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Default Got my labs back today

and since I"ve lost weight they have ALL come back PERFECT. (except one. I have a b 12 deficiency, this test was even taken before I became vegetarian! So I have to take b12 pills now)

but my sugar, which used to be high is now "right within' range' she said.

my a1c was 5.1 I think? Or 5, something like that.

and my cholesterol is 'normal' though she didn't tell me what the number was.

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Happy Plodder
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Congratulations! What a success!
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Right foot, left foot ...
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That's awesome Lottie. It's so great when besides looking good, we see some real health results. I'm currently trying to kick my "on the high side" blood pressure in the butt.

Good for you.
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Come on Spring!
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Good work, Lottie!

You know, when I saw your title I thought you were getting your dogs back from the kennel! I need a life that doesn't involve canines!
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How awesome!! Way to go!
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Fantastic. Don't you just love the numbers! Way to go down the path to health!
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One day at a time!
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That is wonderful! Way to go!
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3 + years maintaining
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Congratulations!!! Your hard work is truly paying off in the very best way possible. Keep it up. Just keep at it and you will keep on reaping the benefits.
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Woo! Congrats!
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Just Me
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Did the doc prescribe you B12 pills or just say take them? I know a lot of people have had more luck with sublingual drops than B12 pills. Some people just don't absorb B12 very well and others do fine, regardless of their diet.

Also, you could look into using nutritional yeast for B vitamins (including B12). I use it sometimes.

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Congratulations! It's amazing what a difference the weight loss can make. first thought went to you picking up dogs too . What can I say, I'm an animal person.
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Yeah! I just had a bunch of tests done. I was pretty relieved to know that my results were all good.

I wanted to comment that I use nutritional yeast flakes to get more b12 to my daughters, who are vegetarian. I try to add it wherever I can.
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WooHOO!!!!!! good for you! and I have to say.. as a Lab owner, I was thinking dogs too, LOL.
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Congrats Lottie!!!!

I have to return for some follow up tests in a couple of months and I'm hoping to see some 'normal' results or a least better results than I had this summer.

Good Work! Keep up the good job!!
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NEVER EVER going back
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That is AWESOME! That is motivation for you!
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