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Default All the things I didn't eat...

Today, at lunchtime, I had to run some errands around campus, getting books and stuff. I knew I'd be going around lunchtime, and then I'd go home and eat lunch, so I didn't want to bring something big. I brought some string cheese and a Fiber One bar.

The area that I was in is a very populated part of campus, and it is lined with delicious food places that are all quick and easy and high caloire! Even though I really wanted to (because I always want to!) I didn't eat at any of them! I ate my cheese and my bar, so I wasn't starved, then I went home and ate a sensible lunch.

Normally, I would have probably gone to chipotle or noodles or something. But I didn't! Very proud.
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Good for you!!! Isn't that an EXCELLENT feeling?
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awesome job. Campus life can be so crazy and with all those yummy food options so tempting....congrats!
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Good for you! Food has no control over you
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That's really great!! Keep it up!
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That is the way to suceed!!!! Plan, plan, plan and stick to it!!! Good job!
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Must do this!!
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AAhhh!! Good job!! Keep being STRONG!!
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Well Done!
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Also, you can get a good bean salad at Chipotle for around 300 calories. It is one of my favorite diet friendly meals. If you had been stuck starving that is and wanted a good option.

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Way to go!!

My sister gained like the freshman 100 her first year on campus... and really she doesn't even live there, she commutes... she was so hung up on all the fast high cal crap that is there. She still is, but has a better grip now.. or less time to eat maybe?
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