone!
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Add me to list of people still sweatin with Richard. Didn't get a converter for that old television but still use it once a week with the old exercise videos. Figure I'll keep it up until either the VHS player, the old tapes, or the TV gives up the ghost. I'm way too frugal to ditch stuff that still works.
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Loving life!!
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If I had them I might try them too lol

My guilty exercise secret? Sometimes I don't do any exercise other than blasting my stereo and dance outside with the kids while singing our hearts out (we live out on 10 acres with no neighbors except family lol)
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RD--your ten acres sound like absolute heaven to me.
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Ohhh....I love, Love, LOVE Sweating to the Oldies. (1 & 2) They were the very first workout videos I could actually do. Mine got my son, he says on accident, but somehow I don't think so.
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I am another Richard Simmons fan. Check your local libraries for more versions...and they have them on DVD. Also, any time I've reserved them at the library, there is usually a small waiting list, so there must just be a lot of closet Sweatin to the Oldies fans.
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Maintaining :)
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I still keep my combo VHS/DVD player hooked up to my video projector so that I can sweat to the oldies on an eight foot screen

I LOVE all of my exercise DVDS, but I pull out Richard and the gang every so often. Honestly - it is a GREAT workout! And - maybe I'm showing my age - but I enjoy it!
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OMG I love Richard Simmons , I love the fact that he has people like me ( Over Weight) Doing the videos. I tell my self all the time If they can I can. The music alone will make you want to move your booty. I have like a doz of them.
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I love Richard Simmons too! I am starting a new exercise routine tomorrow, and Sweatin' to the Oldies will DEFINITELY be in there a couple times a week! Love them!
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Richard Simmons is great!
My guilty exercise pleasure is his "Sweating to Disco". It's great. I had it on VHS. I need to check if it's on DVD. Quite a fun workout.
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I don't have an exercise guilty pleasure but I had to share this:

A friend told me that Richard does a Saturday exercise class somewhere here in LA. His mother came to visit and wanted to go to the class and so they did! He said there were like 60 ladies there and he was one of the only guys. Richard made a point to speak to everyone there after the class (and he gave my friend's mom a big ole kiss).
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I am so happy that I saw this thread today it put a huge smile on my face. I was a little girl when these videos first came out and I remember spending quality time with my mom (she was dieting always) doing these videos for fun in the living room.
Since I started my program a mere 2 weeks ago, I have been switching between a calorie burn bootcamp video and the WATP 2 mile video.

My guilty pleasure I emailed my mom last week and asked her to order the Sweatin to the Oldies DVD collection and mail it to me here in South Korea. I absolutely cannot wait for them to get here!!!!!!!!!!!
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I love the Sweatin to the Oldies, too. It's so REAL.

My guilty pleasure is watching/listening to videos on MTV, VH1, CMT etc. and doing my own dances for some exercise.
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I listen to Lady Gaga and Britney Spears and music like that and dance around my room. Often singing into my hairbrush. I can do that for 2 or 3 albums honestly.
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