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Default Help ... boys names

I everyone .... I am 2 to 3 weeks from have my baby and I still thinking about names ....boys names I will like to see some options .

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I like David

Please nothing spelled weird! Or anything in the overused Braden, Jayden, Aiden category!
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My "boys" names were Ian and Owen. I had two girls though. LOL
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I can give you my sons names~
Daniel Allen
Christopher Neil This is a site to find name meanings~most popular names of the year.ect. ect.

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Pick something that will go well with your last name. Pick something that is definetely a boys name ,not one that is sometimes used for girls,
How about David. Timothy, Brian for example.
Eric, Michael or Larry.
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I like different names. The ones you will not find millions of, so when you mention your boy people will actually know who you talking about, not like John (that has tons of it)

My favorites:
Philip, Lucas, Andrew and Patrick

Can you please let us know your pick???

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My two "boy" choices are Tristan Matthew and Jacob Christopher.
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I have 6 boys and I have always felt that a boy needs a good solid name and something that could not be for a boy or a girl- like Jamie,Riley, it can be very confusing when Daniel was in Kindergarten in his class there was a boy riley and a girl riley.

I like Joshua,Christopher,David,Daniel, Andrew and Joseph.
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My favourite boys names are Zachary, Tanner, Owen, and Tyson
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Not Keanu or Jude.
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Ryan, Jordan, Joshua, Zachary, Nicholas, Tyler, Blake.... just a few off the top of my head lol
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My neighbor checked out this website to get ideas.

I like names that don't have to 'be explained' for pronouniation.

For instance - we have some Greek American friends that named their daughter, Anastasia. Most people look at this and say: an-na-stae- sha. But, my friends give it the
Greek pronunciation: Ann -nosta-see-a. Her entire life has been filled with her having to correct everyone who reads her name.

For me - growing up I would introduce myself at Bev and always folks would say Beth. Then I 'd say .... no, it's Beverly Ultimately, I ended up (as I got older) introducing myself as Beverly as have done so most of my life.

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I really like Alister (also spelled Allistair, or Allistar), Lauchlan, Liam and Tyler. I saw Owen listed a couple times, I like that one too.

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Dominic or Benedict
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Our picks were

Finn Allen or
Nathaniel John

my husband also really liked Declan but it doesn't go with our last name AT ALL.
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