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Default How often do you weigh?

The time I went to OA I weighed only once a month. Their theory is that the focus should be on the addiction and not the manifestation of it, overeating. but, I find it hard to resist weighing every morning. I know my fat body can hold water easily so my weight can fluctuate several lbs. but if I show a gain or no loss it can throw me for a loop. I tried once a week, but after a week I envisioned this big loss and when it showed no loss I was really depressed. Usually over a month "some" loss will show up. I'm undecided. I think I will go ahead every morning because otherwise I assure myself I'm losing and use it as an excuse to overeat. this addiciton makes you nuts! Tell me what works best for you.
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My dietitian weighs me on a weekly basis. She asked that I not weigh myself and I have agreed. It's very tempting, though. I have had to remove my bathroom scale and put it away.
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i weigh myself once a week, on a saturday morning, before i eat and barefoot, sometimes i see i lost a pound, sometimes not, but i try my best not to worry about that since it is not weight loss that is most important to me, but health and living in a much healthier way. weight loss will come in time, you just live in the right way, i always say that to myself.
if you feel that steping on the scale every morning will do you good in terms of not overeating, then go ahead and weigh yourself, why not. daily weigh-in did the opposite for me because daily fluctuations of weight made me feel like a failure and that always makes me eat more to comfort myself. not all are the same, so just go with what's best for you!
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I get weighed at my slimming group weekly, and I use it as my "official" weight loss... but I am obsessed with the scales, and tend to weigh myself daily at home lol I can't help it!!! But the numbers are just a guide and I trust the scales at my group 100%.
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When I was losing - once every morning. Same time, same exact place, same nakedness, same after using the bathroom.

BUT, you must learn to deal with and then move on from those inevitable fluctuations. You absolutely can't let what the scale says determine how your mood or eating will be for the day. Showing a loss is no reason to "celebrate" with food and be a little lax, showing a gain is no reason to throw in the towel and quit because "it's not working anyway". You also must know that weight loss is not an exact science. We don't do this on Monday and necessarily see the results on Tuesday. Another thing - weight loss is not linear. You can do the same exact thing three weeks in a row and get three totally different results. You've got to learn to understand that and not let it drive you batty. Remember you're a mature, responsible adult.

For me, it just makes sense to weigh daily. It's a reminder that what I put in my mouth (or don't put in my mouth) affects my weight - which IS my health. The scale is a tool and just that. It measures - what we weigh. Not necessarily the fat either. There's lots more going on in a body.

I avoided that scale for close to 15 years. It was a way of avoidance. I will never let that happen again. It's MY body and for me to not know what's going on with it seems ludicrous now.
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I weigh daily ..this is what works best for me ...
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yeah everything that Robin said
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I'm just like rockinrobin. Every morning, after bathroom but before shower, naked. I like to see the daily fluctuations. I can lose 3-5 pounds while sleeping. I can gain 3-5 pounds from one day to the next because of sodium, alcohol or TOM. But I've graphed my weights and I can now SEE it's the overall trend that's important (which is, thankfully, going back down now!). Seeing those crazy 5 pound fluctuations helps me to keep me on track. I see a higher number from the day prior and I want to work harder to bring it back down. I record my "official" weight on Fridays.

Bottom line, though, it's a personal thing. But don't ever let that scale rule your moods. (i'm working on this, too). Keep working hard. And that B*&^% of a scale will eventually be on your side
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I weigh myself usually every morning
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I weigh once a week. It is very easy for me to have that number on the scale effect my whole day. I can't look at the daily flucuations.

For me....often I need to concentrate on the process rather than the end product. Don't get me wrong - I like to see that scale go down.

I am a recovered bulimic (32years ago, since). I can let the scale and numbers obsess my life. So, once a week is enough for me.

Everyone is different. You'll find whats comfortable for you.

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As you can tell from the variety of answers here, it really is a matter of personal preference. I get too obsessed if I weigh everyday and lose my focus. While I am very tempted to check my progress on the scale each day, I weigh myself once a week.


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I was weighing once per week, but the last two weeks I have been weighing daily. The main reason is that TOM has hit toward the end of the week the last two times. My weekly weigh-in was Saturday mornings. When TOM hits, it was a bit depressing to see a 1-2 pound gain when I knew I had been on plan all week. Then it was another entire week of TOM, a couple days to get rid of the water weight gain.. and so it wasn't until the third weigh-in after all the TOM(foolery) that I would really see a loss. I wasn't liking all the length of time where it appeared I hadn't lost anything. Now at least when TOM hits, I know what weight I have lost the rest of the week right before it. I'll also be able to tell just how much water weight I am gaining and specifically when it is happening during TOM. We will see how it works - I also want to learn when I gain water weight from what I eat as well so I can analyze why I gained it.
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Every morning. It is hard to see daily fluctuations, but I guess it comes with the deal. It can be very discouraging at times but you must force yourself to ignore it when it goes up. I am up almost 3 lbs since I posted my weight on my ticker, but Im not moving it back up cause I know it will go back down again, hopefully with another loss. Be strong....if you weigh daily. Ups & downs will happen.
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Robin said it perfectly.

I weigh daily, but only record my Monday weight.
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Originally Posted by findingfawn View Post
Robin said it perfectly.

I weigh daily, but only record my Monday weight.
And that is exactly how I did it while I was losing. Weigh every day. Record on Mondays.
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