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Default 15th of the months is photo time!

OK, I'm starting with big apologies because I'm feeling both boastful and happy.
The past few weeks have been really hard work, just keeping the waggon in sight, never mind staying on it.
I took new pics today and I'm so proud of them, that I'm in a much more waggony frame of mind now!

All my earlier pics, I've taken either in a mirror or on timer, leaning far forward so as to give my chin as much of a chance as possible to look like a chin and not hidden in a great collar of fat. And the first 2 photos are that. The 3rd one though, oh the third one. I decided to be brave and stand normally - and I still look like I've got a chin! for chins! (well, only one each).


The 3rd one, the unposed for chin effect one, has given me so much confidence that It's Working - that I am now firmly planted on the waggon and galloping towards the finishing tape!
Thanks to chickie-support, of course!

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you're looking great! Keep up the great work!
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You look so pretty, and the confidence on your face between the "unposed chin effect" view and the January picture is miles apart. The January version of you looks unsure and maybe even a little meek, but today's version is pretty, secure, and confident. You are right to feel boastful and happy!
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Very nice Thanks for sharing.
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Looking Good! Keep Up the Great Work!
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Wow, what a difference! You look beautiful.
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Wonderful success you've had!

Thanks for sharing!
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What a great milestone for you!!!
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Look at you!!! You look amazing!!! What a big difference since January!!
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You look terrific and you have a very nice and normal chin!! I really look forward to the 15th of the month and seeing how wonderful you are doing.
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omg you look so beautiful!!! what a huge difference!!! well done girl, keep up the good work!
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I am thrilled for you! You look great!
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