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Question Water weight?

Is it possible to put on alot of water weight? I gained about 17 LBS but still wear the same size I did when I was 207 and I'm 224.6 now? Some of it should be fat. I haven't been working out much so maybe I lost some muscle too.
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I've read you can gain up to 4 lbs in water weight if you eat a lot of sodium or don't drink enough or it's that TOM, but I would be wary of blaming a 17 lb gain on water.

Have you been On Plan and exercising during this time?
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I would think 17 pounds would be a bit much to blame on water weight. I've heard of people gaining up to 8 pounds during TOM, but even that seems like a stretch.
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I've lost a little over 14 lbs and I still wear the same size clothes. The nice thing is that those clothes are now a little loser and look a little nicer on me, but I'm still not down to where I could go into other sizes. Also, most of my clothes consist of jeans, T-shirt, tank tops, and button down shirts that I leave open with the tank tops. If you are like me, then you can have a wide weight range with those kinds of clothes.
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it takes me about 25 lbs to change sizes
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The most I gain for water is about 3.
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It took me about 25ish pounds until I had to change sizes. I doubt 17 pounds is water weight....
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I agree with the others, 17 pounds seems an awful lot for water weight.
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Well, think of it this way, 17 pounds of water is about 2 gallons of water.
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I don't know about water weight but I've lost about 28lbs and I still wear the exact same clothes (and they're not exactly falling off, they were not bursting at the seams either at my heaviest weight).

I know I sustained an 8lb weight gain between March and June from falling off plan (i.e. not exercising or watching what I ate) so if you've sustained the weight gain for a while, it might not be water weight but a result of falling off plan.
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